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Bro 350 - Class Notes - Week 2

Created by: Ryan Furness Elite Notetaker

Bro 350 - Class Notes - Week 2

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background image Introduction to Studying Media (Representation) Dr. Jennifer Fogel SUNY-Oswego 9/8/16 Transmission Model of Comm. Mass Communication 4 main characteristics: ◦ One-way flow, from sender to the receiver (or audience) ◦ Communicates from one to many (large, heterogeneous audiences) ◦ Communication is anonymous ◦ Audience seen as passive, offer little feedback Encoding/Decoding (Stuart Hall) Examines the relationship between audiences and the text Encoding is the process by which a text is constructed by its producers Decoding is the process by which the audience reads, understands and 
interprets a text
Encoding/Decoding Model The media encode ideologies into the media text Encoding/Decoding It is how media messages are produced, circulated, and consumed Hall argues that the meaning is not fixed by the sender, the message is never
clear, and the audience is not a passive recipient of meaning
Encoding/Decoding But texts are polysemic – they can be read differently by different people 
depending on their identity, cultural knowledge and opinions
Thus, audiences play an active role in reading texts and each person has the 
ability to interpret the same text differently. The text by itself has no specific 
Circuit of Communication Encoding How are messages “encoded” in to a text?

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School: SUNY College at Oswego
Department: Broadcasting
Course: Children Women and Minorities in the Media
Professor: Jennifer Fogel
Term: Fall 2016
Tags: Feminism, encoding, decoding, and masculinity
Name: The first couple weeks of the course notes
Description: These notes are what's going to be on our next exam
Uploaded: 09/19/2016
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