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marketing 340

by: shannon ueberfluss

marketing 340 Marketing 340

shannon ueberfluss

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About this Document

studyguide exam 1
into to personal selling
Ian Scharf
Study Guide
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This 3 page Study Guide was uploaded by shannon ueberfluss on Tuesday September 20, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to Marketing 340 at University of Miami taught by Ian Scharf in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 6 views. For similar materials see into to personal selling in Marketing at University of Miami.


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Date Created: 09/20/16
New vs. Continuing, Order Takers vs. Order Makers, Products vs. Services, Field vs. Inside, Consumer vs. Business Characteristics of Salespeople Characteristics of Salespeople 1. Motivated 1. __________________________________ 2. Dependable 2. __________________________________ 3. Ethical 3. ___________________________________ 4. Customer and Product Knowledge 4. ___________________________________ 5. Flexibility 5. ____________________________________ 6. Communication skills 6. ____________________________________ 7. Emotional Intelligence 7. ____________________________________  M.D.E.CPK.F.CS.EI Rewards of going into Sales Rewards of going into Sales 1. Independence 1. ________________________________ 2. Responsibility 2. ________________________________ 3. Financial 3. ________________________________ 4. Sales management 4. _________________________________  I.R.F.SM One Time Exchange—Worst relationship Functional Relationship— Attachment to vendors, also not ideal Strategic Partnership—Relationship so strong, you act like you’re on the payroll Characteristics of Good Relationship Characteristics of Good Relationship Trust ( Dependable, Competent, Customer Oriented, Honesty, Likable 1. Trust 1. __________________________ 2. Open Communication 2. _________________________ 3. Common Goals 3. __________________________ 4. Commitment to Mutual Gain 4.___________________________ 5. Organizational Support 5. __________________________ Evolution of Personal Selling—production, product, sales, marketing, partnering CASE TWO: NEW BUYER / OLD ACCOUNT Tanita Dale can teach us a lesson. She could have avoided the issues if her loyalty was not only to the people who were not reelected, she should have been loyal to the district all along. When you are in business for 100 years you should have a great relationship with your community and the players in the industry. CASE THREE: ONE TOO MANY In this case we can learn that you must be ethical. It is wrong to go back on your word and especially a contract. Your reputation is based on your business practices. Ethical Issues in Selling Ethical Issues in Selling 1. Deception and omission 1.______________________________ 2. Bribes, gifts, entertainment 2.______________________________ 3. Special treatment 3. _____________________________ 4. Confidential information 4.______________________________ 5. Back door selling 5._______________________________ RELATIONSHIPS WITH YOUR COMPANY Forging an Expense Account Reporting work time activities and time sheets Switching jobs RELATIONSHIP WITH COLLEAGUES Sexual Harrassment Taking advantage of other salespeople RELATIONSHIP WITH COMPETITORS Respect competition, admire them No company has all the best ideas You focus on what you can do, as opposed to what they cannot do Everyone works with everyone before it is over, do not burn bridges or else those roads will close to you Ethical VIDEO TRILOGY Referring to someone with their last name is either a deep sign of respect, or anger! Scott also lies about when he can get the shipment to appear better… (Dumping inventory) Ron is the retailer and Bill is one of the best salesmen. Bill does not feel comfortable selling the model that is soon to be obsolete and omitting the truth about the new laser toys. (married couple) Mary sells the ad space. She doesn’t want to sell to the fur company. Her option: find a person you work with to handle the company ad so you don’t feel any guilt. Derived versus Direct Demand Businesses usually sell on derived demand Consumers buy on direct demand How do you sell tires? You need to know about the demand of cars..Derived?


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