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Plant Walk 1 Notes---Lab

by: Bella Notetaker

Plant Walk 1 Notes---Lab HRT 211

Marketplace > Murray State University > Horticulture > HRT 211 > Plant Walk 1 Notes Lab
Bella Notetaker

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About this Document

These are notes with images of the plants we have seen in the lab walks. Genus, species, and common names are mentioned. The Genus are separated by color coding and by symbolism to remind us of the...
Landscape Plants I
Tom Fernandez
Study Guide
plant, identification, Perrenials
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This 29 page Study Guide was uploaded by Bella Notetaker on Wednesday September 21, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to HRT 211 at Murray State University taught by Tom Fernandez in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 7 views. For similar materials see Landscape Plants I in Horticulture at Murray State University.


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Date Created: 09/21/16
Plant Walk 1 By Bella Notetaker (note- I do not own the pictures of the plants in the following notes. They are from university and nursery websites) Helpful Symbol Key for the Visual Learner : (These can help you remember the name of a certain species of plants. I know they help me.) Color Coding by Genus part 1 Genus: Color: Ageratina--- Grey Coreopsis--- Yellow/brown Phlox--- Dark Red Hibiscus--- Magenta Lobelia— Purple Boltonia--- Light Green Eryngium— Dark Blue Salvia--- Olive Green Veronia--- Orange Chelone--- Hot Pink Platycodon--- Blue Color Coding by Genus part 2 Genus Color Persicaria--- Light Orange Campanula--- Blue Green Achillea--- Green/Gray Sanguisorba--- Light Pink Pysostergia--- Black Anaphalis--- Brown Liatris--- Lavender Asclepias--- Coral Ageratina altissima “White Snakeroot” Coreopsis vericillata “Threadleaf Coreopsis” Phlox paniculata “Garden Phlox” Hibiscus x “Hardy Hibiscus” Lobelia xspeciosa “Hybrid Lobelia” Boltonia asteroides “White Boltonia, False Aster” Eryngium planum “Flat Eryngium (Sea Holly)” Salvia xsylvestris “Wood Sage or Hybrid Sage” Veronia spicata “Speedwell” Chelone Lyonii “Pink Turtle-Head” Platycodon glaniflorus “Balloon Flower” Phlox subulata “Creeping Phlox, Moss Phlox” Persicaria polymorpha “Giant Fleeceflower” Campanula persicifolia “Peachleaf Bellflower” Lobelia siphilitica “Big Blue Lobelia” Achillea x “Hybrid Yellow” Sanguisorba obtusa “Japanese Burrnet” Pysostergia virginiana “Obedient Plant” Coreopsis pubescens “Star Tickseed” Veronia lettermannii “Ironweed” Anaphalis margaritacea “Pearly Everlast” Liatris microcephala “Dwarf Blazing Star , Button Snake Root” Asclepias tuberosa “Butterfly Weed” Lobelia cardinalis “Cardinal Flower” Liatris spicata “Blazing Sta, Gayfeather”


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