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by: Hertis Mcclanahan

Exam__1_Study_Guide.pdf Ccj 370/pols 370

Hertis Mcclanahan
GPA 2.1

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About this Document

terrorism and counter-terrorism
Terrorism & counter terrorism
Bryan Bubolz
Study Guide
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This 2 page Study Guide was uploaded by Hertis Mcclanahan on Saturday September 24, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to Ccj 370/pols 370 at Southern Illinois University Carbondale taught by Bryan Bubolz in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 46 views.


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Date Created: 09/24/16
PAGE 1 of 2 CCJ/POLS 370 – Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism Chapter 3 Exam #1 Study Guide. -Social Movements The exam may cover anything discussed, shown, or -Dramatic Events assigned since the previous exam. This study guide -Structural Theory outlines Chapters 1 - 5 -Relative Deprivation Theory and 3 Shortcomings -Sociological, Criminological, and Psychological Chapter 1 explanations of terrorism -Relative deprivation and absolute deprivation -The ideology of Al-Qaida -Principal/Key component of differential association -What is extremism? theory (as described in class lecture) -Why is extremism important for understanding -Differential association theory – 4 factors that terrorism? explain the adoption of meanings (as explained in -Symbolism and terrorism class lecture) -Importance of style and content - Women as terrorists -Issues with defining terrorism -Routine activity/activities theory -Common justifications for terrorism -Moral convictions of terrorists -Old terrorism/traditional terrorism -Simplified definitions of good and evil -New Terrorism - Seeking utopia and radical leftists and reactionary -Ancient world and terrorism/terrorism in history rightists -Guy Fawkes and his actions -Nihilist dissidents Luddites and People’s Will -Codes of self-sacrifice -Jus ad bellum and jus in bello -Bushi -mala prohibita and mala in se -What does Mujahideen mean? -Just war doctrine -Regicide Chapter 4 -tyrranicide -Theodore “Ted” Kaczynski -Paradigm and paradigm shifts -Ramzi Yousef -State sponsors of terrorism -State Enablers of terrorism Chapter 2 -State Cooperators in counter-terrorism efforts -Extremism and terrorism -Terrorist Proxies -Differences between hate crime and terrorism - State patronage for terrorism (broadly speaking as -Quote about freedom fighter and terrorist well as in domestic and in foreign policy) -Primary feature of all terrorist behavior -State assistance for terrorism (broadly speaking as -The common characteristics of violent extremists well as in domestic and in foreign policy) -Degree of consensus on defining terrorism -Know what happened during the Iran-Contra -Guerilla Warfare scandal -Bruce Hoffman’s definition of terrorism -Politically sympathetic sponsorship - Common features of most formal definitions of -Logistically supportive sponsorship terrorism - Episode-Specific sponsorship -Definitions of terrorism in the United States -Joint operations - United States designation of suspected terrorists as -Definitions of democracy, authoritarianism, prisoners or war (or lack thereof) totalitarianism, and crazy states -Types of terrorism -Vigilante state terrorism - Participants in a terrorist environment -Official state terrorism, Overt official state -Propaganda by deed terrorism, and Covert official state terrorism -Combatants and non-combatants -Social cleaning and ethnic cleansing -Indiscriminate force and discriminate force -The year genocide became a crime under international law MORE ON NEXT PAGE PAGE 2 of 2 Chapter 4 (Continued) -Definition of genocide -Definition of auto-genocide -Genocidal state terrorism -Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International Chapter 5 -Dissident terrorism -Frequently cited grievances that explain why non- state actors resort to political violence. -Insurgent terrorism -Comprehensive definition of nonstate domestic terrorism and five conditions in which its conducted -Revolutionary dissident terrorism -Nihilist dissident terrorism/Nihilists -Nationalist dissident terrorism -Anti state dissident terrorism -Chechen terrorism in Russia -Palestinian Liberation Organization/Al Fatah/Yasir Arafat -HAMAS -Abu Nidal Organization (ANO) -Communal terrorism -Ethnonationalist communal terrorism -Religious communal terrorism/Sectarian violence -Terrorism in Northern Ireland/Irish Republican Army (IRA) -Ideological communal terrorism -Terrorist cell -Child soldiers -The lone wolf model/lone actor terrorism -Richard C. Reid


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