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WSU / Biology / BIOL 102 / What are the two dominant alleles ?

What are the two dominant alleles ?

What are the two dominant alleles ?


School: Washington State University
Department: Biology
Course: Biology 102
Professor: Strofer
Term: Spring 2015
Tags: Biology, Microbiology, genes, alleles, Punnet, and squares
Cost: 25
Name: Biology 102 - Week 3 - Microbiology and Genes
Description: This covers everything that was in lecture and text during the third week of class. I hope you enjoy. As always feel free to email me any questions.
Uploaded: 09/10/2016
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Highlighting Key: ​Important Vocabulary ​ ​Important People​ ​Important Information ● Evolution of Resistances

What are the two dominant alleles ?

○ Crop losses are large in general

■ We use pesticides to have less loss

■ Bugs/Pests that have the genes to resist, or withstand the poisons will survive

● Evolves them into eventually making the pesticide useless

■ As time progresses pesticides no longer work

■ Next generation of Pesticide comes out and then the cycle repeats

○ Civil war

■ Lots of deaths because there was no defense against bacteria/infection ○ World War 2

■ Had Penicillin

● Killed bacteria and prevent infection

● Mass produced

● Alexander Fleming

○ Tuberculosis

■ Many different treatments that no longer work Don't forget about the age old question of What is geocentric model?

● Multi­Drug­Resistant Tuberculosis is currently untreatable and will

What are the two recessive alleles?

We also discuss several other topics like Why is biodiversity important?

kill the person

○ MRSA controlled disease

■ Flesh­Eating Bacteria

● Now resists the treatment

● Very limited treatments

● Few strains that actually cure you

○ C. Diff

■ Causes severe problems in your guts

■ Generates Ulcers

■ Currently able to control it

■ Fecal Transplant fixes it

○ Antibiotic use has increased 36%

○ 80% of all U.S. antibiotic use is to increase the growth of farm animals ○ Long­Dreaded Superbug found in Human and Animals in China and the U.S. ■ Resistant to all of the current drugs If you want to learn more check out What is a fake treatment given to the control group to mimic the experience of the experimental group?

■ Promiscuous bacteria

● Ability to easily swap genetic material

■ Superbug able to possible give the resistances to other bacterial diseases ● Microbiology

Define punnett square.

○ Human Body is full of bacteria

■ Good Bacteria

■ Generally regional in your body

● Lamarck's Ideas

○ Offspring acquire characteristics that their parents got during their lifetime

● Offspring Blend together the traits of their parents

● Gregor Mendel and His Peas

○ Growing peas in czechoslovakia for the monastery he lived in

○ Also kept honeybees

○ Noticed patterns of inheritance in the peas that he grew

○ Peas had discrete ("either­or") traits 

■ Flowers are either red or white

■ Tall or short

■ Inflated or Pinched

○ Breeding true

■ If parents are both red flower

● Red flower

■ If parents are both white flowers

● White flower

■ If parents are red and white

● All Red flower

○ Conclusions We also discuss several other topics like What is the difference between civilizations and small scale societies?
Don't forget about the age old question of Who suggested that radiant energy is only emitted or absorbed in discrete quantities like small packages?
Don't forget about the age old question of The chief steward reports to the f&b manager and is responsible for?

■ 'Inheritance Units'

● Genes 

○ Come in pairs

○ Each has two Alleles 

■ Alleles make up the two hidden traits that affect a


■ One from each parent

■ One allele can 'mask' the other

● Dominant​ alleles can 'mask' recessive​ alleles

○ For any gene you might have

■ Dominant have capital letters 

■ Recessive have lowercase letters 

● Two Dominant alleles

○ AA

● Two Recessive alleles

○ aa

● One Dominant and one Recessive allele

○ Aa

■ Two of the same

● Homozygous 

○ AA or aa

■ Two that are different

● Heterozygous 

○ Aa

■ Genotypes

● The genes that are inside of you

■ Phenotypes 

● The traits that are visible

■ Punnett Square

● The square where you place in the alleles to form the offspring

● Dominant traits always go first when written

● Sickle­cell disease

○ Sickle­cells can't pass through small blood vessels

■ Can't carry as much oxygen

■ Recessive trait, when the person is Heterozygous they are resistant to many diseases, but when homozygous recessive they die very young

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