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UB / Biology / ANA 113 / What are the stages of cell cycle?

What are the stages of cell cycle?

What are the stages of cell cycle?


School: University at Buffalo
Department: Biology
Course: Human Anatomy
Professor: Judith tamburlin
Term: Fall 2016
Tags: Cell, cycle, Mitosis, Meiosis, interphase, prophase, metaphase, telophase, hypertrophy, hyperplasia, atrophy, metaplasia, neoplasm, chromosome, chromatid, gene, karyotype, and centriole
Cost: 25
Name: Lecture 2: The Cell Cycle
Description: This is an overview of the cell cycle. It goes over the stages of interphase and the mitotic phase, general information about cell division, and specific cellular adaptations.
Uploaded: 09/13/2016
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What are the stages of cell cycle?

Lecture 2: The Life of a The cell cycle

ma Stuges 1) Inferphase

A) G|- Cell growth and duplication

- Protein synthesis i n B) S- DNA replication

Sunthess C) G2 - Sunthesis of protein, morotobooks. 2) Mitchu Phose bir th Bou YOO

What is cellular adaptations?

- Noclear chivision

cytokinois - Cutoplamic chustowy - General Informand

1) Specialized cells the lost the ability to divide

A) Neurons B) Red blood cells Don't forget about the age old question of How many moles are in 16.5g c? how many atoms of carbon is this?

c) muscle cell 2) calls that dorit dina be, but can and han

AS liver ceilo

Differentiate mitosis and meiosis.

B) lymphocytes (WBC) 3) cells that continuously undergo cell division den

A) Skin cells B) cells of in Mashinal lininq mouth, Stornach)

O bone marrow cells LIDIR Cell Divison terminology

- Oyomosul - Contains gonetic material

e + Chromatid - duplicated Chromosome

Gene - unit of DNA Koryotype - # and type of chromosomes (46,23 pairs)Diplody Centriple - organizing center We also discuss several other topics like What is the feature analysis theory and the problems associated with it?

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* Totic Spinelle formed by centricles

- Mocke o marcopoles Cell cycle


- divichina of cell stage - DNA replication and growth If you want to learn more check out The temperature increases by 1◦f. how much does it increase in degree celsius?

- Doring Sphose possible damage can be caused to DNA ble of the supplication of DNA in this phase

a) mitosis

A Propose - NUCBN Marloane disappears

-condensing of Chromosomes B etaphose. - Ottachment of paired chromosomes to spindle Abers to live at equator

Anaphase - Seperate and migrate to ope. sides of the Cell

D) Teiophose - Division of noch in 2 each having the same DNA Compishon Don't forget about the age old question of What makes a sample well represented?
If you want to learn more check out What is used for lactate production or shuttles electrons?

- cytokinesis Rosotis

- 2 identical caughter cells, which may chiude again, rest, o remain in interphose

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DVS cell division occurs in most body cells punts resorts in 2 daughter cells identical to parent We also discuss several other topics like Why do we have ap style?

• 23 purs Of Chandsome

Mosis en cell division of porods Results in 4 daughter c ails Contouning have the

# of chromosomes of the porenti


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Ceuclar Adaptations

-cells can undergo Charges i response to Stimoli or injoru to adapt altered Tun favorable conditions EXT

Hupertrophy - ↑ in size of cells (flexin bicep)

hapurplasia to count

• atrophy- & in cell size to

metaprosia - abnormal change due to disease or irritation resothing in transformation of cells

neoplasiri - rapid cu dhuision tumor)

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