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OleMiss - PSY 201 - Class Notes - Psy Intelligence note

Created by: Mukesh Ghimire Elite Notetaker

> > > > OleMiss - PSY 201 - Class Notes - Psy Intelligence note

OleMiss - PSY 201 - Class Notes - Psy Intelligence note

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background image WHAT IS Intelligence? Inferred processes that explain different degrees of adaptive success in 
human/animal behavior
Conceptual Perspective Aptitude or achievement tests (ACT, SAT, or WAIS) High school or college GPA? Income? Operational Perspective THEORIES OF INTELLIGENCE: The G-Factor Spearman's (1904) psychometric approach Suggests a "monarchic" theory of intelligence or the G-Factor (General 
Eg. Mechanical, verbal, spatial, etc S-Factor: Specific skills and abilities Measured many "factors" or abilities and found… R.Cattell's (1971) slight/but important modification to Spearman's ideas G-Factor has two components Fluid intelligence: power to use thinking and reasoning (peaks & decline) Crystallized intelligence : acquired skills, knowledge, etc (continue growth) Area 46 (frontal lobe): executive function (WM) region  MRI/fMRI studies IQ (85-115 scores) Area 46 correlates strongly with IQ Eg. Musicians & vocalists Experts vs novices Interestingly, size NOT ACTIVITY matters. Intelligence and the brain Language, music, logic, kinesthetic, etc.  Cases of savants/idiot-savants support motion Dustin Hoffman's character in "Rain Man" H.Gardner (1985) claims intelligence has many unrelated forms. THEORIES OF INTELLIGENCE: MULTIPLE INTELLIGENCE Whose view of Intelligence is correct? Intelligence Thursday, October 6, 2016 11:00 AM     Intelligence Page 1    

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School: University of Mississippi
Department: Psychology
Course: General Psychology
Professor: Heather Bliss
Term: Fall 2016
Tags: intelligence
Name: Psy Intelligence note
Description: This is what will be covered for the next test. Also follow my previously uploaded notes on Memory and Learning.
Uploaded: 09/28/2016
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