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Reniassiance and High Reiniassiance Images

by: Ericka Garrison

Reniassiance and High Reiniassiance Images ART 1030

Marketplace > Middle Tennessee State University > Art History > ART 1030 > Reniassiance and High Reiniassiance Images
Ericka Garrison
GPA 2.8

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About this Document

This file contains all of the renaissance images and a description
Art Appreciation
Raymond Kleinlein
Study Guide
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This 5 page Study Guide was uploaded by Ericka Garrison on Sunday September 18, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to ART 1030 at Middle Tennessee State University taught by Raymond Kleinlein in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 117 views. For similar materials see Art Appreciation in Art History at Middle Tennessee State University.


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Date Created: 09/18/16
St. Charles  Symbolic of the Christian journey through life and the center is salvation  Labryinth located in the nave  If you were really dedicated, you’d crawl on your hands and knees to the middle Labryinth  Lapis Lazuh; blue color  Has major scenes from the bible portrayed on the stained glass  Curved arch; Romanesque Passion and Resurrection Window Sainte Chapelle  Built by King Louie the 9 th  Sacred chapel attached to his home and to house scared relics given to him- held the crown of thrones  Lower level of Chapel; red blue and gold, small because it was meant for family only.  No wall; just windows between thin ribs Maesta Alterpiece  Made of Tempera paint  On wood with separate panels  ARTIST: DUCCIO  Shows Virgin Mary and her Saints with child  Maesta= Majesty  Artists used lights and shadows to give 3-D illusion Christ Entering Jerusalem  Depth in art ; low, high, and middle ground  Trying to portray a believable reality of the picture; as if you are really there.  Artist still fails to get perspective and scale  ARTIST: DUCCIO Limbourg Brothers/ Les  The very sumptuous honors of Jean Duke of Berry  Hours: book of hours  Illustration pages; calendar pages because calendar is at the top ; shows scenes of everyday life  Speaks volumes about the working class  Book of prayers to be read at certain hours during the day  Social propaganda because it shows peasants and the aristocrat class. Tres Riches Heures Ghent Altarpiece  ARTIST: Jan Van Eyck  In Flemmish town of Ghent  Painted on separate panels of wood  Closed positions  Oil paint dries slower and is more vivid and gives off light  Hyper realistic work Man in Red Turban  Oil on Wood  Believed to be a self portrait  ARTIST: Jan Van Eyck  Has a convincing illusion of 3- deminsionality  Nothing cartooney- flat (starting to become a lost art)  Greek renaissance style Vitruvian Man  ARTIST: Leonardo da Vinci  Illustration of the work of ancient Roman writer Virtruvious  “If a man stands with his arms stretched out with arms parallel to the ground, the length from finger to finger would be equal to the length from head to toe”.  Virgin of the  Holy family  Oil on wood  ARTIST: Da Vinci  Chiaroscuro- light and dark contrast  Stomato- smoky haziness  Atmospheric perspective Rocks The Last  Santa Maria delle Grazie  Artist: Da Vinci  Portrays the last supper with Jesus and his 12 disciples  Painted on fresh, wet plaster; fresco Supper Mona Lisa  Contraction of Italian title; Ma Donna-my lady  In real life; small and dark portrait  Somewhat intimate; eye contact, the models personality is revealed a little  She’s smiling Moses  About to stand; looking out into the distance with determination and anger.  Holding the ten commandments  Mad at the Israeli  Rays of light are mistaken for horns on his head  ARTIST: Michelangelo  Virgin Mary cradling her dead son  Intentionally was made small by Michelangelo so Jesus will more comfortably sit in Virgin Mary’s arms  Michelangelo signed his name on Pieta Mary’s sash David  13 ft. Tall  ARTIST: Michelangelo  Also was called the Giant  Originally was going to be decoration on Florence Chapel  Looking out towards Goliath, assessing him. Holding a rock in one hand and a sling in the other. Sistine  128x45, 5,800 square feet of painting  80 feet from the ground  Took 4 years to complete  ARTIST: Michelangelo  More bright and vivid than Da Vinci’s paintings  Bible scenes in reverse order on the Chapel Ceiling ceiling because the closer you get to the altar, you are walking away from humanly sins. Madonna in the  ARTIST: Raphael  Picture shows the holy family in bright vivid colors  Characterized but simple compared to Michelangelo Meadow


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