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UA - PSY 383 - Class Notes - Week 1

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UA - PSY 383 - Class Notes - Week 1

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background image Ch. 1: What Is Health Psychology Health Psychology  Studies psychological influences on people o  How they stay healthy
o  Why the become ill
o  How they respond when they get ill
 Health: complete state of physical, mental, and social well-being  o  Wellness: optimum state of health Focus of Health Psychologists Health promotion and maintenance Prevention and treatment of illness Etiology and correlates of health, illness, and dysfunction  o Etiology: origins or causes of illness Improvement of health care systems and the formulation of health 
The Mind-Body Relationship:  A brief history Disease during prehistory  considered to arise when evil spirits 
entered the body
Humoral theory of illness  diseases resulted when the humors or 
circulating fluids of the body were out of balance
o Personality types associated with the humors Blood= passionate temperament  Black bile= sadness  Yellow bile= angry disposition  Phlegm= laid back approach to life Diseases in middle ages  god’s punishment Renaissance to present day  technical bases of medicine are 
o Dependent on laboratory findings and looked to bodily factors
o Diagnosis  organic and cellular pathology
What is Health? Traditional view of health is the biomedical model o A disease results from exposure to a pathogen
o Views health as the absence of disease
The Biomedical Model: Why is it ill-suited to understanding illness? Reduces illness to low-level processes such as disordered cells and 
chemical imbalances 
background image Fails to recognize social and psychological processes as powerful 
influences over bodily estates- assumes a mind body dualism
Emphasizes illness over health rather than focusing on behaviors that 
promote health
Model cannot address many puzzles that face practitioners: why, for 
example, if six people are exposed to a flu virus, do only three develop 
the flu
Psychosomatic Medicine Specific unconscious conflicts produce physical disturbance 
symbolizing repressed psychological conflicts 
Specific illnesses are produced by people’s internal conflicts o Linked patterns of personality to specific illnesses
o Criticism, conflict, or personality type is not sufficient to produce 
illness  Modern psychosomatic medicine investigates how emotion and health 
are interconnected
Biopsychosocial Model Health and illness are consequences of the interplay of biological, 
psychological, and social factors
Advantages: o Maintains the macro level and micro level processes continually  interact to influence health and illness Clinical Implications of the Biopsychosocial Model   Process of diagnosis can benefit from understanding the interacting 
role of biological, psychological, and social factors
Significance of the relationship between patient and practitioner is 
made clear which improves:
o Patient’s use of services
o Efficacy of treatment
o Rapidity with which illness is resolved
A Virus Doesn’t Always Lead to a Cold Sheldon Cohen’s research on colds o Participants receive a cold virus and the quarantines Not all participants develop a cold Those who do develop a cold are more likely to have had a 
stressful experience, experience fewer positive emotions, 
be less sociable, have less diverse social networks than 
who do not develop a cold

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School: University of Arizona
Department: Psychology
Course: Health Psychology
Professor: David Sbarra
Term: Fall 2016
Tags: health, Psychology, 383, Chapter, and 1
Name: CH.1 Lecture Notes (health psych)
Description: These are lecture notes on chapter 1, which will be on the exam this coming friday.
Uploaded: 09/19/2016
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