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What are algorithms?

What are algorithms?


School: Lehigh University
Department: Computer Science and Engineering
Course: Design and Analysis of Algorithms
Professor: Professor korth
Term: Fall 2016
Tags: InsertionSort, Time_Complexity, and Correctness_Proof
Cost: 25
Name: CSE 340, Week 1
Description: Lecture Note - 8/30/2016 Contents include: insertionSort algorithm, proofs of correctness (Init., Main., Term.), and time complexity terminologies.
Uploaded: 09/24/2016
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CSE 340 Lecture 1We also discuss several other topics like What is the conversion of light energy to electrical to chemical energy?


  • Formal connectedness
  • Scalability (run times of f(n))

Input: sequence of n numbers <a1, a2, ...a3>If you want to learn more check out What is a gibbs free energy?

Output: a permutations of <a1, a2, ...an>We also discuss several other topics like What are the four different eras of marketing?

        <a1’, a2’, ...an’> so that a1’ <a2’ <a3’

Don't forget about the age old question of In what part of the old testament did Jesus had a reluctance to reveal his identity?

Insertion sort (A)                                cost                number of times

For j = 2 to A. length                                C1                nDon't forget about the age old question of What do you mean by a covalent bond?

K = a[j]                                        C2                n - 1Don't forget about the age old question of the ethics of belief

I = j - 1                                                C4                n - 1

While i > 0 and A[j] > K                        C5                j = 2 tj

A[i+1] = A[i]                                        C6                j = 2 (tj - 1)

I --                                                                j = 2

A[i + i7 = k                                        C8                n -1

T(n) = C1n+C2(n - 1) + C (n+)+ …+ CBcn -1

Best case: C1n1+(2+CB)(n-1)+C5

Worst case: j = 2 =


Initialisation: true before 1rst iteration

Maintenance: true before an iteration then true after. That

Termination: keep terminates when it does show that the invariant show correctness

A[1...j-1] consists of elements originally in A[1...j-1]

But on sorted order

Initialization: j = 2

Maintenance: invariant holds from j = n → holds for j = n + 1

A[1, ...n - 1] is sorted

The while shifts A such that

A[i...x - 1] holds values < k

A[x + 1...n] holds value > k

And k is placed in A[x]


J = A. length + 1 so A[i...A. length] is sorted and a permutation of the original


O(f(n)) upper bound worst case

(f(n)) lower bound at least as fast

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