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Spanish Study Guide for Exam 1

by: Aerion Nelson

Spanish Study Guide for Exam 1 SPAN 1410

Marketplace > Texas State University > Spanish > SPAN 1410 > Spanish Study Guide for Exam 1
Aerion Nelson
Texas State

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About this Document

Sorry there are no accents on the words. i do not have that option on my keyboard. Good luck on Exam 1
Emily Doris Harrington
Study Guide
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This 9 page Study Guide was uploaded by Aerion Nelson on Friday September 23, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to SPAN 1410 at Texas State University taught by Emily Doris Harrington in Winter 2016. Since its upload, it has received 6 views. For similar materials see BEGINNING SPAN I in Spanish at Texas State University.


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Date Created: 09/23/16
Spanish 1 Study Guide  Know your alphabet  Know your numbers 0-100  Numbers 16-29 are smooshed together (ex. Veintiuno, diecisiete)  Uno becomes un when you're not counting (ex. Un libro , una mesa , veintiuna profesoras)  Know the months of the year (ex. Deciembre, octubre)  Know the seasons ( el invierno , la primavera, el verano y el otono ( otono has an talide over the n) Adjectivos Aburrido-bored Barato-cheap Bueno- good Caro- expensive Extrovertido- outgoing Fascinante- fascinating Grande- big Inteligente- intelligent Interesante- interesting Malo- bad Pequeno- small Simpatico- nice Timido- shy Trabajador- hard working Basic verbs Necesitar – to need Ser- to be Tener- to have Vocabulario La computadora – computer / la computadora portatil – laptop El marcardor – marker La pluma/ el boligrafo – pen El libro – book La mochila- backpack El diccionario – dictionary El lapiz – pencil El cuaderno – notebook La mesa – table La silla – chair El mapa- map El reloj- clock La puerta- door La ventana- window El telefono celular/ movil – cellphone La pizarra- board La tiza- chalk La calculadora- calculator El papel – paper La tarea – homework El examen- exam Los colores Rojo- red Anaranjado- orange Amarillo- yellow Verde- green Azul- blue Morado – purple Rosado- pink Blanco- white Negro- black Color café- brown Gris- gray Claro- light Oscuro- dark  Know the femine, masculine, singular , and plural forms of nouns ( ex. El lapiz, lapiz is masculine singular, Los lapices , lapiz is now masculine plural, La mesa, mesa is feminine singular, Las mesas, mesa is now feminine plural  Adjectives change depending on what you're describing ( Ex. the red pencil , el lapiz rojo versus the red table, la mesa roja) ( the red pencils , los lapices rojos , the red tables, las mesas rojas) Question Words Que- what Quien/Quienes- who Cual/Cuales- which Cuantos/ Cuantas- how many Cuando- when Como- how Por Que- why Cuanto- Cuanta- how much Donde / Adonde – where La descripcion Bajo- short Alto- tall Bonito- beautiful Feo- uglly Delgado/flaco- skinny/thin Gordo- fat Guapo- good looking Rubio- light skin, light hair Moreno- dark skin, dark hair Joven- young Viejo- old Pelo cort- short hair Pelo largo- long hair Pelo rizado- curly hair Pelo liso- straight hair Atletico-atheltic Antipatico- mean Viejo- old Nuevo- new Ignorante- ignorant Perezoso- lazy Pobre- poor Rico- rich Serio- serious Comico- funny La barba- beard El bigote- mustache Pelo canoso- gray hair Pelirrojo- red head El pelo/ el cabello- hair Las cejas- eyebrows Los ojos- eyes La nariz- nose Los labios- lips Las orejas- ears Las mejillas- cheeks La boca –mouth Los dientes- teeth  Know how to conjugate ser and tener (ex. Yo soy , nostoros somos, yo tengo, nosotros tenemos)  Remember the cognates, or words that are similar to English ( ex. Flexible, sincero, terrible)  Know how to tell time ( use son las for any time other 1 and es la for 1)( use menos for minutes from 31-59) Mas vocabulario Abrir- to open Asistir a – to attend Aprender- to learn Ayudar- to help Bailar- to dance Beber- to drink Buscar- to search for Caminar- to walk Comer- to eat Comprar- to buy Comprender- to understand Conversar- to conversate Creer- to think , to believe Decidir- to decide Ensenar- to teach Escribr- to write Escuchar- to hear Estudiar- to study Hablar- to speak Leer- to read Llegar- to arrive Mirar- to look Nadar- to swim Practicar- to practice Preparar- to prepare Recibir –to receive Regresar- to return Tomar- to take Trabajar- to work Viajar- to vacation Vender- to sell Cantar- to sing Ver- to see Tocar- to touch/ to play Vivir- to live  Know how to conjugate the verbs ir verbs, ar verbs, and er verbs( ex. Yo habla espanol, nosotros hablamos espanol)


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