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MSU / History / HI 1073 / When is the wall street bombing?

When is the wall street bombing?

When is the wall street bombing?


School: Mississippi State University
Department: History
Course: Modern US History
Professor: Alison greene
Term: Spring 2016
Cost: 25
Name: The Roaring 20's Notes
Description: Notes from September 27,2016
Uploaded: 09/27/2016
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September 26,2016

When is the wall street bombing?

The Roaring Twenties  


- The Business of America  

- The New Mass Culture

- Tradition vs. Modernity  

Important Event: 

Wall Street Bombing - September 16,1920

• 38 killed, over 400 wounded

• This happened among the workers of wall street

• 200 million dollars in damage  

• Crime scene cleaned less than 24hours to get business back up and running The Republican Party will run America for 8 years starting 1920-1928 Warren G Harding (Republican President) and his administration  • Warren G. Harding and his administration were often seen with scandal  

Who is calvin coolidge?

We also discuss several other topics like How did immigrants assimilate to and change american culture?
If you want to learn more check out What is andare al cinema in english?

- Teapot Dome Scandal- secret leading of Federal Oil Reserves by secretary of  Interior Albert Bacon

Calvin Coolidge (Republican President) 

• Quoted “This is a business country, and business government  

• Nicknamed “Silent Cow”

Robert “Fighting Bob” La Follete 

1920’s Products 

• Consumer goods produced quickly, more widely and cheaper

• People invested in stock more  

• Ex: Campbell’s Soup  We also discuss several other topics like What is the meaning of abnormal psychology?

Best Example:


September 26,2016

The Auto Age  

• automobiles were 85% made in the U.S. in the World

• Becomes a push for other businesses (ex: gas stations, construction etc.)

Who is robert “fighting bob” la follete?

We also discuss several other topics like What is the meaning of blindsight?

• Average to make a car was 13 hours but within a year Henry Ford changes that  average into 90 minutes  

- “Model T” on the Assembly line  

• Ford changes image of the business man (Business men are not all bad ) General Motors 

• Gives a plan better than Ford’s

• Installment plan to take a car home and pay off in a few years

• Debt rises in 1920’s

Scientific Management 1920’s style We also discuss several other topics like What is the content of bergmann’s rule?

“Welfare Capitalism” 

• Don’t need government to protect the welfare of the people

• Ex: Creating a baseball team and putting company name on it  

Hollywood in the Twenties 

• Extra money to spend for consumers

• Short films (15- 20 minutes) for entertainment


• Radio industry  

• Becomes a war necessity  

• Mass production during war

The Radio Age  

• There is an increase in stations due to the demand  

• KDKA’s First broadcast (Pittsburg 1920)

The Recording Age  


September 26,2016

• Free advertisement for recording came form the radio and big music artist goes into  play .

Celebrities and Taploids  

• Increase in radios and recording industry made people famous and wanted to be seen The “Black Sox” Scandal 

• This was the even to cheating in the World Series  

College Sports Hit the Big Time  

• Famous Team: Notre Dame’s “4 horsemen”

Early Endorsement deals 

• Athletes endorsed products in order for the products to sell successfully Segregated Consumption  If you want to learn more check out What is the meaning of dysfunction in abnormal psychology?

• Race Market : black people music  

• Hillbilly Market : white people music

• This thing of black and white consumption occurred in sports too


• The act of prohibiting alcohol because of the high demand for it during the 20s. - Prohibiting and Organized Crime

- Big Figure : Al Capone

- St. Valentine’s Day Massacre(1929)  

Scopes Trial  

• Payton, TN 1925  

• Illegal for teachers in the public schools to present as factual any theory of creation  other than the biblical account.

National Woman’s Party 

• Founder Alice Paul


September 26,2016

Equal Rights Amendment  

• First introduced in 1923 by Alice Paul

• This said that Women and Men shall have equal rights

Flappers: Fact and Fiction 

• Changes of women and their participation in politics

• Hope and Freedom


- Prosperity  

- Laissez-Faire capitalisme and pro-business politics

- Economic and Cultural changes  


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