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Intro to world geography - study guide 2

by: Taylor Baker

Intro to world geography - study guide 2 1123

Marketplace > Mississippi State University > Geography > 1123 > Intro to world geography study guide 2
Taylor Baker

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About this Document

this is a detailed study guide for Test 2 on Wednesday, October 5, 2016
Intro world geography
Study Guide
GEOG, geography, Studyguide, Study Guide
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This 5 page Study Guide was uploaded by Taylor Baker on Friday September 30, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to 1123 at Mississippi State University taught by Staff in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 90 views. For similar materials see Intro world geography in Geography at Mississippi State University.


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Date Created: 09/30/16
Study Guide: Test 2; October 5, 2016 - South America and Europe - what is the 4th largest continent by landmass and the longest continent from North to South? -South America - What is the worlds longest mountain chain? -The Andes Mountains - what is otherwise known as the “great plains” of Argentina? -Pampas - where did the Incan's predominantly live? -altiplanos - who were the Incan empire enslaved by? -Spanish - who led the Spanish conquest? -Francisco Pizzaro - what was formed to help control the population and territories who represented the Spanish crown? -ViceRoyalty - where does the majority of the South American Population live? -around the coast - What was three ways that UNASUR wasn't as effective? -some countries didn’t want be involved, fight of control over resources, political posturing (unrest) - what promotes free trade and the fluid movement of goods, people, and currency? -Mercosur - what are the three opportunities that cities provide? -increased chance of making money, better education, and more “things” to do - what is otherwise known as the slums of Brazil? -Favelas - what is Colombia’s largest export? -coffee - Cartels are a big deal where in South America? -Colombia - cartels have their own ____ to fight the state and police? -army - what area has 40 oases which produce citrus, olives, and vegetables? -desert coast - what area produces 20% of the worlds gold? -Sierra - what area contains the city of Iquitos? -Selva - what country gets its name from sitting directly over the equator? -Ecuador - what is the official language of Bolivia? -they have no official language - what country is second in area to Brazil? -argentina - what is the longest North to South country in the world? -chile - Chile has lots of earthquakes due to what? -the ring of fire - what country is the powerhouse of South America? -Brazil - what type of economy does Brazil have? -democracy - in Europe, cars have mostly what type of transmission? -manual - what is already included in the price when you purchase something in Europe due to VAT? -tips and taxes - which meal is a big deal in Europe? -lunch - Europe has how many countries? -42 - what war massively changed the layout of Europe? -WW11 - what country has the largest population in Europe? - Germany - Nations were formed as a result of what? -war - How many different languages are in one major Indo-European family? -49 - what is the poorest country in Europe? -Moldova - what is the richest country in Europe? -Luxembourg - what is excess products and goods that can be shared with others within the realm given the need? -complementarity - what moves the heat from the tropics to the poles? -the Gulf Stream - what area in Europe is culturally diverse and complex? -North European Lowlands - where did people predominantly move from into Europe after the last ice age? -Asia and Africa - what age first created steel? -iron age - what had origins of the Western Government? -Greece - what created urban areas and trade routes? -Roman Empire - what age included the Crusades? -dark ages of middle ages - who was the highest in the feudalist system? the lowest? -king/ peasants - recovery of the holy land (Jerusalem) happened during what? -the European Crusades - what country dominated over others after 1800? -England - what began in the early to mid 1400s to the early 1600s and was a desire to expand knowledge? -Renaissance - the what enabled an increase in food production? -the Agrarian Revolution - what are two examples of new crops brought about in the Agrarian revolution? -tomatoes and potatoes - what are the two political revolutions? -industrial and french revolutions - which revolution ended the absolute power of monarchs in Europe? - french revolution - what is known as extreme patriotism or having pride in your country? -nationalism - what event was not “sudden” and lasted 100 years? -the industrial revolution - what country is the origin of the industrial revolution because of its access to raw materials from around the globe? -Britain - what are some general exploitations of the industrial revolution? -child labor, long working hours, low pay, and most people didn't have a choice (if they complained, they were replaced) - how many people were killed in WW1? -9 million - what was the main military strategy in WW1? -trench warfare - what were the new technologies used in WW1? -chemical weapons, tanks, guns, aircrafts, communication, submarines - what three countries became free from the Ottoman Empire? -Balkans, Hungary, and Turkey - what ended WW1? -Treaty of Versailles - how long did the league of Nations last? -26 years - how many countries were involved in WW11? -61 - how many people were killed in WW11? -85 million - what is the known as “lightning war?” -Blitzkrieg - what country was created after WW11? -Israel - the cold war and the nuclear race came about as the result of? -WW11 - the major goal of WW11 was to? and what were the other three goals? -avoid WW111/ human rights, diplomacy over conflict, and avoid genocide - the European Union was produced by? -Europe - how many countries are in the European Union today? -28 - where is the capital of the European Union located? - Brussels - what form of currency is more powerful than the American dollar? -Euro - who established NATO? -the US - NATO helped Europe militarily against who? -the soviet union - what was established to help rebuild economies after WW11? -the International Monetary Fund (IMF) - which country in Europe contains the Autobahn? -Germany - which country in Europe is the oldest state in Europe? - France - which country in Europe is the US’s strongest global ally? -Great Britain - which country in Europe has English and Gaelic as the national languages? -Ireland - what city is Italy is very poor and under developed? -Sicily - what is the result of the fall of Communist Yugoslavia? -The Balkans - Ukraine faved many major divisions after the end of what war? -The Cold War - what country needed access to the ocean and resources that Ukraine had? -Russia


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