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Test 1 Study Guide comparison of GHB, Heroin, LSD

by: Chelsey Smith

Test 1 Study Guide comparison of GHB, Heroin, LSD FSC 440

Marketplace > University of Southern Mississippi > Forensic Science > FSC 440 > Test 1 Study Guide comparison of GHB Heroin LSD
Chelsey Smith
GPA 3.9

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About this Document

These notes include comparative information on GHB, Heroin and LSD along with important terminology and drug identification tools.
Drug Identification
Study Guide
Drugs, Forensic, Science, Organic Chemistry, heroin, GHB, LSD
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This 6 page Study Guide was uploaded by Chelsey Smith on Friday September 9, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to FSC 440 at University of Southern Mississippi taught by Nesser in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 117 views. For similar materials see Drug Identification in Forensic Science at University of Southern Mississippi.

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Date Created: 09/09/16
CSA Schedule I GHB Heroin LSD Name/ active substance Gamma-hydroxybutyrate Diacetylmorphine d-lysergic acid diethylamide Structure Classification Depressant Narcotic analgesic Hallucinogen What is it? Naturally occurring Semi-synthetic derivative of Powerful semi-synthetic substance that is a opium plant hallucinogen precursor and metabolite to -morphine is treated with GABA- essential for brain aceticanahydride function/ nervous system health Street Names Liquid ecstasy Dope Acid, battery acid Distribution Commonly used as date Snort, Smoke, Inject, -LSD crystals are usually rape drug in liquid form, Chasing the Dragon found with distributors who salty taste, but can be seen -generally heated with sell product to street sellers in powder form too water to dissolve and -real LSD from gram dealers -distributed in sports pumped into vein in small is easily found in a liquid bottles, eye drop bottles amounts over short time form but its most easily -distributed via air freight, distributed when the drug is ship, saturation absorbed onto water paper -india is sole supply source -1 piece of LSD water paper of raw opium into world can produce 100-1,000 market doses per sheet Effects -initial effects are within 5- -generally last at least 4-6 -after 30-60 minutes the 15 mins hours user ingests the drug, -max effects are within 20- -feeling of relaxation and generally via LSD infused 30 mins wellbeing- must increase water paper, they will begin -effects almost every organ dose to achieve high each to feel the initial mental system in body time effects of LSD -severely represses -Intravenous users- feel -Peak of drug in body respiratory and heart rate, effects within 7-8 seconds occurs around 3-5 hours sugar metabolism, sleep with a rush that lasts up to after ingestion and can last cycle, blood flow, memory, 5 minutes up to 12 hours emotional control, -Intramuscular users- feel -mental state of user will unregulated body temp effects within 5-10 minutes- affect if the trip will be good (hot) more dangerous than IV or bad -low doses: gives a state of because of increased risk of -physical changes include: relaxation and tranquility soft tissue damage around increase in blood pressure -high doses: dizziness, injection site that form and pulse rate, extreme coma, death abscesses in body- sepsis in dilation of pupils -effects are amplified when heart lining is greatest risk -most effects are found in combined with other the mind such as increase depressants in perception of sound and -popular at raves due to color euphoric effects -average purity was 62% -date rape drug due to per dose severe sedative and amnesic effects- deep calm almost sleep state Dependence Physical dependence -most addictive of illicit -there is no scientific drugs evidence that LSD is -users generally wait 11-13 physically addictive years before seeking help Price $5-10 per dose $5-20 per dose 60¢ to $15 per dose At raves start at $20 per dose Withdrawal Eminent set in 1-6 hours Appears within 6-12 hours The average individual will after last dose- up to 2 of last dose develop a tolerance that weeks -symptoms: bad case of flu lasts 3-6 days and no -addiction is hard to stop -sudden withdrawal can be amount of LSD will allow -symptoms; increased heart fatal the user to achieve a high rate, nausea, seizures -symptoms peak within 24- during this time because 72 hours (critical time for the receptors are blocked relapse) -symptoms taper off after 7-10 days Death threat/ Medical Dehydration Communicable diseases -even though there is no emergency from sharing needles such physical addiction to LSD as AIDS, HIV, Hep C because the drug leaves -Heroin injectors have a 20 the body so quickly, flash times higher rate of dying backs can still occur than the average public anytime (days, weeks, years) after a trip taking that person back to a bad trip- visual seizure or atypical memory disorder Production -naturally present in human -purity rate has increased -1 oz of LSD is enough for body due to more efficient lab over 500K hits -GHB is synthesized from techniques -most is produced in GABA and GBL -comes from opium plant Northern California and -in clandestine labs GBL is and is semi-synthetic distributed in San Francisco used as a step in -produced by treating -precursory chemicals: production because it morphine with lysergic acid, ergometrine, rapidly breaks down into aceticanahydride ergocristine GHB - most was to produce LSD -GHV and GVL are analogs are documented in research -purity is hard to control papers available to the because drug is made by public inexperienced chemist so -most common reaction residual and precursor used is the Garbrecht drugs may have not fully Synthesis because it is a reacted faster and easier method but a trained organic chemist is required -liquid LSD is converted into LSD tartrate crystals which are odorless, tasteless, H20 soluble Tests/ Treatment/ Extra Can be tested for in blood -users are treated with -Long term effects for users Information up to 6 hours and urine up other drugs- naltrexone and mimics the effects of panic to 12 hours after ingestion clonidine combo- both bind anxiety and can lead to a to opium receptors in body bad trip. and shorten withdrawal -Blue Star Hoax in 1981 symptoms concerning LSD and -Methadone is structurally temporary tattoos being similar to heroin and given to children by dealers generally more successful because it prevents symptoms and fulfills physical need for drug- dispensed orally -Buprenorphine- synthetic opiate substitute via RX History -discovered by Dr. Henry- -Opium 1 used 9,000 years -LSD was first produced on Marie Laborit in 1960s ago by Assyrians for accident by Swiss chemist -originally used as medicinal purposes to block Albert Hofmann during a anesthetic for pain and pain lab accident sleep disorders -4000 BC accounts of -LSD was marketed as -became popular in body Assyrians growing opium Delysid in 1947 building community poppy plant in present day -Psychiatrists believed LSD because it was believed to Iraq to be a gateway to the increase muscle mass -Greeks 1000 BC used it for mind that allowed it to open -1980s sold OTC as its sedative and relaxing up supplement/ sleep aid effects -US military did studies in -increase of abuse in 80s -popularity spread the 1950-60s to attempt to and 90s forced FDA/DEA to throughout Africa and up manipulate the formula for th list as unapproved drug into China in 10 century mind control purposes but -1803 German scientist could never achieve isolated main active replicable results substance “morphium” -in the mid 60s there was a -Laudanum- mix of opium spike for abuse potential and spices dissolved in which caused the drug to wine available until 1906 be removed from OTC -introduced into US via -From 1965-1968 was the Chinese laborers- smoking highest documented use of form LSD- Vietnam War -1861-1865 Civil War- drug -in the mid 80s the of choice on battle field concentration of street LSD -1874 heroin is synthesized went down to 20-80 µg per from morphine- made dose which was popular at injectable heroin possible- raves quickest effects Pharmacology -1 gram- alcohol like feeling Heroin itself has no effect -LSD is an indolealkylamine -1-2 grams- reduced on the body which acts on multiple CNS inhibitions, intense -it acts as a precursor or sites affecting most sensory enjoyment of music, strong prodrug and quickly receptors feelings of euphoria delivers morphine across -The LSD displaced -2-4 grams- affect the blood-brain barrier serotonin from the individual’s ability to speak -the vessel that heroin receptors causing the and motor skills provides allows for a large neurons to become off -4< grams- agitated state, concentration of morphine balance creating the severe respiratory to be deposited physical and mental depression, vomiting, loss distortions of consciousness Terminology ◦ Addict­ any individual who habitually uses controlled substances ◦ Administrator­ how the controlled substance is introduced to body by medical professional or abuser­ can be done through  injection, inhalation, or ingestion ◦ Agent­ manufacturer/ distributer of controlled substance­ illegal or legal agent dependent on drug type ◦ DEA­ drug enforcement administration­ over scheduling of drugs and investigations of newly scheduled drugs ◦ Control­ act of adding a precursor/ drug in a schedule ◦ Control Substance­ any drug or immediate precursor that is listed in schedule I­V­ does not include distilled spirits or tobacco ◦ Counterfeit Substance­ anything packaged, labeled, or sold under the pretense that it is the real thing ◦ Deliver­ transfer of control substance  ◦ Depressant­ controlled substance that once ingested will diminish normal bodily functions­ suppresses breathing and normal  body reactions ◦ Dispense­ amount and route that drug is given between distributer and user ◦ Stimulant­ controlled substance that will increase normal body functions such as heart and respiratory rate Drug Identification Bible­ lists all currently continue controlled and many illicit drugs  Reading a Pill ◦ Markings help identify what drug/ manufacturer it is  ◦ CII­V ◦ Most have imprints will tell you drug brand/ generic ◦ Other side of tablet will give manufacturer/ distributor’s name ◦ If drug is generic­ bible will have brand or equivalent ◦ Will list most common use ◦ Manufacturer  ­most drugs are not specific to a certain company which allows for generic production­ the same chemical makeup is used with the  same active ingredients but up to 15% of a difference in the salt is allowed 


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