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principles of ecology

by: dsenat2013

principles of ecology pcb 4043

Marketplace > Florida Atlantic University > pcb 4043 > principles of ecology

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About this Document

His study plus what was said in class in bold
Principles of Ecology
Dr. Brian Benscoter
Study Guide
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This 3 page Study Guide was uploaded by dsenat2013 on Thursday September 29, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to pcb 4043 at Florida Atlantic University taught by Dr. Brian Benscoter in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 7 views.


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Date Created: 09/29/16
v 6 ­ Biotic Interactions Biotic Factors (cont.)   III) Biotic Interaction limit Distributions (Other species) 1. Predation          2. Parasitism/Disease          3. Competition   1. Predation          a. Example ­ Mussels Lough Ine, Ireland             b. To explain distributions ­ transplant experiments             c. Herbivory form predation (urchins on algae marine systems)           Sea urchins are at the bottom. And mussels  d. Herbivory also important tropical reefs   e. Predation from exotics can reduce range native spp. ­ result extinction            Mnaipulation exeperiment ( remove preadtor) Australia small kangroos affected when red foxes are removed. 4­Criteria consider before conclude predation mechanism                      i. prey survive when transplanted when exclude predators                      ii. inverse correlation prey & predator (Algae vs Urchins)                      iii. predator able to kill prey in field and lab                      iv. prey shown to kill prey in transplant exp. to predator habitat Prey abundance can also influence distribution of predator Can prey influence distribution of a predator?                      ­Predator has to very specialized (seen in insects,)                      ­Specialist predator = monophagous                      ­Many insect predators specialists – vertebrate not                      ­Although specific plant­insect interaction                      ­No clear evidence of positive correlation distribution plant­animal   2. Disease and Parasitism.          a. Pathogens may eliminate species          b. Example:                      i. Chestnut blight ­ Fungus introduced Asia w/ nursery stock                      ii. Labyrinthula­ Seagrass wasting disease (slime mold; fungal                                                          pathogen)                      iii. Hawaiian bird extinctions & retreat to highlands   3. Competition          a. Exploitation (Resource)                      i. Plants ­ Light, water, nutrients, pollinators          b. Interference                      i. Allelopathy  ­ chemical defenses­toxic secretions plants & animals ii. Direct competition ­  physical battles space, food, nest sites, mates etc.                c. Difficult to determine if distribution is a result of competition (>factors)                      Checkerboard patterns tend to arrive from competition (fruit pigeons)            d. Competition minimized for niche­overlap by diversification through natural selection Green 1 Chemical 


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