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ENG 3320 American Texts: to the 21st Century Midterm Study Guide

by: Haley Cochran

ENG 3320 American Texts: to the 21st Century Midterm Study Guide ENG 3320

Marketplace > Wright State University > English > ENG 3320 > ENG 3320 American Texts to the 21st Century Midterm Study Guide
Haley Cochran
GPA 3.89

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About this Document

This study guide covers class discussions and readings that will be on the Midterm Exam. Authors include #WilliamDeanHowells , #HenryJames , #KateChopin , #MaryE.WilkinsFreeman , #PaulLaurenceDu...
American Texts: to the 21st Century
Dr. Sharon Jones
Study Guide
english, Literature
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This 5 page Study Guide was uploaded by Haley Cochran on Saturday October 1, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to ENG 3320 at Wright State University taught by Dr. Sharon Jones in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 5 views. For similar materials see American Texts: to the 21st Century in English at Wright State University.


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Date Created: 10/01/16
ENG 3320:  ​ merican Text: to 21st Century  Midterm Study Guide  William Dean Howells  ❖ Birth: Martinsville, OH  ❖ Journalist Background (Cincinnati, Columbus)  ❖ US Consul  ❖ Wrote a Biography for President Lincoln    ➔ “Editha”  ◆ Explores moral failu​ of individuals who have been corrupted  ◆ Spanish­American War  ◆ Satire of Romantic conceptions of battlefield glory  ◆ Explored attitudes about war  Henry James  ❖ Had in International background  ❖ Psychological Realist    ➔ “The Beast in the Jungle”  ◆ Tale of failed life  ◆ Setting: Weatherend, Italy, London.  ◆ Themes: Identity, the past, history, egotism, loving, loses, illness, passing away,  social and economic class, gender  Kate Chopin  ❖ Born: 1850  ❖ Died: 1904  ❖ Contributions to literature: exploration of gender, class, and society    ➔ “The Story of an Hour”  ◆ Themes/Issues: health, death, gender, grieving/mourning, identity, appearance,  liberation.  ◆ Husband’s death =​ liberation    Mary E. Wilkins Freeman  ❖ 1852­1930 (Mid 19th century to early 20th century)  ❖ Orthodox Congregationalists  ❖ Rebellious women in her works  ➢ Psychic oppression and rebellion of women  ➔ “A New England Nun”  ◆ “Louisa sat, prayerfully numbering her days like an uncloistered nun”  ◆ Caesar the Dog  ● Leash  ● Dog House  ● Lack of freedom  Paul Laurence Dunbar  ❖ Father escaped slavery in Kentucky, to Ohio  ❖ Mother also enslaved  ❖ Classmates with Orville Wright  ❖ Self­published first book of poems in 1893    ➔ “We Wear the Mask”  ◆ Point of View from someone who had been enslaved  ● Surviving hiding feelings  ◆ Appearance vs. Reality  ➔ “Sympathy”  ◆ “Caged bird”  ● Enslavement  ● Told free, yet still denied freedom  ● Symbol in many literary pieces    Edwin Arlington Robinson  ❖ 1869­1935  ❖ Lost glorious past    ➔ “Miniver Cheevy”  ◆ Autobiographical  ◆ Born in the wrong era  ● “He missed the mediaeval grace of iron clothing”  ● “Miniver loved the days of old”  ● Miniver Cheevy, born too late”  ➔ “Richard Cory”  ◆ Rich man  ● Jealousy​ from others  ○ Others wanted what he had  ◆ Not what it seems  ◆ Suicide  Jack London  ❖ Adopted by John London  ❖ Born in California    ➔ “To Build a Fire”  ◆ Man vs Dog  ● Dog  ○ Instinct  ● Man  ○ Pride  ○ Doesn’t take advice  ◆ Naturalism  ● Man did not know cold; the dog knew cold  ○ Ancestry  Robert Frost  ❖ Poems look natural/unplanned  ➢ Dicition  ➢ Simplicity  ➢ Rhythm  ➢ Folksy speaker    ➔ “The Wood Pile”  ◆ Sense of Darkness  ➔ “Birches”  ◆ Stay in the middle, not consistently toward one side or the other            ➔ ◆ Autobiographical  ● One day from 8:30 AM to 12:45 AM  ◆ Addiction  ◆ Characters are at the ​mercy of the past  ◆ Symbols:  ● Fog  ○ Addiction  ● Foghorn  ◆ Mary Blames James for her situation 


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