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TEMPLE / Communication & Media Studies / CMST 1111 / What is O Freude nichte Töne?

What is O Freude nichte Töne?

What is O Freude nichte Töne?


School: Temple University
Department: Communication & Media Studies
Course: Communication and Public Life
Professor: Scott gratson
Term: Fall 2016
Tags: Vebl, TD, ar, MD, Beard, McLuhan, and Heilbroner
Cost: 50
Name: Study Guide Test 1
Description: Study Guide
Uploaded: 09/18/2016
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Communications & Public Life – STUDY GUIDE TEST 1 KNOW THESE  

What is O Freude nichte Töne?


Dean of Students

 Student Affairs

 Dean of SMC

SMC Career Center O Freuide nichte Töne! 

Thorstein Veblen 

 >>> Technological  Determinism (TD)

Richard Gilbert

Dean Stephanie Ive, Ed. D

Dr. Kimberly Guire

Dean David Boardman

LuAnn Kahn

>> The poem of the inspiration for Beethoven’s 9th symphony. O = O

Freudne = friends

nicht = not

diese = these

Töne = tone  

- In German anything that is capitalized is a noun and to make  a a noun singular to plural from add an e.  

- Freudne & Töne are both plural and a noun.

>>> (1857-1929) –

- Technological Determinism Referred to as TD.

o Noted by Thorstein Veblen  

▪ Did not focus on the true technology but rather the  

difference in social classes.

What are the 3 groups were emerging in U.S?

▪ Explored social & economical experience of immigrants ▪ Critiqued 19th century capitalism

▪ Resulting in – “The Theory of the Leisure Class: An  

Economic of Institutions.”

▪ Compared social progress & economic in  

o men & women  

o Norwegian immigrants vs. English townspeople  

o Social progress was tired to class differences  

• Differed with later theorists  

• Concept of technology as specific element of  

economic class.

>>> Asserted 3 groups were emerging in U.S

• Scientists  

• Engineers  

• Technologists  

The role of self, collective and tech mesh

• We linked from who to what we are.  

• Tech affects everything we do & who we are.  

• Tech is anything that advances In life – contacts, hearing aids,  pace makers, etc.  

What are the two Important Areas of Tech?

• Tech advances are everywhere.

Charles Beard 

TD continued…

 Areas of Tech

Augmented Reality (AR)

- The WHEEL is the most significant technological advancement,  next is the boat.  

- Cameras are everywhere  

- Tech as communication link social progress

- Current events, news gathering, newspapers evolved because  tech advances.  We also discuss several other topics like The legal maximum on the price at which a good/service can be sold.

>>> (1874-1948)

o furthered positioning study of tech.

- Grounded tech in a framework of politics, social  

advancements & historical conflict.  

- Active economist

- History as being grounded in class iniatives, position that  advanced his own personal sense of advocacy & activism.  

Concept originally noted by Veblen

Concept furthered by Charles Beard [seven-league boots – CB] “Technological marches in seven-league boots from one ruthless,  revolutionary concession to another, tearing down older factories  and industries.”  

- Beard believed tech is important role as a primary motivator for  social change, but negatively affected human communication.  - Beard believes tech advances are sometimes negative o Human interaction negatively affected because of tech  advances.  If you want to learn more check out What are the basic concepts of microeconomics

▪ Dating, socially inept, relationships

▪ Effects interpersonal communication

TD is noted as:

>>> “The believe that social progress is driven by technological  innovation, which in turn follows an ‘inevitable course.’” – Smith >>> “The idea that technolgica development determines social  change…” If you want to learn more check out What is the meaning of sociology?

>>> “Technology determines history.” – Williams

social/cultural progress by technology innovation.  

TWO Important Areas Tech is:

1. Predictable path largely beyond culture or political influence. 2. Society organizes itself to support and develop a technology &  technology overall once being introduced.

Live in real time display

Live, real world environment

Computer generated images overlapping real time pictures.

 Impact of AR

Virtual Reality  


Marshal McLuhan 

Allows reality info to come interactive and digitally obtainable.  Advertising, education, entertainment  

>> tracking devices, fiducial markers  

How does it work?

Tracking devices – tech involved in AR & abilitiy to see position  of input devices & images of objects in view of the device. Fiducial Markers – objects placed in field view of imaging system  appears in image for point of reference.  

Replicated environment, stimulates presense in real/image worlds User interacts within worlds, generated world.  

>>> Producter --- Eran May-Raz & Daniel Lazo


“excellent, perfect” – constant affirmation

character always looking to computer to tell him how wonderful he is nothing is actually present  

 sight system is just generating images  

constant screen in his world  

tells him what do on the date

 telling him to smile

 tells him about her and what to say If you want to learn more check out what is Marketing?

 controlled environment

 points for compliments  

 forgets to take down the art she was interest in  

 alcohol is real

 sees the dating app on the walls  

negatively affects the human interaction, pays attention to the info

>>> (1911-1980)

- Prophet of mediated determinism in the age of TV  

Background of McLuhan

- English literature, University of Toronto  

- Compared US media to Canada media

- First major book The Mechanical Bride (1951) based on  advertising

 Book structured on popular culture

 Focused on newspaper & magazine advertising  

 Images of mechanical tech dominated popular consciousness  First time advertising student in texts

Turns Inwards…

To see how media effects our own identity

Media Determinism  

TV Ages  

 Ages of Tech

 printing press  


Sensorial Extension

Media document who & what we are – determines who & what we are - Developed in the idea the form or tech of media was more important  than the content.

 Argued tech & media leads to great cultural changes - Reach accessible at any time, immediate information

MD – form of TD, furthered by McLuhan & Harold Innis (economist) o focused on the impact media  

o philosophy that puts the power of media has on society,  institutions, culture, and individuals.  We also discuss several other topics like what is Proximal Stimulus?

Discussion of TV age – by the 60s TV was becoming international - Focused on streaming and screens, watch TV from phone and iPad,  Netflix, Apple TV, Hulu.

 Multiple screens, multiple media functions

- Will the TV eventually overpower from culture based on new tech?

4 Technology Ages 

1. Oral/Primitive Age – dominate sense was oral, listening 2. Literate Age – visual sense became important (pre-printing  press) no writing or reading.

3. Print Age – two words: printing press. dominance of visual with  print, changed culture, growth of religion, bibles (Latin)  4. Electronic Age – computer ages dominated & involve all  senses never ending age – all senses became major players  

Part of History based on tech.

- Real way to study history is what tech used.  

 Example of history & tech – health tech, pacemakers,  defibulators

“More senses make us true to a natural of human kind.”  “Technology is the prime mover of the world; it can change the world.”

Media supplies each other – systems, technique, styles, social  significance

- All media are extensions of each other, combo of old things.  

At Toronto McLuhan worked with economic historian Harold Innis. “All media are extensions of some human faculty-physic or  physical…”  We also discuss several other topics like What is Binomial Random Variable?

- Wheel extension of the foot

 horses ???? wagons ???? cars – created roads & highways  - Book extension of the eye

Other Major Works Original Thesis  

Global Village

- Printing Press extension of the hand & eye (visual)   Ink ???? written book ???? printing press ???? typewriter ???? computer

- Clothing extension of the skin

Senses control the world and revolution of technology & its progress. - Technology is an extension of the function of the human body.  

The Gutenberg Galaxy (1962)  

- Self-explanatory ???? the printing press (PP) created by Johannes  Gutenberg ???? The message is the title of the book

- PP created printing culture which lead to the rise of public culture - pushed for extreme uses of senses.  

Understanding the Media: The Extension of Man (1964) MEDIUM IS THE MESSAGE

- road did not create transportation or the wheel in culture, simply  extended human functions to progress society in tech. - it’s not the content it’s the medium.

- medium is the main role & delivers the message  

- the medium molded “the scale and form of human association and  action”

- uses the lightbulb as example ???? lightbulb doesn’t provide  information or ‘content’ but it changes society because it allows us  to exist in darkness.  

The shift from visual to electronic media societies will change.  - not a good thing as systems of control will be deep seated in the  world.  

o motivated McLuhan’s research

- learn languages through tech

- connect with someone & their art  

Hot vs. Cold Media


Extends single sense in HD  ie: sharp image, HDTV Low audience  


Straight forward


Use of senses in low definition High audience

Less data  


Robert Heilbroner   Major Work  

Original Thesis   $$$

 TD…  Machines

>>> (1919-2005)  

American historian economist  

researched economist, Adam Smith.

- Suggest other way to look at economics in tech.

Harvard studied government and economics.  

Served in United States Army in WWII

Earned PhD in Economics at New School for Social Research  The Worldly Philosophers (1953) – looked deeper into the works of  most Adam Smith, Karl Marx, Henry George, John Keynes, Thomas  Malthus, John Mil.  


 What makes machines? ???? humans  

 Humans that have access to $$

- Something moved society from feudalism – economic ownership by  landowners who became so by exchanged military service for lads  to capitalism.

 ie: what is it?

- Asserts that history is divided between modern and pre-modern, not  chronological periods but as styles ???? how people think about  themselves and what affects them.

- The car in 1920s not change economy but also changed style &  culture.  

 Henry ford invented assembly line.  

 No need education to be successful, just spot on assembly line.  Human kind can now act beyond our control.  

There was no change in years, but rather how we view ourselves  and our mentality.

It’s not about periods in time, but how people think about themselves &  what effects.  

Who controls what?  

- Asserts in premodern times, humans were acted upon beyond our  control. Now, machines that we create end up affecting us.  Technological Determinism is a symbiotic relationship. History marked by the reaction to the environment around us, not  the year.  

Change history by changing the material condition of human existence  – rely on them to understand who we are:


- Palimpsest – very old document on which the originaly wiring has been eras and replace with new writing


o In relation to MEDIA – it’s written on top of history, you  cannot erase history, but you can “write on top of it to  replace it.  

- Proposed that economics work in tandem with technology,  allowed us to loosen or constrict our behavior  

To change the course of human progress you change technology. change in technology ???? change economy ???? change the world they work in tandem, they are semiotic  

Tech is driven by economics and those technologies allow us to  operate in a more open or constricted manner – the construction of  time.

Tech is constant – always a viable force.  

1. Economics  

2. Technology

3. Change  

• These three things work in balance, one offsetting the other and  affecting it but never being removed from it.

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