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History 1311 Study guide

by: Francisco Soto

History 1311 Study guide 1311-002

Francisco Soto

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About this Document

These are the topics and main points that will appear in the Exam
Rufki Salihi
Study Guide
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This 3 page Study Guide was uploaded by Francisco Soto on Wednesday September 21, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to 1311-002 at University of Texas at Arlington taught by Rufki Salihi in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 89 views. For similar materials see history in History at University of Texas at Arlington.


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Date Created: 09/21/16
Wednesday 9.21.16 History Notes 82e Scan Tron needed Dieses main reason of death of Indians. Who administer Spanish colonies were people from Spain. Inca and Aztec civilizations were very sophisticated civilizations. Natives had contacts and had trade networks with complex relations. Pueblo Indians lived in the south. Europeans thought it was right to take American lands because they saw that people were inferior and that the lands weren’t used right. Colombian exchange was brought over from the Old World to the New World, exchange dieses merchandise and more. Spanish empire became bigger than other empires. Martin Luther was German and developed the Protestant church. French and Dutch relations became greater because the Dutch were tolerant religiously, and the French had small numbers so both wanted better relations with Indians. Spanish interactions with Indians about marriage was mixed, but in the English empire it wasn’t accepted. Servants did all the labor before slaves. It wasn’t successful because not much of the work could be done. James Town wasn’t successful at first, they worked in really harsh conditions. Head Right system, is that you bring people so they can work in the land as servants and grant them their passage. Labor wasn´t organized, Britain became more engaged there to give more support in a larger scale. Tobacco was the gold at that time, gave many profits. Puritans came from Holland, they didn’t stayed there because they wanted to become an example against the British, but also they were afraid that they would going to use English culture. They wanted to preserve their culture. Puritan families had their family structure as the woman that had to housekeep and serve their husbands and to raise children. An example of a Puritan woman was Ann Hutcherson. She believed that men and women could be equal. She got exiled. Oliver Cromwell. Dutch were a strong nation, they were power housing trade. They were a small country with small strong armies. The colony with less issues with Indians was the Selene, this because of the Quakers. Mercantilism it was based on trade, but that the government should interfere with trade to regulate it and favor it. Carolina was established by Barbados, they had limited amount of land because of the sugar crops so they went to Carolina and found rise. William Penn acquired Pennsylvania because it was given to him by the king. The king had to be in good relations with the merchants to bring a better economy to England. Bacon was an elite planter, he wanted more land, more money, and to extend his belongings. He had the support of many Servants because they were hoping that they would have some of his land. Glorious Revolution, the British hated that the king was Catholic, and his son was also Catholic. Different groups like the Scott Irish came from Ireland, they all had families, and they were skilled workers, which made them different from the others. Enlightenment they used science to explain every situation that occurred in life. This led to an awakening. Slaves from Africa came from the West Coast of Africa, they were significant in the economy because they were strong, they resisted more labor, and they were easily obtainable. Benjamin Franklin was a very famous Enlightenment figure. Chesapeake had huge plantations and was way more advanced than in New York. Slaves resisted in many ways, but the most effective was rebellions. English politics were corrupted. John Locke believed in Democracy. He believed that people should choose their rulers, and that there was a contract. Colonial Assemblies became very powerful and they were left to do so because the British policies said that as long they didn’t affect them then they were allowed to have such power. Freedom of press.


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