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PSYC 1300 Short Answer Study Guide

by: Julian Quesada

PSYC 1300 Short Answer Study Guide PSYC 1300

Marketplace > University of Houston > PSYC 1300 > PSYC 1300 Short Answer Study Guide
Julian Quesada

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About this Document

This study guide covers the short answer part of the psychology test that we have 9/23. I will upload the chapter questions soon.
Intro to Psychology
Dr. Herb W Agan
Study Guide
Psychology, Intro to Psychology, 1300
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This 3 page Study Guide was uploaded by Julian Quesada on Tuesday September 20, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to PSYC 1300 at University of Houston taught by Dr. Herb W Agan in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 160 views.

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Date Created: 09/20/16
PSYC 1300 TEST 1 These answers are for the short answer part of the test. Short Answer Questions 1. What are Max Weber's 3 Sources of Authority a. Traditional Authority: customs, inherited ways, precedents, what's been done, Divine Rights, Royalty i. Provides: 1. Roots, stability 2. Eternal truths 3. Religious foundations for civilizations 4. Father might is father right b. Rational Authority: Authority by law, by rational thinkinjg codes and ethics. Laws and reasons i. Using our mental processes and coming together ii. Study of things, scientific method, research, methodology c. Charismatic Authority: That which comes from within, a hunch, an intuition. Comes from experience i. Nonrational Analogy = against logic ii. The unconscious as a source of authority iii. Numinous: to wink - charismatic authority 1. Numinous experiences have authority 2. List and explain the 4 goals of psychology as a science with examples a. To describe what is happening b. To explain what is happening c. To predict when it is happening d. To control or influence behavior in order to make a more desirable outcome 3. Is it nature or nurture that defines a person and behavior, list the factors of each and defend your position? a. Nature: i. DNA (Body type, genetics, height, hair color, skin tone, handedness) ii. Personality traits (introversion, extroversion) iii. Personal choice (volition of will) iv. Mystery Unknown (soul's intent, uniqueness) b. Nurture i. Parents (caregivers, teachers) ii. Outside elements (air, water, noise, war, climate, etc) iii. Media (tv, phone, computers, internet) iv. Money (too much/too little) v. Peers (friends, others) vi. Education 4. How does the ego grow? a. By satisfying needs i. Food, clothing, shelter, trust b. Stimulation awakens i. Consciousness: "tells the ego it is" ii. Stimulated through: reading, exploring, experiencing new things, creative play 1. This all creates inner validation c. Approval i. Sense of belonging & acceptance ii. Approval builds confidence (sense of self trust) 5. What are the 4 maxims of Erikson's Stage Development? a. A crisis occurs when the inner need and the environment make certain demands on the individual b. The crisis involves a marked shift in perspective for the individual c. It is a time of vulnerability as well as the development of new strengths d. At each stage the individual is confronted with 2 ways of coping. One way is maladaptive and the other way is adaptive and fulfilling


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