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Minnesota State University, Mankato - MASS 110 - Class Notes - Mass

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> > > > Minnesota State University, Mankato - MASS 110 - Class Notes - Mass

Minnesota State University, Mankato - MASS 110 - Class Notes - Mass

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background image Intro to Mass Media Shane Frederick, Fall 2016 Table of Contents Red:  important terms Green:  other important information Purple:  names of important people Chapter 6 (Music) The internet is changing the face of the music industry o Aspiring artists no longer need to rely on expensive publicists,  recording studios, or contacts within the industry o Artists now have more control
o Artists can also develop a more intimate relationship with their fans
Twitter Evolution of Pop Music o Pop music: any genre of music that appeals to a wide audience or  subculture o Thomas Edison  invented the  phonograph o Emile Berliner  invented the  gramophone o Opera singers were the stars of the 19 th  century o Copyright laws were strengthened in the 19 th  century o Numerous publishers began to emerge in NY in an area that came to 
be known is the 
Tin Pan Alley o Popular artists started conforming to the tastes of their intended  audience o Pop music included Vaudeville and Ragtime
o Tin Pan Alley started hiring songwriters to compose music based on 
public demand and mainstream tastes The Roaring 20’s  o Advent of electrical recording
o Rapid growth of 
radio 1920s to 1950s were considered the golden age of radio o Copyright Act of 1911 The 30’s: The Rise of Jazz and Blues o Jazz  originated in New Orleans and was primarily instrumental;  encompassed many styles including: African Rhythms Gospel Blues o King Oliver and Louis Armstrong
background image o Some bands played in Speakeasies which gave them the reputation of  being immoral o Big Band Style Contained elements of ragtime, black spirituals, blues, and 
European Music
Duke Ellington, Coleman Hawkins, and Glenn Miller Format became more structured  Swing o Blues: 12 bar musical form with call and response format between the 
singer and their guitar
Dealt with the themes of personal adversity, overcoming hard 
luck, and other emotional turmoil
Blues didn’t spread as significantly to the North; became more 
regional in certain areas
The invention of the Electrical Guitar intensified the sound and 
volume, and laid the foundation for Rock and Roll
1940’s: Technology Progresses o Reel-to-Reel tape recorder  invented o Vinyl records  could be played on the gramophone Went from 78 rpm, to 33 rpm o Frank Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald  rose in popularity among teen  listeners 1950’s:  Rock and Roll o TV invented which threatened the radio As a result the radio focused more on music Rise of shows such as the  Top 40 Payola:  illegal practice of receiving payment from a record  company for broadcasting a certain son on the radio Scandal in Cleveland Ohio o R&B Appealed to young listeners Classified as “race music” but there was a large 
Little Richard and Chuck Berry Elvis Presley Introduced the culture of Black music to white culture Blended rock and country 1960’s: Rock and Roll branches off from R&B o The British Invasion The Beatles Elements of Skiffle, Doo-Wop, and Soul Initiated the  Merseybeat  genre Appeared on the   Ed Sullivan  show The Kinks, Zombies, Animals, Herman’s Hermits, and the 
Rolling Stones

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School: Minnesota State University - Mankato
Department: Mass Media Communication
Course: Introduction to MASS Media
Professor: Shane Frederik
Term: Fall 2016
Name: Mass Media: Chapter 6 (Music)
Description: Detailed, color coded notes on Chapter 6: Music.
Uploaded: 09/19/2016
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