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ANSC 221 Nutrition Exam 1 Study Guide

by: Elizabeth Notetaker

ANSC 221 Nutrition Exam 1 Study Guide ANSC 22100

Marketplace > Purdue University > Animal Science > ANSC 22100 > ANSC 221 Nutrition Exam 1 Study Guide
Elizabeth Notetaker
GPA 3.86

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About this Document

This is my own rendition of a practice test for exam 1. It doesn't cover everything that is going to be on the exam, but it gives you a good idea of what will be on it. Since he has a study guide a...
animal nutrition
Dr. Forsyth
Study Guide
Animal Science, nutrition, ANSC, 221
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This 11 page Study Guide was uploaded by Elizabeth Notetaker on Sunday September 25, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to ANSC 22100 at Purdue University taught by Dr. Forsyth in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 84 views. For similar materials see animal nutrition in Animal Science at Purdue University.


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Date Created: 09/25/16
1 Animal Science Nutrition 221 study guide 1. Which of the following had the idea for the single plant feeding experiment, from which came the “Golden Age of Nutrition”? 2. List the 6 classes of nutrients: 3. Besides drinking water, what are two other sources of water for animals? 4. What is the nutritional function of carbohydrate? 5. List a monosaccharide that is a pentose: 6. List a monosaccharide that is a hexose: 7. List the monosaccharides that make up: a. Sucrose b. Lactose c. Maltose 8. List the 3 VFA’s. 9. List a long chain, saturated fatty acid: 10. List a polyunsaturated fatty acid 11. Fats have how many times as much energy as carbohydrates? 2 12. In what form is most of the energy in most plants? 13. What substance is present with carbohydrate as plants mature that interferes with digestion and lowers nutritional value? 14. What kinds of elements _______ and what kinds of compounds are carbohydrates composed of? 15. List the 3 long chain fatty acids found in storage fat (2 saturated, 1 monounsaturated). 16. Define mono, di, and triglycerides. 17. List the 3 essential fatty acids 18. List the 10 essential amino acids st 19. Which essential amino acid is the 1 limiting in corn for pigs? 20. Which essential amino acid contains sulfur? 21. Which amino acid is tested for proper metabolism in newborn babies? Vitamins 22. List the fat soluble vitamins: 23. What is the precursor, found in plants, for Vitamin A? 3 24. What vitamin activity comes from d-alpha-tocopherol? 25. What vitamin is necessary to prevent metaplasia and is formed from carotene? 26. What vitamin is formed from sunlight on the skin followed by hydroxylation in the liver and the kidney? 27. What vitamin is necessary for blood clotting? 28. What vitamin is retinol, retinal, or retinoic acid? 29. What vitamin prevents night blindness? 30. What vitamin is part of the flavoproteins, FAD and FMN, involved in electron transfer in the cell? 31. What vitamin is increased in cats’ diets because fish contain a substance that can destroy it? 32. What vitamin prevents embryonic development problems with neural tube closure, resulting in things like spina bifida? 33. What vitamin acts as a methyl donor, and was found in a large, regional trial (in which Purdue participated) to be needed in extra amounts in sows’ diets to increase litter size? 34. What vitamin prevents scurvy? 4 35. What vitamin prevents pernicious anemia? 36. What vitamin is necessary for healthy skin, and is interfered with by avidin in raw eggs? 37. What vitamin is part of acetyl coenzyme A and prevents goose steppingin pigs? 38. What vitamin is not needed by any healthy farm animals because they make their own in metabolism? Minerals 39. Salt is routinely fed to supply what essential mineral? 40. Which mineral prevents goiter? 41. Which is more likely to help prevent milk fever, to RAISE calcium levels in the diet shortly ahead of calving time or LOWER them at that time? 42. What mineral is deficient in the blood in milk fever? 43. Which essential mineral is a bigger concern for being toxic to sheep than to other animals? 44. Which mineral should be supplemented to calves, cows and sheep before turning them out on fresh pastures in the spring? 5 45. What is the principle cation inside of cells? 46. Along with phosphorus and Vitamin D which mineral is necessary to prevent rickets? 47. What is the principle cation outside of cells? 48. What mineral is necessary for blood to clot? 49. Which is more likely to be needed to be supplemented to normal diets for animals, sodium or potassium? 50. Which mineral is part of the thyroxin molecule, a hormone that regulates basal metabolic rate? 51. Which mineral is at toxic levels in fertilizer grade rock phosphates? 52. Which mineral is regulated by FDA to be fed at no more than 0.3 ppm in any animal diet? 53. Which mineral is a part of the Vitamin B12 molecule? 54. What mineral is needed as a part of methionine and certain vitamins? 55. Which mineral prevents grass tetany? 56. Which mineral, calcium or phosphorus, is most likely to affect feed intake and growth if deficient? 6 57. Which mineral is sometimes fed to pigs at about 200 ppm for an antibiotic-like growth response? 58. Which mineral is supplemented to baby pigs routinely to prevent anemia? 59. Which mineral along with choline is necessary to prevent perosis? 60. Which mineral prevents parakeratosis? 61. What mineral is sometimes fed at 1000 or even 2000 ppm for a short time near weaning to maintain health and growth? 62. What is the principle anion that 'balances' the cations? 63. What mineral is usually the cause for supplementation with "dical"? 7 Answers 1. Dr. Stephen Babcock 2. Protein, water, vitamin, mineral, carbohydrate, fats 3. Metabolic, in feed 4. Energy 5. Ribose, xylose, or arabinose 6. Glucose, fructose, galactose, mannose 7. Sucrose: 1 glucose + 1 fructose Lactose: 1 glucose + 1 galactose Maltose: 1 glucose + 1 glucose 8. Acetic, propionic, butyric 9. Palmitic or stearic 10. Linoleic, linolenic, or arachidonic 11. 2.25 12. Carbohydrates 8 13. Lignin 14. CHO, sugars (saccharides) 15. Stearic, palmitic, oleic 16. Monoglyceride: 1 glycerol + 1 fatty acid Diglyceride: 1 glycerol + 2 fatty acids Triglyceride: 1 glycerol + 3 fatty acids 17. Linoleic, linolenic, arachidonic 18. Phenylalanine, valine, threonine, tryptophan, isoleucine, methionine, histidine, arginine, lysine, leucine 19. Lysine 20. Methionine 21. Phenylalanine Vitamins 22. A, D, E, K 23. Carotene 9 24. Vitamin E 25. Vitamin A 26. Vitamin D 27. Vitamin K 28. Vitamin A 29. Vitamin A 30. Riboflavin 31. Thiamin 32. Folic acid 33. Choline 34. Ascorbic acid 35. Vitamin B12 36. Biotin 37. Pantothenic acid 38. Ascorbic acid Minerals 10 39. Sodium 40. Iodine 41. Lower 42. Calcium 43. Copper 44. Magnesium 45. Potassium 46. Calcium 47. Sodium 48. Calcium 49. Sodium 50. Iodine 51. Fluorine 52. Selenium 53. Cobalt 54. Sulfur 11 55. Magnesium 56. Phosphorus 57. Copper 58. Iron 59. Manganese 60. Zinc 61. Zinc 62. Chloride 63. Phosphorus


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