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HY 314 Study Guide Exam 1

by: Victoria Miller

HY 314 Study Guide Exam 1 HY 314

Marketplace > University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa > History > HY 314 > HY 314 Study Guide Exam 1
Victoria Miller

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About this Document

Here's a brief study guide that summarizes everything Kevin talked about that could possibly be on the exam Monday. Happy Studying!
Coming of the Civil War
Dr. Lawrence Kohl
Study Guide
history, andrew jackson, civilwar
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This 3 page Study Guide was uploaded by Victoria Miller on Thursday September 22, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to HY 314 at University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa taught by Dr. Lawrence Kohl in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 16 views. For similar materials see Coming of the Civil War in History at University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa.


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Date Created: 09/22/16
Midterm 1 Study Guide Remember, when it comes to grading, make an argument on your essay, don’t just state facts.  Big movements of the period o Banks o Tarif o Political parties o Slavery o Indian Removal o Internal improvements  Political Parties o 1816, one party, Democratic Republicans  Starts to factionalize nd o 2 Party System  Democrats and Whigs  Go over their diferent view of policy and man  Dems: hate anything institutional (leave me alone!)  Hate big government  Andrew Jackson! (and Van Buren) o Maysville Road veto o Indian Removal o Killed the BUS o Nullification crisis  Force Bill  Whigs: government can help people to do great things  Government can actually make people more free and more equal  Henry Clay  American System  Internal improvements  Win just once o William Henry Harrison  Slavery o Nat Turner’s Rebellion  Consequence was that it made slave codes a lot stricter; it was now illegal to educate slaves/teach them to read o Missouri Compromise o Gag Rule  Wouldn’t talk about petitions about slavery in the House.  North/Whigs didn’t like it because the right to petition must be protected o Nullification crisis about sovereignty and state’s rights  South Carolina tested it with the Tarif but it was really a test to see if this was a viable option in defending the institution of slavery against a hypothetical federal law against it  Era of Good Feelings o Monroe o Only 1 political party: Democratic Republicans o End of War of 1812  learn we need government and can’t go on living in a purely agrarian nation like Jeferson had invisioned o Period of active government th o 1ndCongress o 2 National Bank  Was it constitutional? o Tarif of 1816  1 protective tarif in our nation’s history  to protect industry  Constitutional? o Internal improvements  National/Cumberland Road  Are they Constitutional or nah? o This is where the party starts to split  National Republicans and Democrats o John Quincy Adams  tries to perpetuate Era  Corrupt bargain  Divides party even further because of how popular Jackson was and people felt he got screwed  Andrew Jackson and Banks o What did Jackson do and what were the consequences? o Don’t trust banks  Because didn’t trust foreign investors o It’s corrupt and too powerful o Takes advantage of the common man o National Republicans like it: why?  Creates economic stability  Place to put tax receipts  Regulates smaller banks o Kills/vetoes the bank  Jackson’s veto message  Sets up pet banks o Pays of national debt with Specie Reform  Kills paper money so speculators can’t use it o Panic of 1837 & 1839  Van Buren  Indian Removal o Opens up Southwest for white settlers o Kills lots of Native Americans o Reinvigorates slavery because it’s not doing well in Chesapeake region, gives those slaves more value now that slavery can be expanded westward to farm cotton  Missouri Compromise o Missouri wanted to come in a slave state  Tallmadge Amendment suggested gradual emancipation  South doesn’t want to give up balance in the Senate o Maine comes in as a free state, and Missouri as a slave state o Anything that comes in future will be either free or slave depending on its geographic location to the 36’30 line  Cotton is King o Reinvigorates slavery o Southern economy explodes but doesn’t diversify or industrialize  Transportation Revolution o Roads, canals, railroads, steamboats o Opens up the west o Makes New York City a huge financial hub o Makes the US a viable trading partner  Communications revolution o Sped up distribution  Helps voting  Democrats  Amos Kendall


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