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Quiz 1

by: Amber Sharpnack
Amber Sharpnack
GPA 3.5

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About this Document

Here are the questions and multiple choice answer possibilities. The quiz has two chances and unlimited time. All the answers can be found in the required text book and from the readings he does in...
Leadership and Management in Criminal Justice
Dr. Shawn Keller
Study Guide
Leadership, organizational, Criminal Justice, quiz 1
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This 4 page Study Guide was uploaded by Amber Sharpnack on Sunday October 2, 2016. The Study Guide belongs to CCJ 4450 at Florida Gulf Coast University taught by Dr. Shawn Keller in Fall 2016. Since its upload, it has received 74 views. For similar materials see Leadership and Management in Criminal Justice in Criminal Justice at Florida Gulf Coast University.


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Date Created: 10/02/16
Quiz 1 1. Scientific management provides for: a. An emphasis on individual discretion b. Using scientific methods for work efficiency c. Limited training of employees d. “Rule of thumb” job design 2. Human Relations Management means all of the following except: a. Personnel aspects of the manager’s job b. Believing that organizational goals and human needs are compatible c. Bureaucratic structural control d. Interrelationship of the employee and the organization 3. The basics of strategic police management included all of the following except: a. Emphasis on policies, rules, and procedures b. Crafting a strategy c. Creation of a strategic vision d. Translating the vision into specific performance outcomes 4. The study of organizational behavior enables one to: a. Categorize employees b. Define the span of control c. Develop technical skills d. Understand the complexities of the organization 5. Abraham H. Maslow, in arriving at his motivational theory, analyzed: a. The power hungry individual b. Baby-boomers c. The self-actualized individual d. The average worker 6. A level 5 manager can be found to be self-effacing: a. True b. False 7. Leadership is reflected in a series of social situations orchestrated by ____ relationships: a. Focused b. Respondent c. Synergistic d. Situational 8. Authority is power that is inherent in the: a. Person b. Position c. Group d. Policy of the agency 9. Effective leaders are produced via the synergistic interaction between all of the following except: a. Leadership style b. Anomic transactions c. Situational factors d. Personal traits 10. According to the Managerial Grid, the least viable form of managerial leadership is represented by a matrix of: a. 1,1 b. 9,9 c. 1,9 d. 9,1 11. The “Five Factors” personality traits include all of the following except: a. Agreeableness b. Conscientiousness c. Combativeness d. Emotional stability 12. If you have this strength you  Readily recognize patterns and organizes ideas  Are great at thinking through problems  Should pair up with a person that has the Activator strength to help you get things done quicker a. Arranger b. Achiever c. Analytical d. Adaptability 13. If you have this strength you  Take charge attitude steadies and reassures people in times of crisis  When working with someone with this strength you never threaten this person unless you are 100% ready to follow through a. Command b. Competition c. Achiever d. Belief 14. When working with someone that has this strength you should  Be supportive during times of change because they are most comfortable with predictable patterns  Know that this person prefers to get tasks accomplished and decisions made rather than doing more abstract work a. Command c. Adaptability b. Consistency d. Belief e. 15. If you have this strength, you should  Actively seek out roles that fit your values  Set aside time to ensure you are balancing your work demands and your personal life  Seek out someone with the Futuristic strength to help paint a vivid picture of where your values will lead you a. Achiever b. Belief c. Context d. Competiveness f. g. 16. “Lean into your discomfort” is from which of the following areas of Emotional Intelligence: a. Relationship Management Strategies b. Social Awareness Strategies c. Self-Awareness Strategies d. Self-Management Strategies h. i. 17. Which of the following is not a Self Management Strategy: a. Count to ten b. Sleep right c. Live in the moment d. Breath right j. k. 18. Which of the following is not a Social Awareness Strategy: a. Watch body language b. Greet people by name c. Practice the art of listening d. Build trust l. m. 19. In order to be successful in this area _(1)_ of Emotional Intelligence, you really need to be aware of and practicing this area _(2)_ of Emotional Intelligence. n. 1a. Social Awareness w. o. 1b. Self Awareness x. p. 1c. All other areas not y. included in 2 z. q. 1d. Self Management aa. r. 1e. Relationship Management ab. ac.2a. Self Management s. ad. 2b. Social Awareness t. ae. 2c. Relationship u. Management v. af. 2d. All other areas not included in 1 ah. ag. 2e. Self Awareness


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