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EKU / Psychology / PSY 308 / What is the categorical approach to classification?

What is the categorical approach to classification?

What is the categorical approach to classification?


School: Eastern Kentucky University
Department: Psychology
Course: Abnormal Psychology
Professor: Martha meehan
Term: Fall 2016
Tags: validity, Reliability, and disorders
Cost: 25
Name: Classification and Assessment of Abnormal Behavior
Description: This is about validity mostly and reliability to correctly diagnose a patient.
Uploaded: 10/01/2016
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What is the categorical approach to classification?

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Chapter 4

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Classification susters Used to ©** Subdivice or crocze Sct of obacks

can be based oydilaent pancupie can be boscd on descrive Similan fils If you want to learn more check out How social psychology has been used to investigate social problems in the history?

Sun Classifications IMC and on OUVIOUS characteristics Caicoonil cipproach to classification

What is the dimensional approach to classification?

We also discuss several other topics like What detects stimuli and converts their energy into neural impulses?
If you want to learn more check out What does it mean to characterize a gain or loss why is characterizing a gain or loss important?

-Assumes that distincho(15 ano memos of chiliarent Colicores I are qualitative Dunensional approach

-descabos tre obcks of classifications in terms of continuous dimensions 12 diagnostic SUS Chas Querctly used Diccino ki stokiste Manu DSM

What does dsm stand for classification?

published DU APA -DSM-5 mesirant edition - International Classification of Discos We also discuss several other topics like Why does na+ enter the cell during the action potential?

-published by World Healin organization - ICD-10 currently LISE

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Labeling one russhamna

Perspective on mental disorders hat is plimary conuined the

negative conséquences of 08519 la Tiaonostic label

Impact that a clicandos has on tous in which pll think of themselves how Chris react to the patient If you want to learn more check out Why is there variability in definitions of social problems?

Shamo-negative effects of Tabelina stamp or tabel that sets the person citant from others. culture & dinastication

TDC manual encourago Cincari to consider the influence of cultural factors in both expression recamhon of sumptoms of mental discector's If you want to learn more check out What is the meaning of regolith in soil?


-exies veu o ar ved among people from pucdo Rico Caudecan

Tupically provokca bu Situctions that disrupt or threaten a persons

scan World

Expression is outburst of powerful uncontrolled negative emotion along worth bodily sensations, achons

bendviors Tatoques de nervios

Derve attaches


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9120/16 Ataques

Hore common in a I Expresses suffering and means por coping

such cultural con apt of distress would not meet criteria for DSM-S disorder Reliability - the consistency

of measurements, nclud me

acceasions. Validity- the meaning or

importance of a meciurement * Quantitative issue

Etiological validity factors that cause or contribute to the lonset of the disorder

concurrent validitu (present time) - correlations betrocen disorder

and other symptoms circumstances, test procedures

Predictive voi autu Important in the future and with the stability of the problem




over time unity of the

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appearance of 2 or more

Op disorders in the


3) StucySoup

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Basic Issues in Assessment Purposes of Clinical fussent w e need to desc thul nattare

of a personis princil Doblen Lo make a diopnoses, procedure v mahing predr Mons. Planning treatment dexodushing real Evolucting the ise funtss ol lossessment Procedures

Keliability various rupes Of

consistency. .

TestGretest La consistency of musurements

over time Validity

- meanings or importance of an assessment procedure

-chocs et testi proudure actually measure what is desioned 10. insure?

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-HOSE commonly used proudure in psychological assessment

-Host of D4-5 categories are lasce on info that can be collected in an interview

- provide opportunities to obtain peoples own dtsen plich of their problems

AION Clinicians to obene important features of a person's Opreardnce e non veral berador

Psychological Assessment Procedur

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Sinuctured interviens

- A question answer forinat, With a specific 1st of detailed



internwer controls intera Chords - Nonverbal behavior on a Dbserveel

-Valuable alon soort once Limitations

-Patients may & unwilling

Beluctant to admit embarrassing experiences

Accounts may be distoried - Interviewersocan fiuena

Clients accounts Observation Proudures

"Hay be fomalo formal

conduciod in plural environment

in observahenom Rating scales

- obchor Sashed to make judicaments that place the person

Sothewhere alcag al dimension Behavioral coding Systems

-focus on herequence of SWCIC Whavioral events o

"selt monitoring

-Chan Keris lack of wil behavior ex.cen lach from any w Gyou touch someone


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anation Procedures Advantdocs

Iscful as an overal index OP Samprom Satu Functional impact

Dia diuantas

-me car sem ung expensive -Prerie to observereras 2. brasowe


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people mau altor chavior initinhdnntuor nintentionally, when

710 M iFiSucing Dzsorved

Personality inventories

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Cu ce true tesis


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-Straantforward questions - Most widelot SEC! Suchological test

- Person Lice. Y a untcal score On each ot 10 com.ca Seals & Evaldol scales

K-Actuarial Interpretation danauss of results. mend dh expul rusu derived from empir mal research


- Drondis nro ALCUF U PISOS Hest taking attitude

Los Nide range of problems directly & chilly

-scored obc.uely




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Projechive Personal Tesis

The person is en win Snits of amooo's Shimuli

-uncover rons unconscious mohvations Herman Borschach

-10 inklots: no correct answer Theron Appercophon Test

-Sories of drawings Advantages - some people are comfortable in

urotructured situation How unconscious cognitive d emotional events mou offect o perschis relationship w ofers

mtahans -Mixed opinions on validitos reliability


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Brain Imaging Techniques Position Emission Temoraplu (PET)

Funchonor bron images functional MRI

Toint Tes changes in brain ochvity imł rast uts than a second

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av Soup

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- Precise measures of braun Structures computed Temography

- Stat C ages of orcun Structures Advantaus



-help to rule out various

neurological conditions - explores relationship between braun Functors Specific mental disorders Limitahons

-NORMS unavailable -Expensive

patient exposed 10 raidca Chivity

Lacalization of brain funchons nog Fully known


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