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UTSA - POLS 1133 - Study Guide - Midterm

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UTSA - POLS 1133 - Study Guide - Midterm

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background image Exam 1 Review- Texas Government 2306 Chapter 1- The Environment of Texas Politics Demographics-  5 Th  fastest growing state in the nation In 2004, Texas has become a majority minority state.  Today: Anglos make up 44% Hispanics make up 38.2% African American 12.3% Asian 4.2% Latinos expected to have plurality by 2020 and majority by 2035 27,469,114 people in 2016, 27% increase since 2000, 85% urban 15% rural Religion- 88% of Texas affiliate with religious tradition (Evangelistic protestant 34%) (Roman catholic 24%) and (mainline protestants 15%) Religion is very important to Texas politics The Economy- Produces about 1.25 trillion dollars of gross state product 11 th  LARGEST economy in the World Service industry employ 76% of the private sector workforce  Also leads the nation in exports  Agriculture generates $22 billion annually (2 nd  largest industry in Texas)  Social and Economic Issues- Attempts to balance immigration demands for border security Texas population expected to double by 2060 (fears of not enough water to support the 
Texas leads the nation in waste generation and toxic chemical emissions 1/3 of Texas cannot read/write enough to fill out a job application Urbanization- Texas Poverty- High poverty rate of 18.5% Homeless people number from 100-200 thousand Highest rates of uninsured citizens Limited service and public assistance for the poor New Economic Direction- Developing and educational infrastructure Meeting demands of a 21 st  century economy  Requiring educated employees as the years pass Low taxes to promote a pro-business climate #2 in Tech jobs Economy History- Leads the nation is cattle production Leads country in cotton exported Timber based in East Texas, nations 10 th  largest producer Texas accounts for over 30% of total US production Texas Politics- Democratic party dominated the state (1876-1978) Fully transitioned to republican by 2002 (no threat of losing power, conservatism always 
ruled texas)
Texas Political Culture-
background image Politics is influenced by political culture (commonly shared beliefs & core values about the 
role of government)
Translated into political conservatism, individualism and traditionalism  Individualism and traditionalism dominated Individualism- Stable society but intervene as little as possible. Limited government with 
restricted powers, participation not obligatory in politics. Comes from 19
th  century frontier  experience Traditionalism- Maintenance of the existing political order. Public has limited power and 
influence, most policies benefit the ruling elite, favorable to business, right to works laws, 
and eminent domain.  
Future Growth-  Internal immigration and natural growth Home to four of the largest cities in the country (Houston #4, Austin #11, San Antonio #6,
and Dallas #9
Chapter 2- Federalism and the Texas Constitution The role of a constitution:  Protect territory and citizens,  Preserve order and stability,  Establish and maintained a legal system,  Provide service, Raise and spend money,  socialize new generations Powers of the National Government:  Enumerated Powers (delegated powers),  Implied Powers Necessary and Proper Clause Supremacy Clause U.S. Constitution>State Laws>Local Laws Early Constitutions of Texas:  1824 Constitution 1836 Constitution 1846 Constitution 1861 Constitution 1866 Constitution Powers of the state (Reserved) Edmund J. Davis Administration: Inaugurated in 1870, 1 st  Republican governor elected in TX Violence and lawless were serious problems Imposed martial law and police methods to enforce his decrees Only republican governor to hold office until 1970’s E.J. Davis increased Taxes Constitution of 1876:  Texas Constitution used today has been amended nearly (491) times Documented contains more than 85,000 words Includes 17 articles, including a Bill of Rights Limits on state government: Biennial legislative sessions Low salary and pay for legislations Prohibitions legislators from calling a special session

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School: University of Texas at San Antonio
Department: Political Science
Course: Texas Politics and Society
Professor: Badih Elarba
Term: Fall 2016
Tags: Politics, history, and u.s.
Name: Exam 1 Review- Texas Government 2306
Description: These detailed notes describe/cover what should be on the test! Good Luck!
Uploaded: 09/19/2016
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