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ACCT 3851 (AIS) test 1 study guide

by: Lindsay Taylor

ACCT 3851 (AIS) test 1 study guide ACCT 3851

Marketplace > East Carolina University > ACCT 3851 > ACCT 3851 AIS test 1 study guide
Lindsay Taylor
GPA 3.47

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About this Document

Q&A for test 1 acct 3851 doty
Accounting Information Systems
Dr. Doty
Study Guide
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This 6 page Study Guide was uploaded by Lindsay Taylor on Friday September 16, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to ACCT 3851 at East Carolina University taught by Dr. Doty in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 14 views.


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Date Created: 09/16/16
Accounting 3851 Study Guide Test 1 (Format of Q&A and Definitions) 1. What is a specialized subsystem of the IS that collects, processes and reports information related to the financial aspects of business events?  Accounting Information System  2. What is often integrated and indistinguishable from the overall IS?  Accounting Information System  3. What may be divided into components based on the operational functions supported.  Components are called business processes or AIS subsystems Accounting Information System  4. What is a man-made system that generally consists of an integrated set of computer-based and manual components established to collect, store, and manage data and to provide output information to users?  Information System  5. What is also known as a Management Information System?  Information System  6. What are the components of a business system?  information process  operations process  management process  7. What is the portion of the overall IS related to a particular business process?  information process  8. What is the man-made system consisting of the people, equipment, organization, policies, and procedures whose objective is to accomplish the work of the organization?  operations process  9. What is the man-made system consisting of the people, authority, organization, policies, and procedures whose objective is to plan and control the operations of the organization?  management process  10.What is the data presented in a form that is useful in a decision-making activity? It has value to the decision maker because it reduces uncertainty and increases knowledge about a particular area of concern?  information  11.What are the characteristics of information?  Understandability  Relevance  Timeliness  Predictive or feedback value  Verifiability  Neutrality or free from bias  Comparability  Accuracy  Completeness  12.enables users to perceive significance and permits application by the user in a decision-making situation  understandability  13.capable of making a difference in a decision-making situation by reducing uncertainty or increasing knowledge  relevance  14.available to a decision maker before it loses relevance  timeliness  15.improves the decision maker's capacity to predict, confirm or correct earlier expectations  predictive value or feedback value  16.high degree of consensus about the information among independent measurers using the same measurement methods  verifiability  17.objective :  neutrality or free from bias  18.enables users to identify similarities and differences between two pieces of information  comparability  19.correspondence or agreement between the information and the actual events or objects it represents  accuracy  to which information includes data about every relevant object or event necessary to make a decision and includes that information only once  completeness  21.What are the types of decisions?  intelligence  design  choice  22.searching the environment for conditions calling for a decision  intelligence  23.inventing, developing, and analyzing possible courses of action  design  24.selecting a course of action  choice  25.What are software packages that can be used for the core systems necessary to support enterprise systems?  Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems  26.What are the parts of ERP systems?  CRM  CSS  SFA  SCM  SRM  PLM  27.front or back-office: internal processes  back-office  28.front or back-office: external processes  front-office  29.front or back-office: such as distribution, manufacturing, and accounting  back-office  30.front or back-office: such as those that connect an organization to its customers and suppliers  front-office  31.front or back-office: Do not directly generate revenue, but provide vital support and administration  back-office  32.front or back-office: Directly generate/bring in revenue; largely consist of client-facing roles  front-office  33.What is the aggregation of several events over some period of time with the subsequent processing of these data as a group by the information system?  batch processing  34.processing mode in which a delay exists between the various data processing steps  periodic  processing mode in which little or no delay occurs between any two data processing steps  immediate  36.mode: Heavily dependent on the use of batch processing, two terms are often used interchangeably; Significant delay occurs between two or more data processing steps  periodic  37.mode: Often used interchangeably with real-time processing; Master files are updated immediately each time an event is recorded  immediate 38.AIS performs what task?  All of the above  39.Characteristics that make info useful and meaningful if free from error a bias. Reliability  40.Flowchart is: Analytical technique, describes specs of an info system 41.Which tool below provides a description of sources and destinations of data as well as flow within an organizations process? Data Flow Diagram  42.All info about a student is stored on the same: Record  43.SOX requires external auditors to: Understand internal controls  44.Transaction cycles can be summarized on high cycles as "give to get" exchanges, an example is: Give cash, get goods  45.Which is a true statement? Business strategy has a direct influence on AIS 46.Razzmatazz, Wisconsin, is a popular tourist destination. Chuck Hewitt, report on tourist population that he uses to adjust processing volume refers to data that was collected five days ago and it takes him week to make adjustments. Which of the following characteristics of useful information is absent? Timely 47.In transaction processing what come first? Capture data source  48.An audit trail: provides the means to check the accuracy and validity of ledger postings.  49.Data flow diagrams depict: processes, but not who is performing the processes.  50.Raleigh Corp. identifies growth by new product development and product improvement as the number one corporate goal. Awarding bonuses to subsidiary managers based on ROI could result in: A goal conflict  51.A well-designed AIS can improve the decision-making function within the organization. Which statement below would describe a limitation, rather than a benefit, of an efficient AIS? An AIS provides to its users an abundance of information without any filtering or condensing of such information.  52.Pay off mortgage to factory Financing Cycle  53.Sell concert ticket Revenue Cycle  54.Hires a new controller Human Resources/Payroll  55.Pay for raw materials Expenditure  56.Decide how many units to make next month Production Cycle  57.Complete a picking ticket Revenue Cycle  58.Collect on customer account  Revenue Cycle  59.Which statement below regarding the AIS and managerial reports is false? The AIS is best utilized for financial data while the management information system is best utilized for operational data.  60.Inventory information is provided in real time by a firm's accounting information system. The accuracy of this information is questionable, however, since the production manager often reports stock outs of components that the system indicated are in stock. Which of the following characteristics of useful information is absent in the situation described above? Reliable  61.Which of the following is a function of an AIS? Transform information into something useful.  62.Which of the following is not an element of data processing? Reconcile  63.An entity is something about which information is stored. What is the term for a characteristic of interest? Attribute  64.Which of the following would be stored as record in transaction file: Product Variance  65.A chart of accounts is: List of numbers and letters assigned to each ledger account  66.Ontology: the process of classifying or organizing the world around us and identifying the relationships between those entities; groups like items, transactions, or entities in an organization.  67.Semantics: the study of meaning; examines the meaning behind the documentation to ensure it reflects the true underlying process of the business.  68.Syntax:  the study of the construction of language; drives documentation techniques and how they conceptualize or draw a picture of what's happening within the organization.  69.Data "raw" facts that are collected, entered, recorded, stored, and processed by the AIS  70. Information data that has been organized and processed and is meaningful to its users; relevant to decision making


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