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ANEQ102 Exam 1 Study Guide

by: Stephanie Steiner

ANEQ102 Exam 1 Study Guide ANEQ 102-001

Stephanie Steiner
GPA 3.5

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About this Document

This hopefully covers everything we should know for the exam including some diagrams for anatomy.
Introduction to Equine Science
Ryan Michael Brooks
Study Guide
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This 18 page Study Guide was uploaded by Stephanie Steiner on Thursday September 15, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to ANEQ 102-001 at Colorado State University taught by Ryan Michael Brooks in Summer 2016. Since its upload, it has received 33 views. For similar materials see Introduction to Equine Science in Equine Science at Colorado State University.


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Date Created: 09/15/16
Equine Anatomy & Conformation The size of the horses _____ is proportional to the horses body. a. Barrel b. Legs c. Chest d. Head Why is it important for the throat latch to be thin? _______________________________________________________________ The chest is only ideas the _________ that form it. What two bones form the chest? _________________________ _________________________ The withers are the meeting point of the __________, __________, and ____________ ____________. The withers are formed by the first 10 vertebrae. What are these vertebrae called? ______________________________________ The ________ vertebrae form the peak of the withers. a. 4-5 b. 3-4 c. 3-5 d. 2-4 A large back is more favorable for collection. True False A deep and wide barrel is favorable because it accommodates the expansion of the __________ and ___________. What is is called when the barrel of the horse is short, flat, straight, and upright? _____________________________. The forelegs carry ______ of the horses weight. a. 50% b. 70% c. 65% d. 45% The slope of the shoulder should be around: a. 45-50° b. 50-55° c. 40-45° d. 55-60° If there is a ________ forearm and _______ cannon, there is a greater length of stride. Knock kneed, Bow legs, and Bench knees are faults that are identified from the ________. Calf knees and Bucked knees are faults that are identified from the _______. When looking at a horse from behind, a horses hind legs should, ideally, be _________. The stifle should be the __________ part of the hindquarters from behind The angle of the stifle affects: a. the length of the stride. b. the range of motion. c. the power of the stride. d. how prone the horse is to injury The cannon, fetlock, and paster of the hind leg are similar to those in the foreleg. True False What is the vertebral formula? _________________________________________________________ How many bones are in the horses skeleton? ________________ The first _____ pairs of ribs are “true” ribs and the last _____ pairs are “false” ribs Breeds of Horses What defines a breed? ________________________________________________________________ What are some of the Tennessee Walking Horse’s unique characteristics? (List as many as you care to, there is no single right answer.) ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ What are the three gaits of the Tennessee Walking Horse? ______________________________ ______________________________ ______________________________ The American Saddlebred is the _____________ of the show world. Registration of the American Saddlebred is based on: a. Pedigree b. Color c. Size d. both a and b What three classes are there for the American Saddlebred to compete in: _________________________________ _________________________________ _________________________________ The five gated class does not include: a. rack b. trot c. walk d. flat walk e. canter The Thoroughbred was bred for __________. Who is the well-known Thoroughbred? _____________________________________________ What is the Thoroughbred association? ______________________________________ What are the two types of Standardbred? ________________________ ________________________ Arabians are the older breed of horse in existence. True False Name some unique characteristics of the Arabian. ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ Who is the well know Morgan horse? ____________________ The Paso Fino is a fairly large horse breed. True False A donkey + a horse = ___________________ Equine Behavior Anthropomorphism is ____________________________________________________. A horse can see ________ around them. The three blindspots of the horse are: ___________________________ ___________________________ ___________________________ Horses have monocular vision. 
 True False The corpus collasum is ___________________ in the horse/ The cerebellum takes up ____ of the horse’s brain. a. 1/2 1/4 b. c. 1/3 What are the types of reinforcement? ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ What factors effect learning? ______________________________ ______________________________ ______________________________ ______________________________ ______________________________ Bits and Bitting What should you evaluate before bridling a horse? ________________________________________ ________________________________________ ________________________________________ ________________________________________ ________________________________________ Name the five pressure points. ________________________ ________________________ ________________________ ________________________ ________________________ The two main types of bits are ___________ bits and ______________ bits. Define signal. ______________________________________________________________________ What are the five most common materials that bits are made of? __________________________ __________________________ __________________________ __________________________ __________________________ Bits are only as good as the ______________________. The _____________ the bit, the more severe it is.


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