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History 201 Midterm Study Guide

by: Lauren Krahling

History 201 Midterm Study Guide Hist 201

Marketplace > Coastal Carolina University > History > Hist 201 > History 201 Midterm Study Guide
Lauren Krahling
GPA 3.9

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About this Document

A summation of all the important topics covered in History 201 for the midterm.
U.S. History
John Navin
Study Guide
u.s., history, U.S. Government
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This 2 page Study Guide was uploaded by Lauren Krahling on Friday September 30, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to Hist 201 at Coastal Carolina University taught by John Navin in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 7 views. For similar materials see U.S. History in History at Coastal Carolina University.


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Date Created: 09/30/16
Popular Sovereignty: Lewis Cass/ state to be slave/free Shiloh: Grant (Union) wins Free Soil Party: Mexican land only open to white farmers 1848 election Taylor(Whig)Wins, dies 2 years-Millard Fillmore replaces/Cass(Democrat)/ Van Buren (Free Soil)à no elect votes Compromise of 1850: Henry Clay’s-Cali is free/ No restriction to slavery in Utah and NM terr/ Establish Texas bound/ New Fugitive Slave Act passed/ Abolish slave trade in D.C. Fugitive Slave Act: Gov. support to return slaves/Free blacks not safe 1852 election :Pierce (Democrat)àWinner, favors pro-slavery bills/Scott (Whig)/Hale (Free Soil) Gadsden Purchase: R.R West to East, U.S. buys Mex land(Gadsden 1853)Plan Cali to Houston,TX(comp. 1886) Stephen Douglas: N Politician, wanted R.R through Illinois/proposes Chicago to be the connecting port Kan-Nebraska Act: Douglas bill: Louisiana purchase-splits it Kansas and Nebraska /Those territories have pop. Sov. /Offers south to vote for N. railroad (1854) /passed+overturns the Miss Comp “Bloody Kansas” May 1856, 700 pro-slavery people raid Kansas Republican Party: Combo of liberty party, Whigs (Cotton & Conscious), free soil, anti-slavery, democrats American (Know Nothing) Party: anti-immigrant party 1856 election: Buchanan (Democrat)- Winnerà“worst president ever”/Fremont (Republican)military man/Fillmore (American/Know Nothing) Lecompton Constitution: Pro-slavery people in Kansas draft constitution s-slavery in Kansas-BUCHANAN passes it! (Southerners- For, Northerners- Against) Douglass votes against Constitutional Union Party: Those against Lincoln being elected /1860 election: Lincoln (Republican)- Winner/ Douglas (N. Democrat)/Breckenridge (S. Democrat/ Bell (Constit Union) Crittenden Compromise- John-extend the Missouri Comp line to the coast slaves wouldn’t be affected—FAILED Confederate States of America- Alab, Flor, Georgia, Louisiana, Miss, S. Caro and Texas/Jefferson Davis- Pres of the Conf. Fort Sumter- (1861) Succeeded take union forts, Lincoln 7500 men Secession, phase 2- MD, Delaware, Missouri, and Kentucky Border States”- MD, Delaware, Kentucky, WV, and Missouri Comparison of resources: Union:93% goods are made in North/Navy/More men— Bull Run/First Manassas: Stonewall: Confederate Anaconda Strategy: Block S ports, invade waterways, pressure on conf capital (Richmond) Peninsular Campaign: McClellan from Wash. to Yorktown, water, up to Richmond. back Wash b/c Stonewall alomos 1862 stalemate: Battle of Antietam, McLellan vs. Lee- Bloodiest battle- union win Emancipation Proclamation: Sept 1862, Lincoln announces after the B.O. Antietam- all slaves in enemy territory freed on January 1 ,. Allowed conf. to join union and keep slaves but no state did Gettysburg: Meade vs. Lee, 2 days, Lee can’t win, 3 day confederates massacred Fall of Vicksburg: Vicksburg siege, Grant wants Vicksburg-block conf. in until they surrender. Northern win. 1864 election: Lincoln (Republican)/McClellan (Democrat) Appomattox Court House: Grants chase Lee, various battles with large casualties, Union pushes Grant to ACH/Lee surrenders, Union win.


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