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Study Guide for Midterm Exam

by: Ericka Garrison

Study Guide for Midterm Exam JOUR 2710

Marketplace > Middle Tennessee State University > JOUR 2710 > Study Guide for Midterm Exam
Ericka Garrison
GPA 2.8

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About this Document

Here you will find selected quiz questions and answers.
Media Writing
Stephan S Foust
Study Guide
Media, writing
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This 4 page Study Guide was uploaded by Ericka Garrison on Saturday October 1, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to JOUR 2710 at Middle Tennessee State University taught by Stephan S Foust in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 39 views.


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Date Created: 10/01/16
JOUR 2710- MEDIA WRITING HERE YOU WILL FIND A COMPILATION OF ALL OF THE QUIZZES THAT HAVE BEEN TAKEN IN THIS CLASS THUS FAR. SOME QUESTIONS HAVE BEEN OMITTED. 1. One of the leys to clarity in writing is: simple sentences 2. The strongest words in the English language are: nouns and pronouns 3. News writers who use big words when simple ones would do and who use more words than necessary to make what they write appear more important are writing: bureaucratese 4. Most beginning media writers find that good, simple, clear writing is fairly easy to do and takes just a little practice: true 5. Jargon is specialized language that should be avoided in writing for the mass media: true 6. One of the ways to achieve simplicity in writing is to use compound and complex sentences: true 7. Writers should never edit their own copy – it’s too painful: false 8. Clichés were once out of fashion with most writers, but now they are generally accepted as promoting clear, fresh writing: false 9. One of the reasons that writing is such hard work is that it: must be done alone 10.“These are times that try men’s souls” – “I have a dream” – “To be or not to be: that is the question.” We remember all of these famous saying because of their: simplicity 11.12.The Stovall text discusses four prerequisites to good writing. Four one point apiece, list two of them: know the tools of the trade, know your subject, rewrite what you’ve written 13-15. Media writing has three possible purposes: to inform, persuade, and/or entertain 16. There are many possible candidates. 17. Both of your excuses sound plausible. 18. Between you and me, the food could have been better than it was. 19. Judy has just as much time to wash the dishes as I. 21. The construction of fallout structures were being considered. 22. According to the AP Stylebook, which capitalization is correct? Both: “Sources say General Shannon Sanders will leave his post at the capitol.” And “The general has thus far refused to comment on his status.” 23. The Murfreesboro mayor’s annual salary has been increased from $105,000 to $114,000. What is the percentage increase? 8.6% 24. For One point apiece, name three of the eight basic parts of speech: preposition, noun, verb, adjective 25. Which is the better sentence when writing for the mass media? “Police arrested the two suspects in the Walmart parking lot.” 26. In reference to previous answer, why? It uses an ACTIVE VOICE 27. Which is correct: Both: “Titans team members believe they can win this year’s Super Bowl.” And “The Titans team believes it can win this year’s Super Bowl.” 28. Correct the punctuation in this sentence: “As the hiker neared the overlook, she saw what seemed to be an impressionistic painting of trees, birds, and clouds.” 29. Which is correct? “Brett wanted his first car to be the same brand that his father always drove.” 30. Which is the correct AP use of capitalization: “The democratic and Republican parties rarely agree on spending issues.” 31. What is the mean if the following series of numbers: 120-200-310-420-500-610-710 410 32. For half a point apiece, name the 5-W’s and 1-H: Who, what, when, where, why, how 33. The moment of truth is here: you are sitting down to write your story. By now you should know your topic and audience; and you should know your: ________ and _________. 34. You’ve written your first draft. Next you should edit and proofread what you’ve already written. 35. Write a declarative sentence in the active voice: Titans’ team members believe they can win this year’s Super bowl. 36. Circle the correct item according to AP Stylebook: 8 a.m. 37. Circle the correct item according to AP Stylebook: six adults 38. The AP Stylebook rule for numbers is to spell out number zero through ten; use figures for numbers greater than ten; false 39. The AP Stylebook rule states that you should never, under any circumstances, use abbreviations when writing news copy; false 40. Which is the correct abbreviation for Indiana; Ind. 41. According to the AP Stylebook, which is preferable: Floyd Roberts, city manager of Fargo 42. Writing mailman instead of mail carrier and fireman instead of firefighter are examples of using gender pronouns. 43. Stylebooks promote consistency in writing by establishing: rules of writing and rules of usage 44. Stylebooks are beneficial in providing: consistency in usage 45. __________ imposes a disciple in writing that should run through all the activities of a communicator, including a precision with facts, thoughts, and writing. It is also a special case of English correctness which a publication adopts. 46. Journalists should attempt to give all people involved in a news story a chance to: tell their story/what they witnessed. 47. As outlined in class, list any three of the seven news values used to evaluate information for news stories: proximity, relevance, timeliness, bizarre or unusual, conflict 48. The chief goal of a journalist is: accuracy 49. If an average citizen takes a trip across the country, it’s probably not news. However, if the president of the United States takes a trip across the country, chances are you will hear about it on the news broadcasts and read about it in the newspapers. What value is at work in this situation: prominence 50. If a traffic accident kills two people but it happens a thousand miles away from where you are, you probably won’t read about it in the local paper. However, if it happens within your city limits, it will make the paper. What value is at work here: proximity 51. In most news stories, most information is likely to come from what type of source: people 52. Explain the difference between a direct quote and an indirect quote: A direct quote uses the speaker’s exact words while an indirect quote maintains the original meaning and uses some of the original words, but uses less words than the speaker did. 55. One of the most important basic tasks a reporter must do is spell people’s names correctly: true 56. You call a potential source to request an interview. The person wants to know the specific questions you will ask. Your best response is to: politely provide the general subject information you’re asking 57. The best news stories should come from: more than one source 58. Information from stored sources is typically more reliable than information from real people. It doesn’t require additional verification: false 59. The inverted pyramid print story structure means that information should be presented: by time; most recent information is at the top of the story and less recent goes towards the bottom. 60. Candidate Hoover received 49% of the total vote for dogcatcher. Candidate Nixon received 36% candidate Regan 22%, and candidate Ford 4%. Candidate Hoover received a plurality or majority of the total votes: plurality 61. A poll is an estimate of public opinion on a single topic or question 62. Last year, American companies exported $47.2 billion worth of wire coat hangers and imported $62.7 billion worth. The trade balance in wire coat hanger was: $-15.5 billion 63. A lead paragraph- if well written-will inform the reader, but it will also __________________________________ in the readers’ mind about the story. 64. One very effective technique news writers use to make content and organization decisions when preparing a story is to put themselves in the place of the reader. 65. A second paragraph can be longer than the lead paragraph. It should also answer more of the readers’ questions about the story: true 66. Which of the following is the best print lead: One New Hope man is dead and two others are critically injured after a sewer explosion at the Union Station train station Tuesday morning 67. Which of the above is the best broadcast or web lead? 68. An inverted pyramid news story always begins with the newest information. 69. The lead of a print news story summarizes that story. 70. The second paragraph reinforce the lead. 71. Additional paragraphs can build on previous information. 72. Direct quotes add life to the story. 73. Transitions link and tie together in a story 74. Proper attribution will tell a reader where the story and the story’s facts came from 75. Direct quotes are the exact words a speaker in a story. They enhance and bring the story to life. 76. Indirect quotes maintain the meaning of a speaker’s words but use less words 78.A first person type story structure takes a traditional story – telling approach 79. A spot news story is the same as a breaking news story 80. Which is the correct mass media sentence: Firefighters pulled the pregnant woman from the burning vehicle seconds before it exploded. 81. Why? Because it uses an active voice 82. The Stovall text lists six different types of news stories that you might someday be assigned to write. Name one: inverted pyramid 83. Which type of print magazine has had an easier time surviving the technological and economic changes that have altered the industry: small, well-defined, specific subject magazines, such as “Guitar World”.


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