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Chem 008 Study Guide for Midterm 1

by: Emily Ann Africa

Chem 008 Study Guide for Midterm 1 Chem 008

Marketplace > University of California - Merced > Chemistry > Chem 008 > Chem 008 Study Guide for Midterm 1
Emily Ann Africa

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About this Document

These are my notes derived from the Sample 1A Exam that Patti Posted on CatCourses. For each question, I've written down why/how the circled answer is the correct answer. All answered were checked ...
Principles of Organic Chemistry
Dr. Patti LiWang
Study Guide
Organic Chemistry, Chemistry, electrons, acids and bases, nomenclature
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This 12 page Study Guide was uploaded by Emily Ann Africa on Sunday September 18, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to Chem 008 at University of California - Merced taught by Dr. Patti LiWang in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 13 views. For similar materials see Principles of Organic Chemistry in Chemistry at University of California - Merced.


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Date Created: 09/18/16
Chem 00 g pa-\ti",~ ()j'n ~'arY) rH ~Exam lA (JhAdy GLAre( t j ') ttetden on- tt(;.\fdb Ct-cn&qn; [ HA 1 / c:tvtc! fKll;= pl-fT \O-J (n;.-] __ b,,-s,e Me, l ~'S P()lnhJ r'et' q~(tfoV\) L _ E, \toV'Jma.nv vci ence tlt dyo(\S oIot{ Oxy ~ eh h ave ? A. 2.- •• ~ , 3 t: 4- t D.6 & .w V\IhiLh of fu-e 1s-t-t.o+e vYH h CtJ-t-. -etCitYDY1\ confi'~VlYCl-C)Y\ _L A. IJl - - - 'I IsZ z.s? 2~<O 3s:Z 3p6 B. C ----'I ts Z2S2 Zp2 c. N ~ \'b 28,2 2f3 D. D - - - " IS2ZSZZp" E-. f ~ \SZ 2~22-f6 :3. f ~ 'lOLL Clrt re"adfYlg a vn-em i-rtry Ctrtctt i ~n d IT nor-eJ t~a-r{{ Ge(t11in bend hCl-l(10 n p ol-emoVVLtnt. -rVlJ p rob q)olVrn-tctf\5-., .• A. \h'u- is Cl P D\nr c,oV"al-en+bonol. Vl-Chay, -e l;. This is Cl nOn po lox (A)vCl\.enrbor, l;\ •'? 8y""""m'cal J or~ C.-r~r-e- Ovrtmore -mctth 2 t~eC1tYonJ fh(lY'e-ct inTh.tb oncl. ();{OI')1S "P. -T\r\.~i/ \lvt-d clonot- havt Ct uomptt--rt oore-t, A. sf B. Sf2 C. 8 p3 D. 8t'1" 1. H- tt-N ~. 5. c. 1+ f\ + It \ t\- !-\-(,,-c .,= G -C -0 -1 + ~ C, \ \ 1+<;ff! \1 H c «": V'JuH~:rHI H f \(.l't 7,. ~.12- W h(cn isthe V\I.e,(l\:(;tvcot? , f Ku.::; -tKCl) A. Me l'f/l/tJV\I-\<itof' lD-T pK~ ~ -lo5Llb-'I) 4:; B. ~ iVlDltc(,wIl-t<aof'w~q pl::6\-LO~ L LO ~ );;GJ G. tnDlec(;(.,wJt p~ of'-f p¥.Q~-"\ O. \V'\~Wl-c; wI .j(a.or.1.. r\(0-,.l. S. Bot"h A CH\cAt 4 LA) l' ~ -4 CC) f 9LL!rJ.. A B D CH3 H H H I ;-1 -1 ~~ ~ ~H H Cli3 i-\ t+· I H !f3e, / H 3 Clt3 H s. WhIG\'!O~ i1Ata,,\oDvN-evxyy\a,PYO~-eCttioniJ lir.-tof unJ"l,l.IoJ'tit-tJL+e..4 blA;t-a~? AI G L fOJ doI'(VYlIve+vilit 0 V\.tt ) (3 E- G J I\1g D / " Cli3('HC~\dCH 3 8~ » < . .?' )~~ bu;tOl,n..(, 6 u:ICtn,.(.f'YDrClh.e- ~Y" ;}--m{-Ih~\ bu+al'\.O, ln rl~ lJ\Xt ~wh,ich N tlf\)Y\f\proj-tCkfOQhoV\ll\~an ect(>J ~ I~ Cl-lMthvno~CA.d-(? A: ~ s-tqq-et"'e-6: S1Gl0~e<ul0~G liPH cl \D·. fctirJedIE' "to.~Jrxt-d o.n-t-\ ~ Ovu;cN "Co((,)-\1 - - - - - - - - - - - - - ~D. .A In Ftq \A.Y2. ~ h~C!h ~ t'Ylol-e--C«lir:-€hoJ'jth t \owuf p~ \lNl~Y\£tncl? ~ low ~ -en.Vlj s: YY1,-l~-ru.b\e. ~ ~-t-~~1er~ ;- ~ c<-u...c.h1,,A A; n. A What vvo~Ld iiA.~ive,n Clv(;~oh-el':a,~bD~\if.-ifitflrrpe.cti"D~ DfW,..vhai Y'CIOfoYVYllll0ni?i FigU,rf0. '~.c~ Br D C\-t3:eqU,Cton-ClWf ~ (X;)(iaurI -) 5r: ct,ltl~O{'4n=? qw-h>dCLt clDwn O M n~~r-e t· @( (~( A. D 6.1- (~,,!/ c. ?. o~ft"'-/ t). 3 8 . '\- @ A \a.. A- \-toY\! hlCAni Ify~r-D~~n~ a,rt c+ tN i illvlicaM rOSrt1on C\\"3 I --c ./ \ ~ MD~€' nvl 'fo~ J M O e& PDLA-f{ ( t-t"'RP~~ 70 ~~eA;~ i i . Wl1ic0 cc m pound hQJ tht ~h.t-Jt ~oi\\n~ fbint? • •I. ..• A: \+e.rlCCH')-t ;~::. ~ "-bon~S I M' pbl~Y enOW-1h (B j1-he~t\"ol ~.~.~:'" l.-" Mo •• AS'MMeTl?'U.L C. .1.- m t# to }(\.1 iIlern+-aru, ,//~~'- ~ J r ' t 1-....~ t' b, fen+-art-e ,~_ --"'I \-t-be:.MS Il-eA.S\~W1t X ; \ I , oSt(ofl~et ~-bbn.dJ * Recall 1he ctdt'ertnt 1M fD\'"ce~: .~ ~Pi\"b\-e-Dit'b\<e tD-D) .' van c\ev-If\!/lto..llvrJ,.W ) Y'utj::et \-\-boYlc\S ren ct t \ cHpclU Cr-eo.-te.C\frolYl :ltCtrDI"I"9o..iive Q1\)vYlS l&w:.h CL..S. ( )IN ~F). \1-boncLI: on liV\..tQ\"eo..Y\:}on ch4-ins o.Y'{' not Ov& \;)olo..v Lo..sYYYlhl.t.:m?c.a.IJ e,\S"f 'T13~ MuS1 B~ f'ot..A1< t7NDU&iI s: \N€-A~'I"1M 'foRU"S "TO ~.tCT w i tt;z.D \ ( ' W VIi c h Com f'DlA.-ncI. hCLJ -th.e ~rt4+e&1- doillbili'tll II')WQte-r-? , 1M fo~f.8S fl. 1 - OC-t-eth 0 I H.~ ~ --..., tl-bontt. V-D, v~ V\J, -TDOstrorlj Ho. In Cnem 8L Lab.11 '{ou- lrtcYifJrnlt{2-U )( 2- e-<>mpovz,nds and ci tttrmif1ett r-: r-ev-ce.nt reco v~ry~ Ad'fUVl"'l2't0lA vx-ert asr-eo -ro r-ec,rystt1i7e. o. Vl.£,W CtompDVLnct 1 CompDVtnvt '/. '1oU-f1Utyt- V\lITh 6.0 ~Vct;m.r Df ~ IWlpl;1,vt' vom po~noi I an t:ire vc> v-r 3 ( " J n:trn.r off'rb~ uc:r. A. L 3 prJ) v\J' n ~ j(,Uj -+ht melJ S ,J'h 0V\J-+h.£ Pe I'vent 'If,C,v-tY\f . LShoV\! ,(ClUtl'nrod:::). o. l3 pts) Pt-JJtA.m.~ Comr()u-nd '{ mi~ht lot mlk;-e.d IN} an Dth..e-r ccmpounoL CD YYlrC>lA,cI)& .'1 i:::.If0,nt tv 0'e..eCf 'OlA h (;te. ru,rt c"Dm r 0tA-nct V. 'iYu, m-e\i-ih~ fcin+ of CDmrD~ Y IS qq °C, and -t\'\.ern-eliiY\~ f'D\Yrt of' CbmpDlttnd r IS tb0 be. EX('laih V\lhCL-t'Iou. \f\IDuld,.ree fer 0\,Ynt--I+ln:\ ,"'Dint ;n tltU 2 ccweJ" billovV, L f>l!1.ant a..ctl.Ml1 hu....rnlOer fOran exp-ebte..d rY1'€\tl\")6pblnt"), iL 1\ CDmfDlA..nd ~ WQlfm'l>ct,d tAlI Com po!A.Vto\ 2:.', £.. Q1°(, I r-:l-S~lower: ~4°0 Itvll'lAt2-I1'IBSAL-V\lAy~ LOrJe-12 A c..DMPC>U~p/J M6l111\J6 fort-J'f.! \\'Ytfiie--i iYl1Ufut vo]-tw IMfb\'"U;~ ottli\£ PLAPe,c.o('r)fo(..V(\d \ m.a..It wler to br·e~ clown. - 4 CI \ ~ Br "\ - bI'DVhO-.l01"h.Lpt-rt.e- BI CIta CH~ GH?-Cl+~01-CH 0H3 I oH '\b-yl I ;)..,1 C \---(!~ 1,0,6 / rn-t-thyl (3) ohlD~ e-I .~ N£-t / 2 - e-h lor-o - .3- Pr-Df Y I0t--ran.£. BY' bmm....o I 1- fl+h0x'f b().~t\...t Br 18'. 'YDU,hcw-e ;?d'epo,,~ mO('f/(/u,L'tt-ha,+yeu. Ovr-ei""h fih ~ drssolve In WCt;t-et"X",Cl,hcl'l.Both of~(e vno\'evULe-J h£l,vean aDl'dic-fcvmCL~ Cl bClJic fonYl jo:« J h DV'lh betD W I ~ R- ~ v-ouf' IS 0-(on~ alky I chtU Ylj So 0n I'(t ke c.ha"V9W tb rm D-' e.,.cw(,.VYl 0 \ e,e(V\HIt{"Y'l\l"'lli\.,+t/r. * ~ , RiJc,o)l ~ ttthc~ tl"Y\-H-ClSt\bCU:,1f4 VI- P ~IX :r 1++- I~ t:IoPeJS FI'~u,yt 5. o o ~ t \'X 1/ , - - H _ fKa.:;; 4-.1 A ~+ R obi I- ~ \ \00-&c: Al L3 ptr.) FDI' molt.Ct.,Ll£ X, u Vele cdt 'that are corvete- Mort than half' of it win C\i~Jolve In liU Q ,ie r,-. 8 cct pH- oJ:D Ye"4-.1 fa r \'xII'p~a.<:. ",,YNaniVl~ it IStt; t'\.,y 1\ Q/t pH b~Jovv 1.1 ctY\lLc,lcIwh.-ith ciif{ bc..si6S:D (()i1~(t, ® at pit MW.e, 7.0 or ~H inso I"-T0 n< M O «(' ~ @ a -t ptl Q,hove" 10. ~ - - - - - - - o A Ct(/\c\\(' 'tlANCH A«ee 'tl tNSO (.6,l-EA C. Ltf rts.) rt-wnOti' p~ V'S\Vth tr-tb-etlG~ctl~ lD6-fc\c\ more oftnt>\-ewl.e'l --rh(l,-ISSD~u,b\t u>mpO\~ol Th me \Y\J'()~uJoftsrm? ~ -t,--- ~ +\11- \( H\-\3 R',Hr;). ~ (A,vill \ \oM ' C Cl\-C[J ~ pKu.~pHi (o~ ~1 L fU CH'ARQE-D ~ t I.t+A~&6-P I fCL.-LlBlE IN & bW B lh lO-l>.=pH -it03 (too) to.8 :;f H -t lO~L\Od-) \0.8 '=pH + ~ fH =:~~l '> p, lB.S ptrJ 18~r-e a rH VaA~ where \Doth -I'YlDi-eclIdX ClA'\c'fCU''e Soll,Lblt- Li.e.. e.Cloh of·th.£..rn h~J at \e.LWt lbO-fb\~ vYlbr-tint\A.e<tform +hM'1 ttu nOYl-Jo\ublt fOrm)'? \~ uv, y-{h~ \4the rtt-? \0 , t z:pit + l03 L~ too") 4,1 =- pti '1-log l~) ) , .-1-,'\ C.ClM81~ P t'of 0t3(:::~lQ-10.s ,==0 4 ,1 -~ ~ - lo~ l2;[0 0) ::0: <- I - l- ) eH tl~(::?;ICX»-ID.lS' '1.1 - ~ H - tOj l~tC)(:>:= , ~\ - ;;pI-\-.:; to, & -4 ,1 t I0 ~ L2!too) ;- Io~ (-= lOD J ~o...f>t-~ -4- 15-5 + loq(:~tO~) + ID~l~tO-a) -~ rH :: -(5 .5 + l~ ~\ + l~-~) ~ -~\' \1 ;;.-\'5 I ; + 0 pH:: (1. 15 1~ 7,15 "XU: Lv.1 + s <i( I ';).. VS.5 I'd.. L ,.15 1 ~ 7.75 ~ Mtthcq ; on\'1 won:! b it 'IO(,lQre WD\"¥-i~ ~l+h a.n Que( a,nol QIoA.Se. use Me.thod.1" eJre(.,ia\\~V'JMn V\IDY~in~ hith VVVD\ecu.\u I com.p0W1d~ +ho..+ nr-e not ne..ce..<f(CH'I,did'tihet- Qc,olfor bcue-~. YD IJ.wDrk 0,1-Q oh..erY\iw l G-Om pony (;i;noreceive a l().~-e9 or-der fby- 3) S- clifltt€,it1~I-.1-h-e.)(aYlc>L V'Jha-t IJ'rt-n.Lct-lJt.6ft +ltvt,SYYlO I~ie ? lf1tJl~~ +tc ~ ., .:----- "Z- 1" B, '10u.r bDJ'S ICt-reV ttllJ VOL+hat +he cu,JtD~!r 6£0'\ereo( ~ WYbnj yyd)1~vul'C c n of--thai-,-t 31 6ciiYVtethV Icyc-(oh-e-lCanDl. D ("au>fk.emo r+ J'tabl-efb rvr1 of-4ttV m 01~ e.. Be rure to labe-l each ~ YDUf ad cx.Xla1 or 'U{~TDnal j"r1 c..-e you-r c{V'tU01n~ w-»or cl e-CLr~ • eq(N\1'oliaA 1- aJ(icd oH rt3c H-O C(-C2 +tD


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