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USM - MUS 165 - Class Notes - Week 8

Created by: Matthew Michael Elite Notetaker

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USM - MUS 165 - Class Notes - Week 8

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background image Matthew Michael  MUS 165  Dr. Kaunitz  Melody    What Makes a good Melody?  - “Not sure.” - Aaron Copland  - while we cant define a good melody, we can make generalizations about melodies we know to 
be good, and that helps. 
  Proportions are Important  - A good melody gives a sense of “completion and inevitability.”  - Generally long and flowing, with high points and low points, with a climactic moment near 
the end. 
      Melody as a sentence.  - Natural pausing and stopping points  - Function like commas and periods in music.   Incomplete and Complete Cadences    Melodies are scales  - A scale is a predictable series of whole and half steps  - An octave decides into twelve notes  - A typical scale involves level of those notes    Consonance vs. Dissonance  - Consonance: Pleasant  - Dissonance: not ^ Beethoven     Key  - Refers to the central most important pitch of a piece of music  - If a piece is in D major, it will revolve around d. It may temporarily revolve around another 
note but it always comes back to D. 
  Modulation  - Occurs when music shifts key centers. (Key change). Often happens around Golden Mean.    - A + B is to a as a is to b. (always be my baby) 
background image   Grouping  - Your brain organizes the elements of music into phrases, movements, and whole pieces that 
can be understood as one unified thing, or analyzed layer by layer. 
- The separate elements work together to serve the musical whole.       

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School: University of Southern Mississippi
Department: Music
Course: The Enjoyment of Music
Professor: Galit Kaunitz
Term: Fall 2016
Name: MUS 165 week 4 notes
Description: Harmony, Melody, and that day we listened to spotify all day.
Uploaded: 09/19/2016
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