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UNT - HIST 1060 - Class Notes - Week 3

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> > > > UNT - HIST 1060 - Class Notes - Week 3

UNT - HIST 1060 - Class Notes - Week 3

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background image HIST 1060 week 3 notes Tokugawa Culture/Intellectual History Neo­Confucianism “School of Principle”­ philosophers looked externally for morality, the government preferred this school “School of Mind/Heart”­ philosophers looked inside, this philosophy encouraged taking active action for good Ancient Studies Philosophers and historians looked to the past to re­discover original philosophy and Confucianism to solve contemporary issues National Learning Japanese history was taught and thought to help current problems Dutch Learning Small group of social elites looked to European science Culture Martial Arts Samurai had no wars to fight so they developed stylized, graceful fighting forms for performance as well as for combat Kabuki Theater Started as women actors, moved to male actors, very popular amongst the common people, actors treated like celebrities Prostitution Government regulated, mostly girls sold to brothels to work off family debts, not just physical, prostitutes trained in arts and social 
background image Opening of Tokugawa Japan Intellectuals started to think about what Japan needed to do to defend itself against the West Japan began to see growing threats: Foreign pressure on Japan Russia to the North Britain to the Southeast USA to the East from the Pacific Japanese leaders unsure of how to deal with foreigners Various plans were tried and tossed out Invest in military Invest in agriculture development Invest in technology All these were tried to better withstand foreign pressures Japan saw how the Opium Wars destroyed Chinese power and were forced to re think their anti­foreigners policy Commodore Perry USA wanted to dominate naval control of Pacific and put coal stations in Japan to better access the rest of East Asia, (coal stations essential to refuel 
Harris Treaty­opened 8 ports to US trade, unfair treaty in favor of US interests, unequal negotiated terms Daimyo resisted and tried to remain isolated at first End of Tokugawa Crisis of loyalty between emperor and Shogun 1858­1868, daimyo started to put more trust in the emperor and public support swayed on a massive scale
background image Internal Power struggles Japanese economy failing gradually  Meiji emperor took over in 1867, supported by rural daimyo, shogunate system thrown out and the Emperor rules absolute Korea Catch up to 1500 not needed for exam Yi dynasty (1392­1910) Chinese Influence Tributary to Ming Renewed interest in Confucian learning (b/c of Ming) Chinese­style government Neo­Confucianism and Women Women’s rights suffered heavily under Confucianism, they could no longer inherit or own property Buddhism starts to lose popularity under Yi Korean Identity  Despite huge Chinese influence, Korea maintained its own identity Han’gul Korean language originally written using Chinese characters but finally gets its own unique written system, taught to lower classes easily Social System and Government King at the top Aristocracy­ ran the bureaucracy

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School: University of North Texas
Department: History
Course: World History 1600 to Present
Professor: Kristin Bocchine
Term: Fall 2016
Tags: history
Name: HIST 1060 week 3 notes
Description: this covers Tokugawa Japan to Safavid Persia in lecture material
Uploaded: 09/19/2016
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