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UNL - LAS 101 - Class Notes - Week 1

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UNL - LAS 101 - Class Notes - Week 1

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background image Research!  ● What is sociological research?  ○ Where 
○ Why 
○ Who  
○ What 
○ How 
○ When 
Side note:generalizability is a goal of science  ● Quantitative vs Qualitative  ○ Quantitative  ■ A method that obtains information on the social world that can be  translated into numbers and then manipulated mathematically  ■ A numerical count 
■ Ex: 68% of the class is female 
○ Qualitative  ■ Methods that attempt to collect information about the social world that  can’t be readily converted into numeric form  ■ A description of a condition 
■ The state of what is being studied 
■ Ex: How are you feeling? 
● Deductive vs Inductive  ○ Deductive  ■ (1) Use a theory ​ to ​(2) Form a hypothesis​ to ​(3) Make empirical  observations ​ in order to ​(4) Analyze data​.  ■ Conflict theory, feminist theory, all theories  ○ Inductive  ■ Make  ​(1) Empirical observations​ to ​(2) Analyze data​ so we can ​(3) Form a  hypothesis ​ to finally ​(4) Develop a theory.  ■ People can replicate these newly made theories to make it stronger OR  test against it and knock it down.   ■ Not all theories last forever.  ● Many are discredited from further research  ● ***Research Model in Chapter 5 Book Notes!!!*** 

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School: University of Nebraska Lincoln
Department: Liberal Arts and Sciences
Course: Intro to Sociology 101
Professor: Gibbs
Term: Fall 2016
Tags: research methods and Introduction to Sociology
Name: Research Methods Part 1- Monday Sept. 19
Description: These are the vague notes Gibbs lectured today. Extensive book notes are also posted as Chapter 5 book notes
Uploaded: 09/19/2016
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