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UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA AT LAFAYETTE / Geology / GEOL 105 / what is the difference between lava and magma?

what is the difference between lava and magma?

what is the difference between lava and magma?


School: University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Department: Geology
Course: Geology and Man
Professor: Jennifer hargrave
Term: Fall 2016
Tags: Geology, man, plutons, igneaous, Rock, and volcanos
Cost: 50
Name: Exam 2 Study Guide
Description: If there are any questions about the guide, please email me at lvl9835@louisiana.edu Good luck on the exam!
Uploaded: 09/30/2016
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Exam a study Guide

what is the difference between lava and magma?

Geology 105

Chapter 4

Lava vs. Masma - Lava is found at Earth's surface, where as magma occur beneath the surface.


Extrusive u Intrusive Extrusive - Lowa flows coming out of wicano or. Pyroclastic, debris /

leva Plow-stream or mound of coded lava meit Pyroclastic debris-fire roch" elected from volcano

volcanic ash or volcanic roce - ntrusive-magma cools/cristallizes underground

Plutons-magma chamber that cools underground

• Magma Composision-primanally of silicate materials

It is differentiated based on amathts of silica, iron,

and magnesium.. 11. Felsic-high amounts of silicer (lighter color)

2. Intermediate between felsic & Matic 13 Matic - less silica, iRon/magnesium rich! 4. Ultramatic least amount of silica, highest amounts

of non/magnesium What is Viscosity - the resistance to flow.

what are the different composition of magma?

We also discuss several other topics like bisc 162 ole miss

you viscosity: runny Lava (watery, syrup, mafic magna hish uscosity: thick, stiff flow of lava(tar, felsic magna


THow does Magmamove?

As its heated, bonds break It becomes less dense & byenan buoyant




• Bowen's Reaction series

Describes the sequence of mineral crystallization. in cooling magman - tells us the order in which minerals are

going to cool/crystalline - The first minerals to crystalline are the

last to meet Coline) Mafic, Hot temp the last minerals to crystallice are the

first to melt. (Quartz Felsiz, cooler temp. The melting/freezing temperatures are basically the same +/-a few degrees

Discontinuous series- Produces ferromagnesian minerals continuous senes-feldspart

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Iganeous Compositions de - Classification is based on texture/composition -Based on silicer content which is reflected

what is viscosity?

in the color Felse, intermediale ,matic tramatic



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• Igneous Textures Rhyolite, Andeste, Aphanific- not grainy/crystallized

Basait rapid cooling - no time for crystals, extrusive Granite, Diorite, Phanentic grainy crystals Gabbro

slower cooling, crystals have time, intrusive Porphyntic-mixes of sizes/Crystals

- complex cooling histories, extrusive ex Obsidian Glassy-cools so guidely that no crystals form ex. Pumice Nesicular trapped grosses form numerous small holes.

piroclastic- fomed from explosive volcanic activity

ex mix of 2

• Naming Igreaus Rocks

We classify Igneous Rocks by texture/ composition Don't forget about the age old question of en 10060 material

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• What are Plutons? How are they classified?

Plutons are bodies of igneous poche intruded in country rock (current rock bedding) or formed in place for beneath the surface.

Concordant Plutons - boundaries parallel

to layering country rock to Discordant plutions - Boundares that

cut across layering rock.

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Types of Plutons - Dines-cut across layering (discordant - Sills-injected parallel to lagening (concordant) - laceolith-sill undergrund that causes laying

rock to bow upward like a dome at the surface. Voleanic Pipes magma filled, cylindrical feeder

channels beneath volcanos (Dike) ad - volanic neek - remnant pipe whensumounelines

rock from wolcano has been erveled away (Bike - Bertholiths-plutions that have more than looken? Don't forget about the age old question of "john tuman"

in area of exposure mostly found near mountains of convergent plate boundaries.


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Where does Igneous activity occur? A plate boundanes

Md Orean kages Convergent, Divergent, tot spots

dy Sour

v Sou




Definition of a volcano

an erupting vent through which molted roce surfaces. 13 components of Magma Solid pyroclastic matenal 2 fluid lava

3 das content Where does Igneous activity occur?

Plette Boundaries! Tectonic settings convergent PACIER Mid Ocean Ridges,

Continental Rifts Iyees of Wlcanic materials:

Lava Flows Basaltic caten Andesitic, Rhyolitic Perodlastic debnis 40 Volcanic gases (water vapor Basaltic- Matic very hot now silica, low viscosity

Andesitic - higher SO2 content, viscousiaus Rhyolitic-highest sila content most vicousaus Pahoe hoe Basalt with a glassy ropy skin texture

Aa-Basalt that solidities w/ a jagged sharp texture I Pillow Basalt-round blubs of basalt coled in water

Columnar jointing - solidified flows may contract w/ Versticular fracture that are hexagonal in shape coding / contracting forms hexagonal columns)

ud SOU

anOSA We also discuss several other topics like two cathedrals are pictured above: the cathedral of notre dame on the left, and amiens cathedral on the right. based on the images, which of the following is the major difference between the two cathedrals? a. the windows are shaped differently. b. notre
If you want to learn more check out bsc 1085

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Study Soup

Types of volcanic and eruption styles If you want to learn more check out uci ics 33

Quiescent - produce lava flows

Explosive - blow up Where Do Wlanos form? Mid Ocean ridges Convergent Plate boundaries, Types of volcanic hazards lava flows, ash flows, lahars


Predictina Eruptions Warning signs include changes in earthquake

pattems), expansion of magma chemberi changes in amount/composistion or gates, Increase in grund temperature. These signs can not predict exact time or style

of traphiм

Mitigation Techniques

Planning Diverting Plows (w/ Baricades or water)




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