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History 201 Test 1 Study Guide

by: Corri Chanel Oliver

History 201 Test 1 Study Guide History 201

Marketplace > The University of Tennessee - Martin > History > History 201 > History 201 Test 1 Study Guide
Corri Chanel Oliver

GPA 3.42

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About this Document

This study guide has the terms and essay questions for the History 201 Test 1
History of United States through 1877
Renee LaFleur
Study Guide
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This 2 page Study Guide was uploaded by Corri Chanel Oliver on Sunday September 25, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to History 201 at The University of Tennessee - Martin taught by Renee LaFleur in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 8 views. For similar materials see History of United States through 1877 in History at The University of Tennessee - Martin.


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Date Created: 09/25/16
Exam 1 Term list and Essay Questions Burial mounds Bacon’s Rebellion Cahokia Dominion of New England Eastern Woodlands peoples Glorious Revolution conquistadores Salutary neglect Columbus Salem Witchcraft Columbian Exchange Scot-Irish Spanish colonization German immigrants Encomienda Atlantic World Pope’s Rebellion Enlightenment, Age of Reason New Mexico Benjamin Franklin French colonization Natural rights Dutch colonization Deism Jamestown Great Awakening Virginia Company Jonathan Edwards Joint-stock companies George Whitefield John Smith New Lights/Old Lights Tobacco Civic virtue Powhatan Confederacy Albany Plan of Union Maryland Seven Years War Pilgrims Treaty of Paris, 1763 Mayflower Compact Pontiac’s Rebellion Puritans Parliamentary Sovereignty Massachusetts Bay Company Power of assemblies John Winthrop Virtual representation Separatists Actual Representation Roger Williams Proclamation (Line) of 1763 Anne Hutchinson Sugar Act Pequot War Stamp Act John Eliot Stamp Act Congress Quakers Mob actions Pennsylvania Sons of Liberty The Carolinas Daughters of Liberty Georgia Boycotts James Oglethorpe Declaratory Act Headright Townshend Acts Iroquois League Boston Massacre Middle Passage Committees of Correspondence King Philip’s War Tea Act New England family Boston Tea Party Coverture Coercion or Intolerable Acts Death rate Lexington and Concord Birth rate George Washington Staple crops Prohibitory Act Indentured servant Hessians Race based slavery Thomas Paine, Common Sense Triangular Trade Declaration of Independence Stono Rebellion Patriots African American culture Loyalists Mercantilism Neutrals Navigation Act, 1660 Hessians Exam 1 Term list and Essay Questions Battle of Saratoga Republicanism Battle of Trenton and Princeton Virginia Statute of Religious Freedom Alliance with France State constitutions Battle of Yorktown Republican Motherhood Treaty of Paris Articles of Confederation Essay Questions A. How did the Enlightenment, Great Awakening, a tradition of self-governance, and civic virtue lead colonists to support independence from Great Britain? B. In what ways did the settlement patterns, family life, population growth, and so forth differ in the Massachusetts Bay (New England) and the Chesapeake Bay (Virginia) colonies? What factors might account for these differences?


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