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FSU - ENG 3201 - Class Notes - Week 2

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> > > > FSU - ENG 3201 - Class Notes - Week 2

FSU - ENG 3201 - Class Notes - Week 2

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Class notes 9/14
Belief vs knowledge o Belief is perception of the truth
o Knowledge is the actual truth
o Allegory of the Cave
People in the cave believe that shadows are real Person who comes out of the cave sees the sun Sun=truth/knowledge Person can see beyond belief Plato o Belief is bad knowledge
o Sophists are making people believe in bad knowledge, what is 
not actually true o Good rhetoric is not tied to persuasion It’s helping people move toward the real truth, to 
understanding real knowledge
o Bad rhetoric persuades a belief, but that belief is not what is true Dialect and Analysis o Takes idea of knowledge and marries it with Socratic method and analysis  o Socratic method-pointing out fallacies in one’s argument and  leading them to the truth through questioning Breaking something down into as many components as 
possible, but keeping track of how they are connected
o Plato -> madness Breaks it down into medical and divine madness Further breaks down divine madness o Break down ideas to reach thorough understanding

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School: Florida State University
Department: English
Course: Rhetoric
Term: Fall 2016
Name: Class notes 9/14
Description: Notes that will be quizzed
Uploaded: 09/19/2016
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