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ECON 1101 - Class Notes - Engl 1101, Week 3 Notes

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ECON 1101 - Class Notes - Engl 1101, Week 3 Notes

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background image   Week   University of North  Georgia               English  Composition               Engl 1101  •  Fall 2016      Key Terms  Notes:  Evaluation  
Thesis Statement 
Refuting Opinions  
  What is an evaluation?     Evaluation is a judgement  that is supported with reason and 
evidence. The effectivity of an evaluation is based upon whether 
or not the piece has achieved its purpose and whether or not 
the criteria was clearly stated and enforced the message.  
Some examples of criteria in different media forms:  
deliverance/presentation  quality of vocals  lyrics/ message  impact of an event     How to write an evaluation:    free writing, making lists, cubing and questioning (p. 90-93, 289 
and 292).  
1. Choose a text 
2. Establish a purpose for writing. Choose a stance and tone 
for writing.   3. Research the topic/ be able to support your claims.  Provide evidence and reasons that support your claim  4. Determine the criteria for evaluating your  topic 
5. Come up with a thesis that includes the judgement as well 
as the basic criteria for which the judgement is to me 
background image 6. Hold your stance towards a topic, but acknowledge  differing opinions and effectively refute them. There are 
many ways to do this, a very common way of achieving 
this is by comparing and contrasting differing opinions.  
End GOAL: Try and convince your audience to accept your 
judgement based on the how well the subject meets your 
Dates to  Remember/Things to do:      Read Chapter 16 in the  Norton ( it may be 
beneficial to review pages 
55-56 and 63-67) 
 9/07/16 – Essay # 1 due  via D2L 
 09/05/16 No Class  Meeting 
See the below flow chart for a summary of evaluations and an  example of how to organize an evaluation                                                                                                 

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School: University of North Georgia
Department: Economics
Course: English Composition I
Professor: Carla Chwat
Term: Fall 2016
Tags: Language, english, 1101, UNG, University, Of, North, Georgia, and ENGL
Name: Engl 1101, Week 3 Notes
Description: Notes for writing an evaluation
Uploaded: 09/19/2016
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