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MSU - CEP 4023 - Class Notes - Week 6

Created by: Maggie Kennedy Elite Notetaker

> > > > MSU - CEP 4023 - Class Notes - Week 6

MSU - CEP 4023 - Class Notes - Week 6

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background image Intro  to  counseling     Test  2  Ch  6  
background image Seriousness  of  the   Problem     •  High  levels  of  distress  generally=  longer   therapeu;c  rela;onship  (&  more  work)   •  Serverity  is  impacted  by:    -­‐Diagnosis  
 -­‐Trauma  History    
 -­‐  Sobriety    
 -­‐Ra;onality/  Ability  to  use  logic    
 -­‐Resources  available    
background image Structure   •  Structure:    -­‐A  joint  understanding  between  the  counselor  and  client  regarding   characteris;cs,  condi;ons,  procedures,  and  paameLers  of  counseling     •  The  ;me  (length  of  session,  length  of  treatment,  etc)   •  Ac;on  limits  (confiden5ality  and  excepta5ons)   •  Role  Limits    (expecta5ons  for  each  party)   •  Procedural  Limits  (how  therapy  is  going  to  look)   •  Informed  concent  and  professional  disclosure  statement  (ex  in  book)     •  Allow  clients  to  ask  ques;ons     •  Clarifica;on  of  unreasonable  expecta;ons  (1  and  done  doesn’t  work)     •  Things  oRen  get  worse  before  things  get  beLer    

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School: Mississippi State University
Department: Psychology
Course: Intro to Counseling
Professor: Chelsey Hess-Holden
Term: Fall 2016
Tags: Counseling
Name: Class Notes on Sept 19
Description: Class notes on Sept 19
Uploaded: 09/19/2016
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