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LU - ENGL 333 - Class Notes - Week 3

Created by: DanielleCuller21 Elite Notetaker

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LU - ENGL 333 - Class Notes - Week 3

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background image ENGL 333: Week 3 Notes English Verb Types: Verb types are determined by the complements­information packaged in phrases­that 
are necessary to complete their meaning 
Intransitive: Type 1: No complement required Type 2: Adverbial complement (AC) required Transitive Type 3: Direct Object required Bitransitive Type 4: Direct Object (DO) and adverbial complement (AC) required Type 5: Direct Object and Indirect Object (DO­Prep­IO or IO­DO) required Type 6: Direct Object (DO) and Object Complement (OC (NP or AP)) required Be­Verb  Type 7: Complement (NP, PP, AP) required Linking­Verb Type 8: Complement (AP or NP) required Examples: 
Type 1: The book disappeared.
Type 2: The wedding celebration lasted for three days. Type 3: Chester saw the strange­looking spacecraft. The thief stole everything in the house.
The defendant regretted his remarks.

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School: Liberty University
Department: English
Course: Modern Grammar
Professor: Paul Muller
Term: Fall 2016
Tags: ENGL, 333, Modern, grammar, LU, week, 3, and notes
Name: ENGL 33: Modern Grammar: Week 3 Notes
Description: Notes for week three of Modern Grammar
Uploaded: 09/19/2016
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