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passage ID for midterm

by: Autym Notetaker

passage ID for midterm Engl 212

Autym Notetaker
LA Tech
GPA 3.667

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About this Document

lots of possible passage ID's for the midterm
Introduction to American Literature
Dr. Robert Rudnicki
Study Guide
50 ?




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This 8 page Study Guide was uploaded by Autym Notetaker on Sunday September 18, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to Engl 212 at Louisiana Tech University taught by Dr. Robert Rudnicki in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 7 views. For similar materials see Introduction to American Literature in ENGLISH (ENG) at Louisiana Tech University.

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Date Created: 09/18/16
The Iroquois Creation Story - The turtle executes upon the spot, and a small quantity of earth was varnished on the back part of the turtle. - The monsters of the great water were alarmed of her descent into the lower world - When the monsters were assembled, and they made consultation, one of them was appointed in haste to search the great deep, in order to procure some earth, if it could be obtained - While holding her, the turtle increased every moment and became a considerable island of earth and apparently covered with small bushes. Letter to Satangel Regarding the First Voyage Columbus - All are most beautiful of a thousand shapes and all are accessible and filled with trees of a thousand kinds and tall and they seem to touch the sky and I am told that they never lose their foliage as I can understand for I saw them as green and as lovely as they are in Spain in May... - This island all others are fertile to a limitless degree and this island is extremely so. - In it marvelous pine groves, and there are lovely large tracts of cultivatable lands, and there is honey, and there are birds of many kinds, and fruits of much diversity The Relation of Cabeza De Vaca Cabeza De Vaca - I have already said we went naked through all this country; not being accustomed to going so, we she our skins twice a year like snakes. - Three months out of the year they eat nothing but oysters and drink very bad water. A description of new England John Smith - And is it not pretty sport, to pull up two pence, six pence, and twelve pence, as fast as you can haul and veer a line? - Let this move you to embrace employment. Though they spend you here one, two, or three hundred pound a year; you would grudge to give half so much in adventure with them to obtain an estate. Of Plymouth Plantation William Bradford - Being thus arrived in a good harbor and brought safe to land, they fell upon their knees and blessed the God of Heaven. - And by his special providence so to dispose that not any one of them were either hurt, or hit, through their arrows came close by them, and on ever side them, and sundry of their coats. A Model of Christian Charity John Winthrop - The definition which the Scripture gives us of love is this: Love is the bond of perfection. First, it is a bon or ligament. - For we must consider that we shall be as a city upon a hill. The eyes of all people are upon us, so that if we shall deal falsely with our God in this work we have undertaken. Here Follows Some Verses Anne Bradstreet - And when I could no longer look, I blest his name that gave and took - Under thy roof no guest shall sit, nor at thy table eat a bit A Narrative of the Captivity and Restoration of Mary Rowlandson Mary Rowlandson - It is a solemn sight to see so many Christians lying in their blood, some here, and some there, like a company of sheep torn by wolves, all of them stripped naked by a company of hell-hounds. - Now we must go with those barbarous creatures, with our bodies wounded and bleeding, and our hearts no less than our bodies - My wounds stink and are corrupt, I am traveled, I am bowed down greatly, I go mourning all day long Huswifery Edward Taylor - Make me o lord, thy spinning wheel complete - Make me thy loom then, knit therin this twine The Wonders of the Invisible World Cotton Mather - An army of devils is horribly broke in upon the place which is the center, and after a sort, the first-born of our English settlements - Before the trial of this prisoner, several of her own children had frankly and fully confessed not only that they were witches themselves, but that this their mother had made them so. The Minister's Black Veil Hawthorne - By the aid of his mysterious emblem, for there was no other apparent cause, he became a man of awful power, over souls that were in agony for sin. - Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God Jonathan Edwards - Their foot shall slide in due time the God that holds you over the pit of hell, much as one holds a spider or some loathsome insect over the fire. - The wrath of God burns against them, their damnation does not slumber; the pit is prepared, the fire is made ready, the furnace is now hot, ready to receive them; the flames do now rage and glow. Reply to the Missionary Jacob Cram Red Jacket - We do not wish to destroy your religion, or take it from you. We only want to enjoy our own. - Our seats were once large and yours were small. You have now become a great people, and we have scarcely a place left to spread our blanket. You got your country, but are not satisfied; you want to force your religion on us. Speech to the Osages Tecumseh - If you do not unite with us, they will first destroy us, and then you will fall an easy prey to them. They have destroyed many nations of red men because they were not united, because they were not friends of each other. - We must be united; we must smoke the same pipe; we must fight each other’s battles; and more than all; we must love the great spirit; he is for us, he will destroy our enemies, and make all his red children happy. The Autobiography Benjamin Franklin - Your history is so remarkable, that if you do not give it, somebody else will certainly give it; and perhaps so as nearly to do as much harm - Case with man who having want of some such means as I employ’d found the difficulty of obtaining good, and breaking bad habits, in other points of vice and virtue, have given up the struggle, and concluded that a speckled ax was best Letters from an American Farmer Letter III and IX St. John de Crevecoeur - They are a mixture of English Scotch, Irish, French, Dutch, Germans and Swedes. From this promiscuous breed, that race now called Americans have arisen - Here individuals of all nations are melted into a new race of men, who’s labors and posterity will one-day cause great changes in the world. Americans are the western pilgrims who are carrying along with them that great mass of arts, sciences, vigor, and industry which began long since in the east; they will finish the great circle. Declaration of independence Jefferson - We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; - He has waged cruel war against human nature itself, violating its most sacred rights of life and liberty in the persons of distant people who never offended him, captivating and carrying them into slavery in another hemisphere, or to incur miserable death in their transportation tither. The Federalist - This doctrine will, in all probability, be gradually propagated, till it has votaries enough to countenance an open avowal of it. - By a faction I understand a number of citizens, whether amounting to a majority of minority of the whole, who are united and actuated by some common impulse of passion or of interest, adverse to the rights of other citizens, or to the permanent and aggregate interests of the community. The Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano Equiano - From the time I left my own nation, I always found somebody that understood me till I came to the sea coast. - We soon came to Georgia, where we were to complete our landing, and here worse fate than ever attended me; for one Sunday night, as I was with some negroes in their master's yard, in the town of Savannah, it happened that their master, one Doctor Perkins, who was a very severe and cruel man, came in drunk; and not liking to see any strange negroes in his yard, he and a ruffian of a white man, he had in his service, beset me in an instant, and both of them struck me with the first weapons they could get hold of. - I was soon put down under the decks, and there I received such a salutation in my nostrils as I had never experienced in my life: so that with the loathsomeness of the stench, and crying together, I became so sick and low that I was not able to eat, nor had I least desire to taste anything On the Religion of Nature Philip Freneau - Joy to the day, when all agree / On such grand systems to proceed, / From fraud, design, and error free, / And which to truth and goodness lead: / Then persecution will retreat / And man's religion be complete. - The power, that gives with liberal hand / The blessings man enjoys, while here, / And scatters through a smiling land / Abundant products of the year; / That power of nature, ever blessed, / Bestowed religion with the rest. Rip Van Winkle Washington Irving - A large rickety wooden building stood in its place, with great gaping windows, some of them broken, and mended with old hats and petticoats, and over the door was painted, "The Union Hotel, by Jonathan Doolittle." - On nearer approach, he was still more surprised at the singularity of the stranger’s appearance My Kinsman, Major Molineux Hawthorne - The contagion was spreading among the multitude, when, all at once through the street; every man shook his sides, every man emptied his lungs, but Robin's shout was the loudest there. - I've been searching half the night for one Major Molineux; now, Sir, is there really such a person in these parts or am I dreaming? - Thanatopsis Willam Cullen Bryant - Earth that nourished thee, shall claim Thy growth, to be resolved to earth again; And, lost each human trace, surrendering up Thine individual being, shalt thou go to mix forever with the elements - All that breathe Will share thy destiny. The gay will laugh When thou art gone, the solemn broad of care Plod on, and each one as before will chase His favorite phantom The American Scholar Emerson - Character is higher than intellect...A great soul will be strong to live, as well as strong to think. - I become a transparent eye-ball. I am nothing. I see all. - The first in time and the first in importance of the influences upon the mind is that of nature Thoureau where I lived and what I lived for - L - P My Lost Youth Longfellow A poem about a man visiting his old home by the sea and reminiscing on his youth. Talks about the sea a lot and his home as a child Snow-Bound: A Winter Idyl Whittier 'O Time and Change!—with hair as gray As was my sire's that winter day, How strange it seems, with so much gone Of life and love, to still live on!'  Walden Thoreau Anything about an "experiment" or being in the woods. Anything about accomplishing goals you set forth  Song of Myself Whitman A poem talking about himself. Egotistic  The Birth-Mark Hawthorne She glocked the liquid. But seeing her otherwise so perfect, he found this one defect grow more and more intolerable, with every moment of their united lives.  The Fall of the House of Usher Poe Appear a wow of inconsistencies And now, the champion, having escaped from the terrible fury of the dragon, bethinking himself of the brazen shield, and of the breaking up of the enchantment which was upon it.  The Great Lawsuit Fuller The other form, of intellectual companionship, has become more and more frequent. Men engaged in public life, literary men, and artists have often found in their wives companions. Male and female represent the two sides of the great radical dualism.  Uncle Tom's Cabin Stowe For her, there was no rest. As a fire in her bones, the thought of the pursuer urged her on.  Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl Jacobs A slave girl falling in love with its owner.  Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave Frederick Douglass The white children could tell their ages. I could not tell why I ought to be deprived of the same privilege. Basically the life of a slave  Bartleby, the Scrivener: A Story of Wall-Street Melville I prefer not to  Much madness is divinest sense (Poem 620) Dickinson Anything about society making our decisions for us. It's a poem


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