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POLS 1101 - Class Notes - SOC 1101 9-16 Lecture Notes

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> > > > POLS 1101 - Class Notes - SOC 1101 9-16 Lecture Notes

POLS 1101 - Class Notes - SOC 1101 9-16 Lecture Notes

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School: Georgia Institute of Technology - Main Campus
Department: Political Science
Course: Intro to Sociology
Professor: Amy D'Unger
Term: Fall 2016
Tags: sociology
Name: SOC 1101 9-16 Lecture Notes
Description: Socialization
Uploaded: 09/19/2016
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Unformatted text preview: “44m-.__¢__,r._u.u.-qa~w. :,4_ . -‘, ,. A d a A K“ d d d dd m d d d G Am “a ’\ d d d A; , 7 [[91 I (a; ___ “cf ‘19 LecJ-un: ‘Noi'cas ',SQC-J,'a.l,_l“8,a_h'oa ‘_ W___r....._r___%_?k,. VZCVHLW o Maip‘a. ‘9 macs malfq o Hegemomj v. Domn'an'Oi’l 0 Media» swings 0 Media eFchJ-s 0 @unporung Shrevhdfes o Monapolcj and ownership m the, med/cc O CansUmen'sm Soo'al.’3auon'. bSociaJu'anllon is how we, learn “M’- Thd Contef+ Con+8n+ 0P cuH'Ur‘e. Limu'i-S op . ‘9 Cannol- explain eye/raft:th 0.13m» Awdofmenl' Socialization and, Personalxhj 0 {3301039 Is @150 a. Component ,, 0 I; vs at CombinaJ/on 0F bmloa? and Sound mJ-eradion: *Hnad' makes lus who we. are , Thea .~.'es O p 9 Octal .’ zauon O'Ifmpori'ance, op lmH-ailron, M'an am!- Same?. 9 Me. '9 Signi?can$ 0641c; 4} mpermce groups-9 7 ?enerah'aeal curler , _. , , __ __ S+a325 OF. CD PfePa—fod‘ortj “W182 , 1-3 gear-s _Sac-'a,la'aa.l~for\ 0 no meaning aH-cdcheé +0 behanOr 0 Ch”de mimic, and )‘mt'i‘CLhS behavior 0 prafaues Ham PC)!" Fo‘e- Edema Q) m swat he] gun-y _ , _ , , _,7 oaTaJa, H142. role, OF "onr" (Kolcs misadwln o Developn? Salli u Undersl-anélng whoa-‘5 é) Games slung: (9* ‘360-1'5 0 FASCI'nuFecL L3 Hm— rules 0 “generalu'ged. comer" on the. minés on OHM,” [planna'n3 Lo play _ J Sens; 007 moralfhj —.‘._..r*_._ _ Argenl's o P j I "u..- y ‘ I H“, r..." _ .' ___... .-,.,,, I i i I 1 i 3.53 m} .T I O Famih‘egl P6415, m‘dfa, School , and. I‘D”! Sociah'anr‘on l‘?SI-a'J-uJ-Ions are gacn‘uh'zh?g agcniw a T'aFaJ .‘nsh'l-vI-u'ons Gonna! a.” Hm bodies <90 euugdmj “Fe QC. Mn‘lr'l-arcj SW08, boarding schools, prison» Shah/sand 034-04125. 0. sacral IZoleS J W “7 "V "3 POSI'HOI‘ wl'Hn'n a. Sh‘ucl-om ‘29 igl-er-mtnas where. we "p11" 0 110* a.” «sq/Wu dAscrn'beA. sl-OJgs: Assigned L0 as . 0 ?chu'ww shuns! u'n Carr Inc. earned ar‘ Chosen _ ash—1‘03 ngbol‘st Ahldl'hn'nf‘j Hud- n‘ndl'oades a. roar-Son‘S._.__s{-a.+vs. °Mas?er sFaJ-us’. Our“ mos!- S-‘gm’Fn'canl- sl-ml-vs “gh?va I'?conso‘sl-mad'. H'owing coanAJLJ-arcj gl-mbcs oSi‘aluS aanFII‘oi‘i H'awm? ska—Lucas rhod- Gonplra?. \m’H’I eat-h ofher__ cu!- JJPCcrwi- Pan'an m um: _. / -”\ a”? a”? 53'”)

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