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SC / Chemistry / CHEM 111 / How many moles are in 16.5g c? how many atoms of carbon is this?

How many moles are in 16.5g c? how many atoms of carbon is this?

How many moles are in 16.5g c? how many atoms of carbon is this?


School: University of South Carolina - Columbia
Department: Chemistry
Course: Chemsitry
Professor: Stefik
Term: Fall 2016
Tags: Chemistry
Cost: 50
Name: Chemistry Exam 1 Study Guide
Description: This guide covers all the chapters we covered thus far in our lectures. It includes questions and an answer key with an explanation of how the problem was solved.
Uploaded: 09/13/2016
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Study Guide - Chem III Exam #1

How many moles are in 16.5g c? how many atoms of carbon is this?

1. Convert to scientific notation:

a) 35800000000000 b2.00000000821


2. Convert:

a).75 kg to mg b) 65 kg to go

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3. Label precise or accurate:

Define isotope.

StudySoup If you want to learn more check out What are the different types of reaction times?

4. Mercury's density is 13.589/mL. Calculate

the volume of Mercury needed to obtain .5000 g Mercury.

5. Label # of protons, nevtrons, & electrons.




6.94 We also discuss several other topics like The temperature increases by 1◦f. how much does it increase in degree celsius?


If 400.00 g of ch3oh are actually made, what is the percent yield?




6. How many moles are in 16.5 g C. How many

atome of Carbon is this?

7. Define isotope.

8. Feo is dug up in rock form. The rock weighs 2500

porn grams. b How much iron can be pulled out. percent composition question) We also discuss several other topics like What makes a sample well represented?
Don't forget about the age old question of What is used for lactate production or shuttles electrons?

91 A compound has the composition 35.00% If you want to learn more check out Why do we have ap style?

Nitrogen, 59.96%. Oxygen, & remainder Hydrogen. What is the empirical formula?

10. Balance:

a) Fe + O2

16) NH3 + O2


NO + H2O

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11. What mass of Oxygen is required to complete a

reaction of 25. Oy Glucose (Co HizOc) CH.2. О, тоо, осо, +6H2O

12.1f 400.00 grams of CH3OH are actually made,

Whats the percent yield? We also discuss several other topics like What is a disorder of connective tissue that creates hyper elasticity in connective tissue?


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13. o. Soluble or NOT?

a) Naci b)KF

14. The atomic # of f is?

15. What's the oxidation #of carbon on CO?

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16. What is the names of these elements?

a) N2Os

b) NO2

c) co

d) SF6 17 Asubtance has an empirical formula CH2 Br

& a molar mass of 188 9/mon. What is the molecular formula?

18. Suppose 356g of CO & 65.0 g of Hz are mixed.

Identify the limiting & excess reactants.



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ANSWER KEY 1. a) 3.58.1013 I b28.




75kg 1103 g 100 mg = 750,000mg

1 kg Tig

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4.D- mass


b) 65 kg 110009

Tikg = 65,000g 3. a) precise b) accurate

asen 13.58= 13.58V 5.5000 Lä.03682 mb_---- 5. Protons - 3 electrons-3 Neutrons - 4



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6.16.5g Cllmola - 1.37 moic

112.019 1.37 mol C 16.0210-atoms. : 8.25 · 1023 atoms c

limol C 7. Atom with same atomic numbers, but different

atomic masses. These are the same elements LWL alferent #s of neutrons). 8. Molar Mass of Fe: 55.85.100= 77.73%

Molar Mass of Fe 0: 71.85 77.739. of 2500 grams = 1943 grams fe

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9.35g NILIAN =2.5 mol N 59.9690 lmoso = 3.75 moto No .

Tiego 5.049 H1 m- 5 moi H NH.NO,


ANSWER KEY 10. a) 4 Fe + 302 → 2Fe2O3 L b) 4NH3 +502 ~ 4 NO + 6H2O 11. 25.0g Ca Hiz O6/lmol 16 mol O2 .83.25 mol O2

180.18g 11 mol Co Hizo

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12. 400.OL

1407.04 *100=98.

1 00=98.81%




Sonotre assoluble) contain alkali

b) soluble} metals



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16. a) dinitrogen pentoxide

b.nitrogen dioxide

c) carbon monoxide _d) sulfurhexafluoride 17. C2 Hu Brzo 18, 3569 Colimorco 12 mol CH3 OHL 12.7 morco

128gco Timolco 65.0 q Elz 11 mol mol CH3OH - 16. 1 mol H2

72.02g Hz 12 mol H2 12.7 mol<16.1 mol so CO ss limiting & Hz is in excess


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