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ERIE COMMUNITY COLLEGE / Biology / BIOL 169 / What are examples of peripheries?

What are examples of peripheries?

What are examples of peripheries?


School: Erie Community College
Department: Biology
Course: Nurtition 169-OI-BI
Professor: Goldberg
Term: Fall 2016
Tags: nutrition
Cost: 25
Name: week 1-5
Description: These notes cover whats on the exam
Uploaded: 09/22/2016
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The Omnivore’s Solution

Avoid food products that carry health claims

Some food companies are putting out there that if you should buy products that are sold it will help your health. Cereal for example

They try to sell cereal that has high fiber, but in order to get fiber you need sugar, not good for you

Shop the peripheries of the super - market: stay out of the middle

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Peripheries = fresh fruit, veggies, meat, dairy, eggs included and beer. Approach on how to shop, you’re better off sometimes shopping for “real food” on the low outside. In the middle of the store there are cans, boxes, and processed foods. Most supermarkets are layed out this wayWe also discuss several other topics like What is the unit of life that transmit genetic information?

Better yet but food somewhere else

The farmers market or CSA

What does CSA mean? Community Supported Agriculture = you buy a share in a produce of a farm. You are getting foods that are in season and fresh. It goes from fall to springWe also discuss several other topics like grtep

The idea is to buy your food from your farmers market directly

Eat real food. Found at farmers market or sometimes found at you local supermarket

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Pay more, eat less

Why would you want to pay more for food? What kind of food? Organic food. Just organic foods? NoDon't forget about the age old question of the sum of the social categories and concepts we embrace in addition to beliefs, behaviors (except instinctual ones), and practices; everything but the natural environment around us.

(families can’t afford real organic food so when fast food came out w/ new special low price mark. Pay more for not just food but real food) you spend less money because of poverty you will get a poor diet. If you buy real food, you get a better diet. What about eating less?

For fast food places if you paid just a little bit more but still cheap then you can not just get one big mac but you can get 2 big mac’s pay more to get a better qualityDon't forget about the age old question of elite face

Eat a wide diversity of species.

Eat more fish unread of meat. You can eat more of other animals and you can get more nutrients in your diet.

Example if a cow eats corn it’s not organic. It’s called feedlot. It’s artificial, it deprives them and their health and they get antibodies. Eat animals that eat grass or their natural diet. Even if some foods not labeled as organic can still be organic. Farmers sometimes don’t have enough money to go through the process to make it officially organic

We are limiting the amount of fish that we sell. They are restricted because we want to restock the fishing ocean. So what are we doing? We are self farming fish to create our own with poor diet

Look and if you can , grow some of your own food

Most common that a lot of people are eating out. It’s very much a trend. What’s the problem? Why should we cook? Does it make a difference? There can be more fat, salt, etc… and make it less healthful and have an effect on our diet and weight so we should cook, most food if you're out eating might be salty but we can’t tell but if you start cooking and make your own food you can taste and tell the difference. Grow your own food; if you grow your own food when you eat out you can taste the difference, plus when you eat it there will be less chemical. Because some other places spray chemical in the food to keep animal, insects an / or help the growth of the food

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