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Cornell - COMM 2200 - Class Notes - Week 4 notes

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> > > > Cornell - COMM 2200 - Class Notes - Week 4 notes

Cornell - COMM 2200 - Class Notes - Week 4 notes

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background image Industry Ownership What is “political economy”? - The study of the social relations, particularly the power  relations, that mutually constitute the production, distribution 
and consumption of resources, including communication 
- There are systemic differences in  who produces/creates/owns  the media  gender, race, ethnicity  News production - Overall, men generated 62.1% of news, women generated  37.3% - 6 O’clock news_ 64% of the time anchored by men-majority of  screen time - Men telling you the news  TV News General Managers - Caucasians represented 943% of TV general managers in  news in 2014 - No. of minority general managers fell 2.4 % points between  2013 and 2014 Internet - 42% of women wrote online news 
- Huffington post was that only Internet outlet to not only 
achieve parity but also exceed parity Wires - Male bylines exceeded female bylines for the Associated Press and Reuters Television Production - Of all the creators, writers, producers, executive producers,  photography directors and editors of prime-time TV 
entertainment, only 27% are women
- Minority male TV directors increased 3% in 2014 due to Tyler  Perry’s shows on the O Network (not through other more 
famous networks but O network, opera’s network owned by a 
colored women) 
Television Stations - Women own 6.8% of television stations
- Men own 64.8% (28% with no majority gender interest- half 
half or more than 2 types)  - Racial minorities own 2.2% of television station
- Whites own 69% (28% with no majority race interest)
Commercial Radio

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School: Cornell University
Department: Communications
Course: Media Communication
Professor: L. Humphreys
Term: Fall 2016
Tags: communication
Name: Week 4 notes
Description: Industry Ownership notes
Uploaded: 09/19/2016
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