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UND - CJ 341 - Study Guide - Midterm

Created by: Nicole Wolfe Elite Notetaker

Schools > University of North Dakota > Criminal Justice > CJ 341 > UND - CJ 341 - Study Guide - Midterm

UND - CJ 341 - Study Guide - Midterm

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background image Chapter 1 – Fundamental of Criminal Law and Procedure Know difference between substantive law and procedural law 3 Fundamental principles: o Constitutional supremacy
o Federalism
o Separation powers
Actus Reus (wrongful act) vs Mens Rea (criminal intent) N.D.C.C. 12.1-32-01 Criminal Law vs Civil Law Mala in se vs Mala prohibita Law in the Western World English Common Law American Criminal Law Constitutional Limitations to the Development of Criminal Law o Bill of Rights
o First Amendment
o Fourth Amendment
o Fifth Amendment
o Sixth Amendment
o Eighth Amendment
o Fourteenth Amendment
Role of courts o Trial courts
o Appellate courts
Criminal process o Due Process
o Presumption of Innocent
o Proof Beyond a Reasonable Doubt
o Causes of the “sieve effect”
Chapter 3 – Constitutional Limitations on the Prohibition of Criminal Conduct Judicial Review o Marbury v Madison Power to Enact Criminal Laws o Rule of Law
o Police Powers
o Article 1, Section 8
Enumerated Powers o Article 1, Section 8 – Necessary and Proper Clause McCulloch v Maryland (1819) United States v Lopez (1995) United States v Morrison (2000) Gonzales v Raich (2005) Delimitating the Crime of Treason o Definition of treason
o Common law
Ex Post Facto Laws
background image o Principle of legality
o 4 types of ex post facto laws
Miller v Florida (1987) o Carmell v Texas (2000) o Stogner v California (2003) Bill of Rights o First 10 Amendments to the Constitution Ratified in 1791 o Baron v Baltimore (1833) o Fourteenth Amendment – ratified 1868
o Due process clause
Freedom of Expression o Freedom of the press and freedom of speech
o Clear and present danger doctrine
o Symbolic speech
o Hate speech
o Obscenity
o Profanity
Cohen v California (1971) People v Boomer (Mich. App. 2002) City of Bismark v Schoppert, 469 N.W.2d 808 (N.D. 1991) Freedom of Assembly Free exercise of religion Right to Keep and Bear Arms o United States v Miller (1939) o DC v Heller (2008) Vagueness and Overbreadth o Fifth Amendment
o Two elements
Fair notice Fair hearing o Vagueness doctrine
o Doctrine of overbreadth
Coates v City of Cincinnati (1971) Freedom from Compulsory Self-Incrimination o Fifth Amendment The Prohibition against Cruel and Unusual Punishments o Eighth Amendment Right of Privacy o Ninth Amendment
Griswold v Connecticut (1965) o Roe v Wade (1973) o Washington v Glucksberg (1997) Equal Protection o Fourteenth Amendment Standards of Judicial Review o Rational basis test
o Strict judicial scrutiny

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School: University of North Dakota
Department: Criminal Justice
Course: Criminal Law
Professor: Kristi Venhuizen
Term: Fall 2016
Tags: Criminal Justice
Name: Study guide #1
Description: This is a study guide for the 1st test.
Uploaded: 09/19/2016
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