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A&P: Midterm Practical

by: A Jones

A&P: Midterm Practical Bio 202

Marketplace > College of Charleston > Bio 202 > A P Midterm Practical
A Jones
C of C
GPA 3.5

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About this Document

Anatomy and Physiology Midterm Practical Exercises 23-35 Includes highlights, games, and quizlets Practice Practical answers included
Human Anatomy
Study Guide
Anatomy & Physiology II, anatomy
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This 13 page Study Guide was uploaded by A Jones on Saturday September 10, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to Bio 202 at College of Charleston taught by in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 24 views.


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Date Created: 09/10/16
9/11/2016 Midterm Practical | Evernote Web Midterm Practical Exercise 23: Special Senses­ Vision Quizlet:­of­the­eye­flash­cards/ Anatomy of the eye:­of­the­human­eye­quiz Vision disorders Extrinsic eye muscles:­6b73­407f­a662­2a0e53701045&b=9a1e67e3­5231/1327­bba7­90d64237deb2&ses=4&sh=1&sds=5& 9/11/2016 Midterm Practical | Evernote Web Exercise 25: Hearing and Equilibrium Quizlet : Outer ear and Middle ear Middle ear  Malleus­ touches tympanic membrane Incus Inner ear Cochlea­sensory receptors for hearing Soft tube in cochlea divides into two chambers: Scala vestibuli (vestibular duct)  upper Scala tympani (tympanic duct)  lower Vestibular Membrane, basilar membrane, tectorial membrane­6b73­407f­a662­2a0e53701045&b=9a1e67e3­523e­4d27­bba7­90d642/13eb2&ses=4&sh=1&sds=5& 9/11/2016 Midterm Practical | Evernote Web Exercise 26: Taste and Olfaction­6b73­407f­a662­2a0e53701045&b=9a1e67e3­523e­4d27­bba3/13d64237deb2&ses=4&sh=1&sds=5& 9/11/2016 Midterm Practical | Evernote Web­6b73­407f­a662­2a0e53701045&b=9a1e67e3­523e­4d27­bba7­90d64237deb2&ses=4&sh=1&sds=5& 4/13 9/11/2016 Midterm Practical | Evernote Web Exercise 29: Blood Quizlet:­flash­cards/ Viens:­flash­cards/ Arteries:­and­tunics­flash­cards/ What makes up blood: Plasma and formed elements 3 formed elements Erythrocytes Leukocytes Granulocytes: Basophil (blood flow), Eosinophil (destroy parasites), Neutrophils (they die) Agranulocytes: lymphocyte (IMMUNE DEFENSE.. small and round with large nucleus), monocyte (largest, don't die)­6b73­407f­a662­2a0e53701045&b=9a1e67e3­523e­4d25/13a7­90d64237deb2&ses=4&sh=1&sds=5& 9/11/2016 Midterm Practical | Evernote Web Platelets­ has a major role in clotting Exercise 30: Heart Quizlet:­of­the­heart­flash­cards/ Anatomy of the heart quiz:­the­heart­quiz Vocabulary of the heart: Ligamentum arteriosum: ligament that connects pulmonary trunk to the aortic arch Coronary arteries supply blood to the: myocardium Blood from the coronary sinus is: deoxygenated  ECG Diagram: ECG Tracing­6b73­407f­a662­2a0e53701045&b=9a1e67e36/13e­4d27­bba7­90d64237deb2&ses=4&sh=1&sds=5& 9/11/2016 Midterm Practical | Evernote Web Exercise 31: Conduction System Quizlet:­conduction­pathway­flash­cards/ P wave is represented depolarization of the atrium P wave: is followed  by atrial contraction QRS Complex: ventricular depolarization­6b73­407f­a662­2a0e53701045&b=9a1e67e3­523e­4d277/137­90d64237deb2&ses=4&sh=1&sds=5& 9/11/2016 Midterm Practical | Evernote Web Types of Arteries­6b73­407f­a662­2a0e53701045&b=9a1e67e3­523e­4d27­bba7­90d64237deb2&ses=4&sh=1&sds=5& 8/13 9/11/2016 Midterm Practical | Evernote Web­6b73­407f­a662­2a0e53701045&b=9a1e67e3­523e­4d27­bba7­90d64237deb2&ses=4&sh=1&sds=5& 9/13 9/11/2016 Midterm Practical | Evernote Web Exercise 32/33: Blood Vessels & CV Quizlet:­and­tunics­flash­cards/ Exercise 35: Lymphatic System Quizlet:­flash­cards/­6b73­407f­a662­2a0e53701045&b=9a1e67e10/13e­4d27­bba7­90d64237deb2&ses=4&sh=1&sds=5& 9/11/2016 Midterm Practical | Evernote Web Lymphatic System: cells, tissues, & organs responsible for defending the body against infectious agents (bacteria, virus, fungus) and internal threats Innate immunity: nonspecific (skin, cells, and chemicals with quick responses) Adaptive Immunity­ specific, takes longer Functions of Lymphatic System Protects the body by removing foreign material (i.e.: bacteria) from lymphatic system    “Police” of the body fluids     Replication/cell division of lymphocytes (T­cells, B­cells, etc.) Organs to Know: Inguinal, Axillary, Lymph nodes­6b73­407f­a662­2a0e53701045&b=9a1e67e3­523e­4d27­bba7­90d11/13deb2&ses=4&sh=1&sds=5& 9/11/2016 Midterm Practical | Evernote Web­6b73­407f­a662­2a0e53701045&b=9a1e67e3­523e­4d27­bba7­90d64237deb2&ses=4&sh=1&sds=5& 12/13 9/11/2016 Midterm Practical | Evernote Web­6b73­407f­a662­2a0e53701045&b=9a1e67e3­523e­4d27­bba7­90d64237deb2&ses=4&sh=1&sds=5& 13/13


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