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UCONN / Psychological Science / PSYC 1100 / What does periphery mean?

What does periphery mean?

What does periphery mean?


School: University of Connecticut
Department: Psychological Science
Course: General Psychology I
Professor: Rentler
Term: Fall 2016
Tags: Psychology and nervous system
Cost: 25
Name: Psychology Week 5 Notes
Description: These notes discuss the nervous system and ways to study the brain.
Uploaded: 10/02/2016
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What does periphery mean?

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Parts Central nervous system (spine 3 bran) & Deripheral

(asla buruthana) worshS S MNON

TOUCH (sitavarau hOHNION SOIAD) Olovos SUDDIO JO SVOJtb TUOHUNIONOS SOIAD) quadro. If you want to learn more check out What does it mean to be evolutionarily conserved?

SOUDIG DUD Cousoon) Daudhs. Forum) Droulotuhson.

What are the five main functions of the endocrine system?

SUONON TO SOUT SNO aut Uj Udowojor oupa Sonu haosuus

motor naurons carries out information from the aus to Muscles 2 glands 3 i Herneurons connect both The Nerves made up of "Cables" containing axons, If you want to learn more check out What is the relationship between the state and the government?

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& Snd out to tros

What is magnetic resonance imaging used for?



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central nervous sisom: a complex neural network 3 the spinal cord controls some reflexes. The Endocrine system: "slow" Chemical communication sustom (carried out by hormones syntheszed by grands Hormones affect the bran & other body tissues We also discuss several other topics like What is yale's approach to an attitude change?

soms DQ buid Joum subal 2010 at Si UDFSUD: 3200FTUIS UDA ou

Soad wdra JFDDO SON Qida a

• solas Jaubour: ZIEW) au bout Suaubst Jubow

OSON10 to wof ƏNFDOUDOI SEDDE DEUNDD Ujala yol holdsIN TOOB d) hudobou JOISSAULI UTASO Don't forget about the age old question of Who wrote the age of reason according to encyclopedia?

LOlDur unig out of San Boty TODURIA SUOI: 1) Waterbual here We also discuss several other topics like How does artificial selection affect the environment?

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SOINDURO louuo bonts Otanssit, Und shoulsop Hidrausta laSol 0:00 Jul We also discuss several other topics like Is the ability to learn from one's experiences acquire knowledge?

SUDO ANDY Sallust & Saltsat bay salbu (SUDOJO wampoo SPUDID XOS: SPOUS sophuaia & HOS SHODAN XƏFD. SUOJHONHS Ssand un autoVQOU Ę ODUURDUQ DADOS & XDEO

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(continued) Branstem.

omedulla: base of brainstem ß controls breathing

thalamus: bran's sensory swronboard located relicular formation Controls arasal

cerebolum at the rear of the branstema Controls voluntary movement 3 balance

olimbia su stem controls OASIC emotions contains the hipocampes, aim adala, and hypothalamus

• amigdala: linked to fear 3 anger - temperature, and control of emotions of governs the endoorne system via Dhuhary gland . oroward center nupothalamus

of a subds: SUDH odhu..

totuup but

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Solg auf to APISTO JA XƏHO DOAR Soud a son Toot Out Jo Jal: Xota Jotou

SHOBUDNO hormon & Uns uby LORONGU SANDDI XƏHD hosubs.


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