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MSU - GEOG 1123 - Class Notes - intro to World Geography - GR 1123

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> > > > MSU - GEOG 1123 - Class Notes - intro to World Geography - GR 1123

MSU - GEOG 1123 - Class Notes - intro to World Geography - GR 1123

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background image Intro to World Geography Week 5: September 12-16, 2016 - Illegal Drug Smuggling - Cocaine, Heroin, and Marijuana - cocaine is usually from Colombia, Venezuela - most marijuana is grown in Mexico biggest problem is Juarez, MX - across from El Paso, TX
- authorities usually are bribed and involved
- 3075 murders in Juarez (2011) - on average 8 people die each day - lots of kidnapping in Middle America - deforestation - 2/3 of Middle America had tropical rain forest before the 
Europeans arrived
- only 10% of these areas remain today - Reasons: - industries desire tropical woods for $$$
- population increases and the need for land 
     increases - Mexico - Desert in the North, Tropical mountains in the South - 77% of Mexico’s population is urban - North Mexico = more Wealthy (around or slightly above 
$10,000 USD a year)
- South Mexico = less wealthy (less than $5,000 USD a year) - Guatemala - became independent from Mexico in 1838 - Largest population of any other Central American state 
(over 15 million)
- Militarized government - Exports: minerals (nickel) from the mountains; oil is 
predominant in the lowlands
- coffee is grown in the mountains - El Salvador - became independent from Spain in 1821 - 1980 civil war - many fled to US - democratic government - has added manufacturing job - poverty, crime, natural disasters
background image - Exports: coffee, sugar, rice, shrimp, beef - Belize - AKA British Honduras - population is mostly African decent - commercial exports: seafood, clothing industry - Economy: tourism, Offshore banking - Honduras - Third poorest country after Haiti and Nicaragua - mostly agriculture producing - forestry, mining, bananas, coffee, shellfish - recently plagued with natural disasters - hurricanes - internal conflicts of power makes it unstable       economically
- trying to expand its tourism sector
- Costa Rica - contains 7% of the worlds biodiversity - highest standards of living, literacy rate, and life 
expectancy of any Central American country
- Agriculture and Tourism are huge  - bananas, coffee, tropical fruit and seafood - also charter fishing is big has lost 80% of its rainforests - laws have been passed to protect the       remaining 20% - Panama - very mountainous - Panama Canal makes the country’s economy - hundreds of millions of dollars in tolls  - 14,000 ships a year Exports: sugarcane, rice, seafood, and bananas
Isthmus - land bridge
- Republic of Cuba - largest Caribbean Island in size and population - 11.3 million people - mostly poor (still drive 1950s cars due to the 
embargo with US)
exports: tobacco, coffee, and rice
- also, Cigars (for the US, at least) due to trade embargo
government: communist

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School: Mississippi State University
Department: Geography
Course: Intro World Geography
Term: Fall 2016
Tags: geography, world, GEOG, and notes
Name: intro to World Geography - GR 1123 Week Five
Description: End of Middle America and beginning of South America
Uploaded: 09/19/2016
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