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LU - ENGR 270 - Class Notes - Week 3

Created by: Madison Notetaker Elite Notetaker

LU - ENGR 270 - Class Notes - Week 3

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background image ENGR 270 Week 3 Notes Tuesday, Sept. 13, 2016 An abstract: A summary Motivational – Why do we care about the issue Problem – What problem are you trying to solve? Approach Results What are implications/limitations Keywords Don’t be redundant Specific details (usually include the author’s name) Chapter 15 Reading Assignment Definitions: Describe and clarify info Allow experts and specialists to communicate with non-experts and 
Work to help solve external and rhetorical problems Eliminate limitations Kinds of definitions: o Descriptive, compare/contrast, classify, provide examples, use  visuals o Explanatory, operational (cause audience to engage), or  deliberative (to allow for audience to decide on a future course of
action)…or extended (in glossary)
Writing with the problem-solving approach: o Know your audience (sometimes speak with flowery words, other times be direct) Consider length and placement (know benefits of asking at beginning, 
middle, or end)
o Ex) don’t ask a girl to be your girlfriend the first time you meet  her Researching definitions o Could help you out in a lawsuit to clarify words
o Sometimes experiments are done to help prove definitions
Drafting definitions o To help your case either for/against something Reviewing definitions o Studying
o Leads to revision or definition and its larger document

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School: Liberty University
Department: Engineering All College
Course: Technical Communication
Professor: Tuzi
Term: Fall 2016
Name: ENGR 270 Week 3 Notes
Description: These notes cover the reading assignments and what we covered in class in Week 3.
Uploaded: 09/19/2016
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