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Research Test 1 Review Material

by: Robbi Flack

Research Test 1 Review Material MARK 30113

Marketplace > Texas Christian University > Marketing > MARK 30113 > Research Test 1 Review Material
Robbi Flack

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About this Document

Notes to review for the test.
Marketing Research
Dr. Kleiser
Study Guide
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This 17 page Study Guide was uploaded by Robbi Flack on Saturday September 24, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to MARK 30113 at Texas Christian University taught by Dr. Kleiser in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 49 views. For similar materials see Marketing Research in Marketing at Texas Christian University.

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Date Created: 09/24/16
Lecture 9/22 Focus Groups • need a moderator - has to be trained • types: ◦ exploratory - typically done when trying to explore a new concept, product ◦ clinical - not done as much in marketing - tap into subconscious motivations using psychological techniques ◦ experience - when product is already in existence, getting feedback on product, how they’re using it baking soda • advantages ◦ clients like them - see first hand what customers are saying ◦ have good interaction with people in the room ◦ relatively quick to do compare to other techniques ◦ lower cost • disadvantages ◦ some people might not show up ◦ possible group pressure (group think) - could have a “bully” in the room • ranch video focus group ◦ incentive to get the money may sway what people say ◦ moderator biasing - shouldn’t have this in the room Online focus groups • people sitting “together” - can do video conferencing • can’t see people’s body movements and reactions • do this if you don’t have ability to get people from you target market all together at one time - ex. doctors • how do you express true emotions when typing things • easier and more flexible Depth Interviews • qualitative technique • basically an individual focus group • moderator and person • much shorter - last about 30 minutes • clients don’t freak out about this as much • do this when online interview isn’t available but still want to talk to people in the target market • maryl lynch - talking to CEOs of fortune 100 companies ◦ “a breed of heart” - slogan to show they’re going after high end clientele • advantages ◦ no group pressure or bully ◦ people highly involved ◦ discussion can be more flexible ◦ can be more yourself • disadvantages ◦ some people don’t want to talk about the same thing for that long ◦ can’t talk to as many people ◦ dynamic with one person could be of ◦ moderator has to talk to so many people - get tired ◦ clients not nearly as impressed by this technique Projective Techniques • interesting way to tap into people’s thoughts when they can’t really tell you how they feel • get respondents to tell us true feelings by projecting them onto another situation • advantages ◦ get people to give real answer through diferent means ◦ may uncover unconscious thoughts on something • disadvantages ◦ had to find good interviewers and interpreters of results ◦ going to cost a lot • types: ◦ association techniques word association - give you a product, pick a word that goes with it ◦ completion techniques sentence completion story completion - finish a story about something ◦ construction techniques picture response - finish a picture or thoughts on a picture cartoon tests - fill in conversation on a cartoon ◦ expressive techniques projective technique - two brands and associate people that use them third person - asking if you know anybody who’s done something ◦ other photo sorts - have people make association between a brand and type of person


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